Sunday 31 March 2013

♥ Happy Easter ♥ 13/52

Hello Lovelies,
I seem to have quite a bit I would like  to share with you lovelies at the moment, so my 52 weeks of happy has changed into a bit of a longer post this week....hope that's OK  :0)

1.My  Welsh dresser

I'm still loving having this wonderful piece of furniture. Every so often (when it gets dusty) I take everything off the shelves and, after a good polish, I change things around a bit.
It's such good fun to play about grouping different bits and bobs, trying out various arrangements .
At the moment the bunches daffodils I'm buying  in the shops seem to have very short stems ( I guess the bad weather may be the reason )
But short stems are ideal to fit on the shelves of my dresser........

A simple thing like having fresh flowers on my dresser is making me very happy at the moment..........

2. Baking, having a go at making my own Hot Cross Buns......well I suppose they are crossless buns, as I didn't have a piping bag to add the crosses.........

Flavoured with orange zest, grated apple, cinnamon and sultanas ....they are yummy.

3.Books and Magazines

My Christmas present subscription to Country Living magazine continues to delight but I'm also enjoying some great charity bookshop finds.......

 I was so Happy to find a copy of " The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady" for less than the price of a magazine.
 If you have been reading my blog for a long time you may remember when I shared each months images from this books sister title " The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady " back in 2011.
I really love Edith Holden's work and I may have to share some more of this book here as the year progresses :0)

Here is an illustration from March........

and a couple of extracts from April.........

A book about " Summer wine" country caught my eye as the t.v. programme " Last of the Summer Wine " was filmed close to where I grew up and this book does not have pictures of the characters , just sweet views of this corner of the world..........

Another cheap second hand book I'm really enjoying is this one about Beatrix Potter

As well as some of her very familiar and adorable illustrations, like these..........

There are some of her other paintings of the lake district landscape she so loved..........

And some stunning photography ............

4. I'm still enjoying doing my own drawings , this time a snowy picture inspired by some photos I took last Saturday.
I like how this picture turned out . It doesn't have as much detail as some of my other drawings , but I really tried to get the perspective right....

And I like the figures , but I  especially like the cute little dachshund dog in his tartan waistcoat and the birds at the bird table..........

I hope you enjoyed all the images in this extra long " happy post " and what ever you are doing this Easter I hope you have chance to slow down a bit and enjoy the little things ( and some yummy treats....cadburys mini eggs are my weakness )
Jacquie x


  1. Your dresser looks lovely, Jacquie. You picked up some really lovely books at the charity bookshop. I love the one about Beatrix Potter. Well done for your snow scene drawing. The perspective looks great!
    Have a very Happy Easter! Sandra

  2. I love all your pics!!
    The one in the book about April, caught my eye where it says 23th April Saint George day, here in Catalonia Saint George is Cataloni's patron and his day we have the tradition of giving a book to the man and a red rose to the woman, it's something so lovely and I just wanted to share it here with you :)

    Have a lovely time!!

    Lluisa x

  3. Brilliant pictures Jacquie, I love them all. The hot cross buns looks
    so mouthwatering, and your dresser is wonderful.

  4. Beautiful cross buns and I love yr drawings... Great details. :) happy Easter to you Jaquie!

  5. Oh jackie... just loved your post as I have a very similar looking dresser, only people with these seem to be painting theirs...which I suggested to dh and he said no way - he loves the wood as it is! Now I'm going to see how else I can dress mine.. maybe model it on yours more which I LOVE!!! I have the book an edwardian lady - love it! I like your drawing too! Happy easter!

  6. An absolutely gorgeous extra long happy post. Daffs, Hot Crossless buns, beautiful books and another gorgeous sketch. Would you mind sharing your bun recipe sometime, it sounds delicious.
    Thanks for sharing your world with us.
    Anne xx

  7. Lovely pictures to brighten up everyones day.
    Thanks and a happy Easter

  8. Add me to the list of friends who can not resist those mini eggs. Thank you do much for the little bird tutorial. My flock are looking so pretty on my Easter tree. I loved your tutorial

    Kindest regards Linda

  9. Lots of cheerful things there to brighten up the day. I still have the Country Diary book from the 80's I think. I'm sure I had a duvet cover with some of the images on and loved it. xx

  10. Such a gorgeous post! I'm always happy to see all things Potteresque!!! And your latest drawing is stunning. Love the post box! Happy Easter! x

  11. Happy Easter! I loved your country diary notes, total nostalgia for me :)

  12. A happy post indeed Jacquie.....lots of lovely photos.
    Beautiful Daffodils and I love your card on the dresser...
    Great book finds, what a Edith Holden's Diary.
    I have copy of it given to my mum by an English friend and it's very special.
    Your fruit buns look absolutely delicious and your snowy drawing is just wonderful.

    Definitely a very happy post......

    Claire X

  13. Happy Easter to you too! :) Lovely post, and lovely drawing! xx

  14. I really love your drawings! You should make a book too! I sure would buy it!! Hugz, Lisa

  15. I used to have a lovely old dresser like yours Jacquie, but sadly i had to sell it. Yours looks lovely and welcoming!
    And another gorgeous drawing!
    Happy Chocolate-eating Easter!!!
    Angie x

  16. Dear Jacqui
    Just find your lovely blog. What for great books you've found. I love
    Beatrix Potter, too. And your drawings are really great. I love them.
    Thank you, for sharing all these nice pictures. I wish you a very happy
    Moni x

  17. Maybe the buns are 'cross' because you had no piping bag? They are still making me drool! I love the Edwardian Lady books and their snippets of 'the olden days' - you must have had a lovely nostalgic time looking at all the books together. Another great drawing and I spotted Tom Tit straight away (I'm getting good at this!) Have a lovely Easter x Jane

  18. Please feel free to share more "Edwardian Lady" pictures with us!
    I do enjoy looking for such books in charity shops.
    I really appreciate your drawings too. Inspired me to go out and buy some drawing pencils and have a go myself

  19. What an artist you are...and the Beatrix Potter drawings are wonderful! Thank you!

  20. I am so enjoying your drawings. You have inspired me to buy a set of colored pencils...first drawing is in the works. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  21. Happy Easter lovely post,your doing really well with the drawing wish i was as good as you! i really enjoy reading your posts and trying some of your crochet patterns one day i will manage to post some photos on my blog,i often come to your blog if i am stuck or for inspiration :)

  22. Your drawing made me happy! :) Happy Easter!

  23. I love the little dog in his coat and the foot prints in the snow! and your dresser looks lovely, so nice to have a place to dress! and change around when you want. Happy easter! Heather x

  24. Just popping in to say a BIG Thank you for my lovely PIF parcel ~ I love everything in it, but I especially love the owl! I secretly hoped that I would get the blue one and that is the one you sent me ~ Thank you! I hope you have had a lovely Easter weekend and enjoyed your mini eggs ~ they are my favourite too :O)xx

  25. Your dresser looks beautiful, and I agree about the fresh flowers. They cheer me up, too. You have some wonderful books there. I really like the work of Beatrix Potter - her art as well as her writing. Your drawings are very nice, too. You have talent!

  26. Hi Jacquie, in the absence of a piping bag, just snip off the corner of a plastic bag and put your mix into that. It works just as well once you get the hang of it. For my hot cross buns I use the back of a knife to make the indentations first and then it's easy to follow their line when adding the piping.

  27. What a beautiful post - I love everything in it. I especially like your drawings. They remind me a bit of those by Shirley Hughes in our favourite children's stories - all those little details that make the drawing come alive.I love the birds at the bird table in the garden of the house for sale!!

  28. those hot cross buns look delicious!

  29. Lovely post! Bright and cheery and very much Spring-ish!
    I have two copies of Edith Holdens book - I love it that much! I also have a book similar to yours all about Beatrix.
    I love the snow prints on the drawing, lovely, xx

  30. I love Daffodils Jacquie! Gorgeous dresser and books.
    Heading into Autumn here after very hot weather.

  31. Wonderful post, Jacquie. Your drawings are so lovely. I look forward to seeing them in each post. As a big fan of "Last of the Summer Wine", I enjoyed the book and photos. Here in America, we don't get to see many British Comedies, but this one is my favorite of all I've seen. I so enjoy those sweet little men.

    Happy a wonderful week.


  32. Eeek! I have that Beatrix Potter book. I adore her drawings and have loved finding out about her life. My son's and I have little jokes with each other from her books (especially it seems from Two Bad Mice).

  33. Jacquie, here's my little secret for piping frosting ... I just use a Ziploc bag (the little snack/freezer storage/etc plastic bags) and cut a small hole in a bottom corner!

  34. Love your Easter post, Jacquie. Your dresser and its contents are just lovely. My hutch has doors on it, which means it is stuffed full of things and a real mongrel to clean. My husband likes to use it to put 'stuff' on it that he can't be bothered with! If it wasn't so close to the dining table, I might have a chance!
    Your latest drawing is so sweet. I love your little doggy and the birds as well. Just lovely.
    Beatrix Potter is amazing. Her artworks and little stories are just so sweet and have been a favourite in my family for generations. I made a Peter Rabbit quilt for my granddaughter. It was an ambitious design for a beginner, but turned out okay.
    I hope you enjoyed your Easter with your family.

  35. Dear BM, I don't often comment but follow your blog religiously. I love your happy bright style of blogging and have been enthralled from the first day I found you. I'm posting today bcause your hot cross buns looked so good (but crossless). You don't need a piping bag as you aren't having a fancy edging to your piping. Here's a little tip. You can use a plastic bag - just a general one you would use for storage, you just put what you want to use for icing (paste in this case) into the bag and using a pair of scissors cut off the corner at an angle. Start small and if not big enough take a little bit more off. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing with us.

  36. The Beatrix Potter book looks really interesting.
    Easter Blessings to you and your family x

  37. Hi There, Your "Ester Buns" look so delicious, who needs crosses when they look like that and as usual, your drawings are stunning!!! Love your books too!!

  38. Lovely book finds! I adore your bunnies as I have pet bunnies too and your grey one looks like my little Fifi.


  39. All looks lovely! I too have a welsh dresser, a great find in a second hand furniture shop...glad I found it!! Love it! Have you been to hilltop? We went a few years ago its lovely, in the house is the dolls house from Two bad mice, which my youngest loved looking at, everything is in it, its lovely that now when she reads the story she has actually seen the house!

  40. Hello-I am following you and loving it! I found you through Lucy. I am new to crochet and your and Lucy's blogs are inspiring! Both of your decorating styles are causing me to want to redecorate my whole house in color!I need a welsh dresser for cheerful " bits and bobs" right now! Thank you for all you do! Your drawing are wonderful by the way!

  41. A belated happy Easter to you too!! Love your dresser, reminded me that I still need to 'reveal' mine at some stage! I trick I learned if you don't have any piping bags to hand is to snip off the corner of a sandwich bag and use that instead - also has the advantage that you can fit to your own nozzle or if you only cut a little bit off you don't need one at all!
    Lovely to see more from your 'Edwardian Lady' books,
    Jones x


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