Saturday 1 June 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 22/52

Hello Lovelies,
we have had a relaxing week off work and school. It's gone so fast . Birthday celebrations  for my two eldest boys seem to have extended over most of the week. They are very lucky to have May birthdays that coincide with the half term holidays.
Here are my small joys for this week.

1. Gathering family together to sing Happy birthday and watching my boys blow out their candles. Happy Birthday boys........

 Thirteen, how time flies.

2. A growing pile of granny squares........

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my latest project. I'm loving it so far and trying to keep up the momentum , I want this blanket to take weeks not months ...wish me luck :0)

3. Opening Alliums....

Just loving watching these gorgeous flowers slowly open up.

4. Walking with my boys yesterday. The sun came out again and wow, everything looked so full and lush.

The cow parsley is at it's best now.......

but round to bend a large fallen branch blocked our way........

so we doubled back and headed off along a different path. Love the chance to see the wonderful blossom on the Horse chestnut trees close up .........

And the May blossom on the hawthorn hedges and trees is just GORGEOUS close up too......

the sight of any sort of blossom really makes my heart sing and May has made me very happy. Now it's birthday month ....long days and the start of Summer......yay :0)
Jacquie x


  1. My Alice will be 13 in September,I can't believe how time has flown. Happy birthday to your boys Jacquie.
    I was just admiring all the lacy effect of the cow parsley yesterday and it made me think of you :o) Enjoy your crochet xxx Penny

  2. Happy Birthday to the teenagers!
    The blossoms are exquisite Jacquie - you have captured them so well. The horse chestnut flowers make me think of ballerinas in their flouncy frilly outfits - gorgeous!
    Joy x

  3. I too have a son who's 13 in July (my other is 16). Must be something about women of our age and crochet! I see the cow parsley is as gorgeous in your part of the world as it is in mine - I've just blogged about the same thing - Happy days - Jane xx

  4. Lovely sunny photos and so many gorgeous things in bloom. Your granny squares are piling up and looking great! It sounds as if you have twin boys who have just turned 13. That's quite a milestone! I love the shot of the little path with cow parsley on either side! Enjoy your sun!

  5. Time flies by. Our grandson is 6 today ... it will be a day full of excitement, fun, friends, family, food and cake.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Wonderful things to be Thankful for, Happy Birthday to your boys,

  7. Happy Birthday to the boys!
    I love your photos of the countryside, we don't have the lovely hedgerow plants here in Australia that you do. It all looks so cheerful.

  8. I have never seen a horse chestnut tree. That is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Happy birthday on your 13 year old. Time flies ;)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  10. Hi Jacquie,It's so incredibly green!!!I really love reading all the blogs from the UK right now,because here it is very dry,windy and bleak!!Not at all cold though, but still almost everything has died!!! Have a happy sunny weekend!!!

  11. Happy birthday to your boys. Are they twins? I don't think I'd realized that. It's looking beautifully green there, enjoy it.

  12. Happy birthday to your two sons, I hope it has been fun. The walk looks just wonderful. Love the blossom on the hawthorn, so beautiful, thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend xo

  13. Happy Birthday bunny boys. Hope yours is just as good. The blossom is delightful.
    Love from Mum

  14. Happy birthday to your boys, we've been celebrating a birthday too, it's great in the holidays isn't it! My allium is about to bloom too! :) x

  15. Happy birthday to your boys. I love cow parsley it's so frothy and makes the lanes look so fairy like, Lucey x

  16. I agree the countryside is beautiful at the moment - so very alive. I can't believe my son is 15 and takes GCSEs next year. I'm sure I'm not that old!! Where did the time go!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your teenagers. x

  17. A lovely post Jacquie, your Spring photos have lifted my spirits. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  18. Beautiful those blossoms! And congratulations with your boys!

  19. Those blossoms are something else! and I'm very jealous of your alliums. They're coming into full globes outside work though at the moment, and look amazing!
    Happy birthday to your boys,
    Jones x

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  21. Happy birthday to your 13 years old! May his days be happy and full of smiles and good mood!
    I LOVE your pictures! Ahh.. how I miss all such plants, as they grow in my native country, and I can't see them here, in India...thanks for sharing a good mood!

  22. I love your walks! I hope to one day visit your gorgeous countryside! Cake, crochet, flowers and greenery! Perfection!

  23. Lovely happy things. Happy birthday to your boys - the woodland walk looks beautiful. x

  24. My allium are in the exact site as yours are. We're in northern NB, Canada.

  25. Happy Birthday to your boys! My Son is 13 in August. Time has flown by.

  26. My son is 13 in August! How time flies. Have a great week.

  27. I nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award:


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