Wednesday 5 June 2013

Sunny Days :: part 1

Hello Lovelies, 
living in the British climate means that when the sun shines I feel the need to get out and make the most of it, because you never know what tomorrow, or later today , will bring.

We have enjoyed a spell of warm sunny weather over the last few days and I've been out with my little camera , reveling in the beauty of June. I've got some lovely pictures I took on Monday I'd like to share , but here are some from the weekend first.

On Saturday I encouraged two of my boys (eldest was with his Dad ) to get outdoors.  Walking takes a lot of persuasion   but bike riding is much more popular, so we headed out, along local streets and then I suggested a dirt track.....I love to get away from the traffic and see the countryside up close.....

It's all a bit bumpy and stoney for my old shopper bike but never mind.

We said hello to a sweet donkey........

and I was happy to spot the tractor which brought a bit of welcome colour in the depths of winter. ....

The countryside in June is delightful........

 and I love riding my old bike when the sun shines........

 While the three of us were enjoying a ride in the countryside Mr BM and  my eldest were taking my Mum in Law  to visit her local church .
 Eldest took some great pictures of the grounds on his phone, so when we all went to visit her in the evening I asked if we could stop off there first, to see it for myself.

Through the gate there are huge cypress and Redwood trees making it cool and shady.......

But this is what I wanted to see........the Memorial garden is looking  beautiful at the moment ........

It's all looked after by volunteers and I love all the quiet places to sit, in the shade........

Or in the sun..........

and the pretty Lupins ( I'm trying to grow these but they are still tiny ).........

These photos don't do it justice at all. It's such a wonderful , peaceful oasis... tucked away behind the church.... that is looking particularly beautiful at the moment.

 When I happened upon this wild corner I gasped with delight, how perfectly picturesque..........

it made me think of THIS book.

But my favourite bit was the Beech walk, it was stunning with the low evening sun sending shafts of light across the path. It made the young leaves such an  intensely bright green  ......

And the reason it amazed and thrilled  me so much  was because the last time I visited this garden , back in February, it looked like this..........

Wow ,such a contrast.

 I love the changing seasons, being able to capture them with my camera, to be able to get outside and notice the beauty that each season brings. And it's wonderful to have this place to document these simple , happy things.

 Jacquie x


  1. Beautiful photos!!!
    When I saw the garden photo with the gate it reminded me The Secret Garden...:o)

  2. I love your Raleigh bike! I used to have one similar! I especially love those real baskets on the handlebars! Beautiful gardens and countryside and that wrought iron gate with the wild garden and cow parsley behind it is gorgeous! Enjoy the sun while it's there! I'm doing the same!

  3. Our beautiful world! Your photos are lovely and make us almost believe that we are there with you. Mrs A

  4. Lovely photos on a lovely sunny day. I'm sitting in the office - wishing it were lunchtime so I can sit outside for a while and enjoy it (time to make more bunting for Lucy!) You're right - everything else can wait when the sun shines. You have to make the most of it, as there is no guarantee it will still be shining tomorrow (or in half an hours time!!) x

  5. Beautiful pics Jacquie - love the little donkey - and the lupins - and your bike - and the Beech Walk - as well as the 'Secret Garden' gate; in fact everything is gorgeous! Thank you for another snippet of old England.
    Joy x

  6. Beautiful photos Jacqui, thank you for sharing them.

  7. Everything is lovely in these views of a sunshine day. You even brought me a memory of my long ago blue Raleigh bike.

    Thank you! xo

  8. Your photos are lovely. My bike is the same color as yours, but it's a Schwinn. I'm just starting to gain confidence in riding it.

  9. Wow. Those pics are amazingly beautiful! And your little blue bike is pretty awesome!

  10. Oh how I love The Secret Garden, I think that's why I always find myself taking pictures of doors and gates and wondering where they lead. What a charming post. Sarah x

  11. Wow, such a transformation from Feb. It is gorgeous and I love the gardens, the lupins, but especially the wild garden, it makes me think of the secret garden. You have one very lovely bike and I can just imagine how wonderful it is to get on it. A lovely post of beautiful countryside in June. I am with you it is such a beautiful time of the year if the weather plays ball and right now it seems that we are luck! xoxo

  12. Just lovely, I love the colour of your bike!

  13. Hi again Jacquie! Just to let you know I just linked to your blog from my latest post about Granny Bunting. x

  14. Oh lovely, lovely photos, so green and lush. And your bike is totally gorgeous too. x

  15. Great photos- everything looks so lush and green at the moment

  16. Oh how I love it when spring turns to summer! Beautiful photos!

  17. Hi! So pretty! I love The Secret Garden book. It is amazing how things and scenes change from season to season. It's wonderful to capture it!

  18. Lots of lovely pics Jacquie, but the wild corner of the garden with it's lovely gate really appeals.......and the Lupins. have always wanted to grow them but haven't as yet.
    What a sweet little Donkey and your bike looks perfectly lovely against the greenery.......

    CLaire x


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