Saturday 31 August 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 35/52

Hello lovelies, 
THANK YOU so much for all your wonderfully encouraging comments on my running post. They really do mean a lot.
Here are my happy things from the last week of the school holidays for us, though the boys don't go back to school till the middle of next week.

1. Running my long run for this week on a gloriously sunny but cool morning. I took the time to plan a circular route of the correct distance HERE. Rather than repeated laps of my short pavement only route, I included some footpaths and got close to the late summer landscape, which looked stunning .........

this shot was actually taken on a holiday run last week . I didn't take my camera today as I knew I would be too tempted to stop and take photos :0)

2. A colourful sugar rush. Maynards wine gums to be precise. I'm usually more of a chocolate girl , but these are my running fuel as I'm not keen on the more popular jelly beans. I just eat one slowly every couple of miles on a longer run. It's like a little reward for my effort. As I went out before breakfast this helped a lot .......

It took me 1 hour 3 minutes to do 10k today, not fast but more importantly  it didn't feel too difficult , which I was very relieved about.

3. A visit to the charity shop. It seems like ages since I've had chance for a good old charity shop mooch. When the boys were playing at a friends this week I enjoyed seeking out some trash  treasure. I don't even know what this yellow "what-not" is but I loved it's sunny colour . It's made of cast iron and weighs a ton. Any ideas ? At least I can use it as a door stop if nothing else :0)
I also got a nice box set of the Narnia chronicles to read to the boys. Youngest still likes a bedtime story and I loved these books as a child. I'm sure my bedtime story reading days are almost at an end, it makes me kind of sad, but I know it's how things are meant to be...........

4.Shiny wood. I've been trying to regain control of the cleaning this week. It's been much neglected while the weather was hot, and holidays were occurring. I loved the packaging on this furniture polish I picked up with my weekly shop. Retro and bee themed...sweet.

Hope you are ready to welcome September tomorrow. We had a great August and hopefully there are still some warm weeks left to enjoy this year.
Jacquie x


  1. I think that the yellow thing is meant to hold eggs in your kitchen - not sure why I just wrote "in your kitchen" not sure where else you would keep your eggs - lounge room?!?!?!

    Doorstop would be good, filled with pine cones for autumn, balls for christmas etc.

    I wonder what you will decide to do with it - ha! I linked you to my post yesterday on crochet as you have inspired me - hope it was OK!

  2. I wonder if your yellow thingummy was filled With spice jars in its day...

  3. I just love your pictures! I'm so glad I found your blog. I was looking for directions to make a granny square and your instructions seemed the easiest to follow. I'm terrible at doing anything with yarn as I feel I have 5 thumbs. Beautiful blog!

  4. The yellow thingy is to hold spice jars I had one in green a few years back x

  5. Wow! What an awesome place to do a bit of cross country! I also love jelly sweeties. I'm so glad we still get some good, old fashioned British sweets here, like Maynards wine gums! YUM!!!

    I'm a keen supporter of charity shops myself, especially the Animal Welfare and Animal Anti-Cruelty shops. I must say, I'm not up to snuff on vintage goods, so I'm not too sure what your yellow rack might have held in its day. However, I am sure that it will make an excellent door stop, what with it being made of cast iron and all! If I were to guess, I'd agree with Amy and say it's most likely an old-fashioned egg rack, as it looks awfully similar to this one:$%28KGrHqJHJCYFHPGFOC,VBR1VQT0DuQ~~60_1.JPG

    Anyway, have a great weekend and happy polishing! :)

  6. Lovely happies, yellow thing looks like something kitceh based to me, it's so sunny.

  7. Some great happies this week! I do love a good charity shop and a rummage around a car boot sale, especially when you get a good find. I was watching the harvest going on today in the wheat fields and loved the different shapes each farmer had, some round, some square. I love the 'tidy up' of harvesting. Have a great weekend. Chel x

  8. I your yellow wotnot a brolly stand? I can't tell if it has holes in the higher tier. Lovely photos. Glad your run went well.

  9. Well done on the run the hay bales in the fields, such a rural scene.
    Love your charity shop finds........bed time stories are such a lovely time. May be when the boys are older
    they will enjoy sitting with you as you both read.....just a different way of doing things.
    Think I would've bought that tine of 'Wood Silk; just for the packaging too. Can't resist anything bee themed.

    Have a great week,

    Claire x

  10. Looks like another lovely week.
    I use wood silk polish too - lovely isn't it. Hope you have a good weekend. I'm really not ready for the return to the rugby routine this time of year brings. Obviously I didn't stomp around yesterday and show my feelings!!

  11. Eggs or spice? Could be either but I love the idea of pot pourri or pine cones instead! And wood silk polish is lovely. I spray a little into the air when unexpected visitors call and leave the tin and cloth conspicuous as a reason why the house is so untidy!
    Also a short spray around any house plants will kill those bothersome black flies that sometimes happen!

  12. Top marks for your running Jacquie!!

  13. Love your run and approve of your fuel to keep you going! We've already had the first of September done and dusted here in Australia. A beautiful day in my part of the world, with a hint of lovely weather coming after a chilly winter where I am.
    I have seen a thingy like your yellow wotnot, but I've got no idea.
    My middle son loved the Narnia series and I bought him a set of the lot not many years ago. He would have been 24 or 25! You are never too old!
    Take care

  14. Some lovely happies and well done on your 10k run in that time, very impressive! I love the pic of the hay bales. I too love that wood polish, there is nothing quite like it (sad I know!) xoxo

  15. Hi again! (I'm playing catch up, hence reading lots of posts at once!)
    Lovely happies as always. Your trip to the charity shop reminded me that I haven't been for ages! I'm trying to be good and not bring too much extra clutter into the house while we try and go through unpacked boxes (still!). I love the yellow thing, I think I'd store fruit on it, or cotton reels and sewing bits and bobs :)

    Jones x

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  17. Thank you for that beautiful late summer view of the field with bales of hay. It truly is a classic scene!

    It always amazes me that folks can actually run distances before breakfast...even if they do have some little candies in their pocket. Actually, it amazes me that folks can run distances at any time of the day...

    Best wishes to you. xo

  18. Hi Jacquie, a great post as always - similar to others I think your find is for eggs - it is so pretty. You are so good with your running, put me to shame - fabulous photos, just love them. Thanks as always
    Lots of love

  19. I am new to crochet and recently found your blog whilst searching for information/tutorials. Thank you so much for some great information and lovely pictures. I love all your projects and you have made crochet look a lot simpler for me!! Thank you,

    Kim in Qatar


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