Friday, 2 August 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ 31/52

Hello Lovelies,
the weather has been a bit mixed this week , with lots of downpours, a fair bit of cloud  and some scorching weather . When I saw Daffodils on Claires blog I was struck with a little  pang of melancholy. The year is speeding along and August is our last properly Summery month..... Hopefully it will be kind and the sun will shine at least some of the time.

Here is a little mosaic of some happy moments from a holiday at home week........very nice it was too......

1. The bluest  sky and lovely hot sunshine in the garden yesterday.
2. A delivery of yummy Stylecraft yarn I was running out of , needed for my seaside patches blanket.
3. A gorgeous sunset , think it was Monday or Tuesday.
4. Boy sewing, all of my boys had a play on  the sewing machine when it was set up for my skirt making. I had already cut up these strips of fabric so it was easy for them to select a combination they liked and sew them together.....I think they did a great job.

wishing you all a super weekend.
Jacquie x


  1. Good to get your boys sewing. It has been a mixed bag of weather here too. I am on sewing see here

  2. Yes! More boys should be taught to sew. I may just encourage my 8 year old to give it a try today!

  3. Hi Jacquie what a lovely post - love the photographs, I agree with Bronwyn and Jo, good to hear that your boys are getting to grips with sewing. Have a wonderful weekend Jacquie
    Lots of love

    I am hoping to do a giveaway next week Jacquie have a check of my blog - would love you to enter.

  4. Oooh, my eye is spotting some crochet. Yay!


  5. Hope your boys love their cushions. This weather is strange isn't it, hot, rainy, sunny, cloudy. What is going on. It better not snow is all I can say! My rellies over from Aussie are not sure what to make of it.

    Have a great weekend. Amy

  6. Looks like a colourful week :)
    We had some amazing thunder storms this morning.
    Hope you have a great weekend. x

  7. hi have you seen Meme rose's blog there is a link on there to post a different photo each day for the whole of August. i saw it and thought of you as you take some pretty wonderful photos. kerena

  8. Another week filled with 'happy'! Lovely bright umbrella/shade, gorgeous sky, and your boys did a great job - THAT is wonderful!
    Joy x

  9. Sorry Jacquie - I just called you 'Sue' - thinking of Sue over at Sweetpea Family cause this particular post resembled some of hers! I'm awake now!!!
    Joy x

  10. Beautiful colours of summer.
    Anne xx

  11. Well done boys!

    I'm having a bit of August melancholy too ... we wait so long for summer and it flies by so quickly.

  12. Beautiful photos of happy times :) The Junior High school my children attended in NY required boys and girls to take basic classes in sewing, cooking, and shop with other homemaking life skills included. I was so grateful! Your boys' pillows are brilliant!
    Gracie xx

  13. Hi Jacquie,Such a great way to get children involved with sewing!!!Your seaside patches blanket is looking good!!!Nearly ready for it's Tah-Dah??!!!Can't wait to see it all done!!!Have a fab weekend!!!

  14. And what a lovely stripy sky.
    I agree with Bronwyn, boys should learn to sew if they are interested, it's so wonderful to have a skill that enables you to be creative.

  15. Hello Jacquie - This is Churaipon from Chiang Rai, Thailand. I am writing to thank you for all that you have shared. It has been very pleasant to read your blog. Thank you for sharing lovely writing about the beautiful life of yours. The beauty of your attitude is magnificent, and the way you have shared about your days are very refreshing and rewarding. You have touched lives through your sharing. I am thankful. God bless!

  16. Thrilled that your boys all sew! I have three sons and taught all three of them to knit. Unfortunately they have not continued on! However, one does have his own sewing machine and will use it. :)
    Nice happy photos. Enjoy the rest of summer.

  17. what a lovely colourful photo mosaic, particularly like the photo of the yarn!

  18. Some very lovely happies. Xo

  19. I love that your boys sew! That's fantastic, they did a really good job. And that is a stunning sunset. x

  20. Loving all those gorgeous colours, I just created a stripy summer crochet blanket you may like seeing all your stripes here :-)

  21. I know, August already! Where is the time going? Lovely happies - I had a wool delivery too this week :) Love those stripy cushions, the one at the front is my favourite - it reminds me of a deckchair!
    Have a happy week,
    Jones x

  22. It has been a mixed week with the weather. I am currently huddled outside in a coat and slippers (?!) under my pergola refusing to go inside due to the rain (I have a feeling that laptops and water don't mix so maybe that's silly!). Have a wonderful week encouraging your boys. xx

  23. OI flor!
    Boa tarde!
    Que blog mais lindoooooooooooo, mais colorido, mais alegre e cheio, cheio de ideias e trabalhos lindos!

    Obrigada por compartilhar viu!


  24. I love your seaside blanket so much Jacquie! It's beautiful and I think it whispers things to me like "make one! make one!"
    Sorry I've been absent from commenting lately, I've not had any time to get on blogs, everything has been so busy! Looking forward to catching up though.
    Heather xx

  25. Hi, I'm just after finding your blog through Plain Jane and I'm so glad. The second that your page opened and I saw all the lovely crafty photos, I was instantly won over.
    I too have taught my son how to sew and also to knit. i think that it is a shame that not enough children are taught any of these skills in school anymore. it is so good for their self esteem as they get a great sense of accomplishment when they finish their projects.

  26. Hi Jacquie
    I'm just catching up after having been on our hols, loving that your boys are happy to sew and they did a great job putting those cushions together! Your blanket is looking beautiful too, looking forward to seeing it in it's complete beauty. Hope the weather has been a little kinder these past few days xox Penny


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