Wednesday 31 July 2013

Evening at the Park

 Hello Lovelies,
today I just thought I would share a few photos taken one gorgeously warm evening last week.
The boys and I  had been hiding from the heat for most of the day. Mr BM had been working in it, but he was  happy to head out to the park with us, bless him.

This country park is a regular destination for us and I love to see it changing with the seasons..........

The marginal plants around the lake were beautifully lush and the Purple Loostrife added a splash of colour to all the green.

It's a relatively new park. Back in the 1990's, when we first visited, it was all very open and had no large trees. It's wonderful to see it looking so established (and very well cared for by staff and many willing volunteers )  these days....

 Love the wild Scabious under the fir trees.

There are so many lovely wild flowers this year, more than I can remember seeing before.......

Ragwort, Dock flowers and Wild Carrot

Here come the Swans gliding gracefully trough the water towards us......

The Cygnets are getting big............

 I wish we had  some food for them , but I'm sure they must be well fed by other visitors......

We leave the lake and I wander about looking for the perfect Wild carrot flower........

 this one is lovely and you can clearly see the single pink flower in the flower heads centre. Not all of them have this , but apparently it's to attract pollinating insects.

When the wild carrot has finished flowering  the heads turn in on themselves, making what looks like a little birds nest..........

It was still very warm,and while I was slowly pottering among the flowers  Mr BM was playing football with the boys. It made me feel tired just to look at them ...........

 When the game  was over, we headed back towards the lake and were treated the a glimpse of the setting sun below the clouds..........

I loved the pink reflections in the water and I loved our simple family outing on such a perfect summers evening........

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments about my skirt, they really made my day.
Jacquie x


  1. The simple things ... Oh,the simple things. They really do add up to Peefection. I love your photography so much. Have you heard of the site " Shoot Fly Shoot" a friend recommended it.

  2. I don't think I've come across wild carrot before, what a pretty plant. That gate is lovely too - thanks for sharing your wonderful evening :-)

  3. What lovely views, I especially like the sunset ones. What a great day out.

  4. What a beautiful scenery. I am quite jealous that you have such a wonderful place near you :-) Though I must admit that the park I go to with my dogs isn't bad either :-)

  5. Well now I thought I pretty much had my wild flowers covered but I've never heard of a wild carrot flower before - will certainly be looking out for that one! Looks like a memorable evening - I think simple pleasures are often the best - I bet you had some wonderful images in your head as you nodded off that night! Have a lovely week x Jane

  6. Your pictures of the birds and flowers are beautiful. I really like the carved gate. Such a wonderful family time!

  7. Bellissime foto
    ciao Giuliana

  8. Oh, how perfect. We live in Pennsylvania, USA, but we have same climate and flowers as you! I love the local name for wild carrot: Queen Anne's Lace! Instead of swans, there are Canada geese on our pond in the park :)

  9. Beautiful pictures and a stunning sunset.

  10. What a lovely walk in gorgeous surroundings. I loved the shot of the gate, such a contrast to the football going on! xx

  11. So pretty. Love all those wildflowers. The wild carrot flower is beautiful. I haven't seen it before and it was interesting to see and to know what it does! Thanks for sharing your pretty part of the world!

  12. Visiting your blog brings me great joy, Jacquie! Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your life in this format...appreciating life and the beauty around us...being creative and inspiring others to be as well :) [Addressing us as "Lovelies" is bound to bring out the best in us!]

  13. Looks like you had a great evening. Lets hope we get a few more like it before Summer disappears. It's been grey and miserable here today. But we had a nice meal out and went to the cinema which was fun. X

  14. Beautiful photos Jacquie, love the carrot flower 'birds nest'.......a picturesque place to visit.
    Just love the flower edged pics of the lake......

    I menat to comment on your last post....your skirt looks great and lining the pockets what a great idea, clever you.
    Perfect Summer for such a lovely skirt too....

    Claire X

  15. Beautiful pictures, especially the wild carrot 'nest' - I've never seen one of those before!

  16. I love reading your blog and looking at your photos. These are stunning! Like another lady I have never heard of wild carrot and I thought I was pretty well up on wild flowers, they are beautiful. Also I was interested to read from the American lady that it's Queen Anne's Lace, now that I have heard of but didn't know what it looked like. I wonder if you can buy seeds? I shall have to look into that.
    Your swans and cygnets are so lovely. We live next door to a park, no swans but mallards and moorhens. We are thrilled that a female duck has taken to having a bath in our birdbath, she only just fits in it when she starts splashing about and leaves it very muddy :)
    Here's a pic if you're interested

    Thank you for taking time to post all these lovely things.


    1. Awww, such a lovely photo, thanks for the link :0)

  17. Hi Linda,What a lovely park!!!And to see it develop and grow must be so special!!!!Love the little gate!!!!Have a cool and happy weekend!!!

  18. Beautiful Mother Nature! Thank you for sharing your lovely pics and thoughts once again Jacquie!
    Joy x

  19. Que bellísimas fotos, me han entrado unas ganas terribles de coger un billete de avión!

  20. A perfect way of spending a summer family evening.
    Sarah x

  21. Jacquie what fabulous photographs, I love them. The colours are wonderful, thanks as always gor an interesting post, love your blog Jacquie
    Lots of love

  22. Lovely photos again Jacquie. I'm like you, I always feel guilty if I don't have anything for the birds. I always feel like I've let them down.
    I look forward to your next posting!

  23. I've never seen wild carrot before; how sweet is the little pink flower in the centre?
    Love that gate.

  24. The flower is not wild carrot it's Queen Anne's lace and it's not edible.. Wild carrots are similar without the pink flower.. Look it up, before someone gets sick :(


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