Saturday 27 July 2013

♥ 52 Weeks of Happy ♥ 30/52

Hello lovelies,
 hope you are enjoying the hot weather if you are in the U.K. It's been another gloriously summery week. Perhaps a bit hot and sweaty in the middle of the day at times, but the mornings and evenings have been wonderful.
Here are my small joys in the week the boys finally broke up for six weeks summer break from packed lunches to make or homework to worry about for a bit ....yay.

1.My purple Buddlia is looking so lovely this year and it's already attracting loads of butterflies.........

They are fluttery things , it took my ages to get the wonky shot, but I still love the way it shows this lovely Peacock butterflies beautiful iridescent colours.........

2. Harvesting homegrown veg. The carrots and potatoes were yummy with last weeks Sunday dinner......

the peas were a bit disappointing........many pods were empty .....but the boys still enjoyed popping open the pods and a cheer went up when they found a full one.......

 I think they must have needed more water.

3. Looking at old holiday photos. This picture was taken in 2003 when my eldest two were toddlers . This year, ten years on , we are heading back to the same resort, can't wait......

 4. Sewing , inspired by Tilly and the Buttons blog ( particularly this dress )  I ordered a  pattern from Amazon on impulse.....

when It arrived I got a bit doubtful about my dressmaking abilities and decided to make the skirt instead. I'm wearing it now.....and I love it........will do a proper post about it very soon :0)
Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments about Mums paintings , she really appreciated them.
Jacquie x


  1. Oooh your buddleia is ahead of mine. I was worried last year that there weren't many butterflies at all so I'm really hoping it will be clothed in them again this time. Fine photos indeed and I'm very much looking forward to seeing that skirt! Jane x (P.S. don't peas always taste better straight from the pod?!)

  2. Hi,I'm from Hungary,but we have a very sunny and warm week,too.I don't like warm :(

  3. Gorgeous dress - love the fabric - I've a skirt in that somewhere!!

    Enjoy your summer hols - loving ours so far :)

  4. Dearest Jacquie
    I am loving your butterfly photo's just exquisite! Well done on the skirt making too, I am hoping to get some sewing done this summer time, simple tunic only. I love Tilly's blog, always inspiring. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time away, we are off to Barcelona this coming week, O can't wait....I've also been googling yarn shops :o) xox Penny

  5. Oh how I would love to have a veggie garden like yours, but we love on rock with sod on top. But I do have a Butterfly Bush like yours! Our heat here in mid-USA changed into delightful cool! Wll send some across the pond to you! :-)

  6. Can't wait to see your skirt. Love that butterfly picture. Jo X

  7. I love Cynthia Rowley patterns. I don't have that same dress but I've made two others and they are great, easy to wear. You blog is wonderful. Have a great week end.

  8. Your photos are just stunning, the colours are magnificent, well done. Can't wait to see your sewing. What a lovely post, thank you so much
    Lots of love

  9. Oh, they're Peacock butterflies! I have been calling mine a different name so will need to change that shortly. The only one I definitely know is the cabbage white. Your veggies look great, I am still waiting for mine to catch up to where they should be so I'm being a bit impatient to eat the fruits of my labour. My hubby brought back some pods a couple of days ago and we ate them as soon as popping them, so sweet and summery! Keep cool and have a wonderful break. Chel x

  10. The flowers you call "buddlia' are in Dutch called "vlinderstruik" (bush of butterflies) this name is rather aptly chosen, isn't it?

    I just googled it to be sure it is not just a name we use at home, but it definitely is the Dutch name for it.
    When googling I came upon this picture of a "mutated buddlia" with 3 kinds of colours in one bush. It looks a little odd to me:

  11. Thank you for your sweet blog, enjoy it so much!

  12. Hey Jacquie, I love Buddleia, beautiful, honey scent and that Peacock butterfly is a beauty.
    Home grown veg are the tastiest and I love digging up spuds.....buried treasure.
    Fresh peas straight from the pod, yum.....
    Well done on making the skirt and wearing it and heres to no cut lunches for six weeks......
    Enjoy the holidays....

    CLaire x

  13. Summer is just bursting out of your posts..fabulous! Stunning butterfly photo! :) x

  14. Hi Jacquie,That is such a beautiful butterfly!!!Boy,how time flies and what a difference 10 years make!!!!Have a fantastic holiday!!!!

  15. Ooh well done you on the skirt! Can't wait to see it :)
    I am a little behind on my happy posts... too busy having fun in the sun! Lovely to catch up on your posts,
    Jones x

  16. Lovely happies. My peas were thin on the ground this year too.

    Leanne xx

  17. What a magnificent butterfly!
    Your pics are, as usual, quite stunning Jacquie, and the dress pattern is very pretty - I hope you get around to having a go at it as they often turn out to be easier than they look! In the meantime keep enjoying your skirt!
    Joy x


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