Wednesday 17 July 2013

Drowsily Warm with Dozens of Bees

Hello Lovelies ,
it's properly hot here at the moment, with such temperatures that we just don't get every year.The big fan has been dug out of it's hiding place at the back of the shed and is whirring away all day.
When the weather is like this my favourite thing is sitting in a shady corner of the garden with a cold drink listening to the bees and watching the butterflies.

iced water with a squeeze of lemon juice....very refreshing on a hot day.

By mid afternoon it's a sort of still , all enveloping heat that makes you slow down. Everything just seems so much more of an effort.
And it's been reminding me of the first lines of a childrens book I used to read to my boys when they were much younger..........

I wonder if you lovelies are familiar with the Hairy Maclary books. I loved the rhyming nature if these simple stories, such a pleasure to read out loud.
This one is the story of when Hairy Maclary  just wants to rest on a hot day, and  begins.......

Unfortunately for him a little yellow duck   has other ideas.

The story is about all the ways Hairy Maclary tries to avoid this little duck.

Of course they eventually become good friends, and the story ends up with the two enjoying the shade on a hot day, listening to the bees together.

It's a delightful book with sweet illustrations and I saved it for sentimental reasons but I haven't read it a number of years as it's most suitable for pre school children.

I was wondering to myself why this story kept popping into my mind when I noticed something unusual behind the shed.......

it's a scruffy corner of the garden I wouldn't normally share here :0)

If we get a bit closer you will see what I mean.........

Dozens of bees ! They must have made a nest under this old patio and when the temperature rises they are constantly ,busily , going in and out.
I took these pics from a distance as I'm a bit wary of disturbing them. The good zoom on my new camera certainly came in handy.........

I was so happy to see bees making their home in my garden though.....after worrying that there were not many around in June it's great to see them doing what bees do........

and it's just wonderful to have some sustained hot weather to enjoy.....just hope it sticks around for  the school holidays .

I hope you lovelies are enjoying the heatwave if you are in the U.K.
Jacquie x


  1. How fab to see all those lovely bees. I've pretty much left the-area-called-lawn as it's full of clover and dandelions. The bees love it and I love watching them do their stuff.

  2. Just to say I'm enjoying your blog, having found it quite recently! (don't think I've commented before..?). We've had a bees nest the last couple of years...last year it was in a tatty corner of the garden where this year I'm building a patio. This year...shock, we realized they were building one in our rabbit's hutch bedroom - poor Daisy! As we feel privilaged to have the bees we carefully moved it (in her hay and fleecey blanket, bless her) on the end of a spade and they've settled down in their new home. I'm wondering where they'll choose next year... Jen

  3. I have bees under my decking for the last few years, I love watching them come and go too!! xxx

  4. Lovely pics and yes I remember that book - boys loved them too :)

    Loving the warm weather - am hoping that it continues for the summer hols and into September too - I think we all rather deserve it :)

  5. Well now I'm definitely a Hairy Maclary - although in this heat I think I might be going for a little trim! Sounds to me like you've got just the right idea - sometimes it's lovely to be forced to stop and take note x Jane

  6. Your bees are way cuter than out skinny, non-hairy bees we get here in South Africa. They look hugable and furry!

  7. I just love children's books! You are right to be wary of the bees. We're going through a hot spell over here too, but not quite as hot as in the South of England where highs today were forecast at 33C!
    Enjoy the sun and the school holidays!

  8. I'd not seen that children's book before, but think it's definitely a winner. Thanks for the intro!

    What a great bee discovery you've made. Your close up photographs are terrific. Looks like you've provided perfect hospitality with your garden and hideaway place.

    Let's see, what else. Oh yes, it's still very hot here in NYC and lots of cool water is essential. Adding a bit of lemon is a fine idea, too.


  9. We love the Hairy Maclary books! We're having cooler than normal weather in New Mexico and I'm enjoying it very much. I hope your weather continues to be wonderful!

  10. Bees and hairy Maclary, great bringers of joy. How good would it bee if you could gather their honey.

  11. That iced water looks very tempting just now! This afternoon it is really still and muggy and I can't face to do anything much!! I can almost hear your bees buzzing!

  12. It all looks as though a perfect summer's day, even though it's a very heavy heat at the moment. The bees look happy and content with your corner of the garden. I'm happy to say that they have come back to my garden with a vengeance! They are so busy winging their way around the plants and it is so comforting to hear them making good use of our plants. Have a great end of week. Chel x

  13. Great pics with your camera. I drink lemon and hot water - equally refreshing.
    Love from Mum

  14. really enjoying the sunshine here too. Your bee shots are great, I bet you took loads! Enjoy the sunshine and check out my little summer bracelets to crochet for surf-dudes or just ladies lazing in the garden! Jo x

  15. I remember reading the Hairy Maclary books when I worked with children, especially Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy! Lovely bee pictures, it's handy to have a bigger zoom, isn't it? I am enjoying the heat wave but its a bit too hot for me!

  16. Oh I love the Hairy Maclary books - such a beautiful rhythm to the stories make them popular among young and old(er)!!! Thank you for the lovely reminder Jacquie, and for showing and telling about your bees - they really do need to be encouraged - we need them!
    Keep enjoying your weather - we are in the midst of winter here and it's not been too pleasant lately!
    Joy x

  17. Oh my goodness those bees are just gorgeous. They look so soft and furry I want to reach out and touch them.....are they Bumble bees Jacquie? They don't look like the usual honey bees....

    I'm only familiar with Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy, but this book looks so sweet,. Nice to keep some of the kids special books.....
    Enjoy your shady spot in the garden. I would love to sit and enjoy the butterflies and bees, but I'm afraid the weeds would be mocking me and I couldn't sit still for long.....

    Claire x

  18. How nice to have the bees making a home with you, interesting to watch them keep busy too. We're loving this glorious weather too, everyone is so much happier in the sunshine it seems!

  19. Olá minha querida !!! O clima aí parece estar realmente maravilhoso. Aqui no Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) está mudando muito, as vezes frio as vezes calor.
    Não conheço o livro mas achei uma gracinha!!
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  20. I don't really know the Hairy McClary books very well, but this one looks beautiful. Sums up the (rare) British summer days beautifully!

  21. It certainly still looks lovely and green. Where I live, summer dries everything out and it is all brown. At the moment we are in the middle of a weird winter. Last week, we had freezing temperatures, and then on Wednesday we had a north wind (which for southern climes means warm to hot) and it reached the high teens. It was extremely windy, and then the wet change came. It's a bit soggy here at the moment.
    I love your fat little bees. They are so beautiful.

  22. We love those books! My son often chooses one of those for his bedtime story. Yes, very hot here too. The 3pm school pick up has been tiresome, my four year old protests the whole way there and back (we walk) and I wont miss that next week. But otherwise, it's glorious and I love it. Excellent bee photos too. xx

  23. What great shots of those bees! I am very jealous of the zoom lens! Just for the record it is just as hot across the pond here in New Hampshire... unfortunately the humidity is keeping company with the heat YUCK! I guess I'm a winter girl at heart, lol!
    Beth P


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