Sunday 15 December 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ 50/52

Hello Lovelies,
Are we over half way through Advent already ? Here are my happy things from a busy week.

1. The heady scent of Hyacinths.
These beauties are making me smile every time I go into the kitchen at the moment.
The blue ones are my favourite.......

 as usual they have gone rather floppy and I have attempted to hold them up with wooden kebab sticks and ribbon .

2. Christmas socks.
Oh yes I do love festive feet :0) .....picked up these cheery charity socks at the supermarket............

3. Youngest in his school play.
He did a brilliant job of getting into character for his own part and joining in with all the singing.
The effort put in by the teachers at his small primary school is amazing.
  All the children benefit from being involved in an impressive and highly entertaining show.  As he is now in his final primary school year this was the last one of these plays we will ever get to see .....I may have tears in my eyes as I type this sad fact. I've so enjoyed watching all three of my boys gain confidence over the years of performing to audiences of parents and grandparents.   

Given the choice of a glitzy night out or the school play, the play would win hands down for me.

4. Christmas decorating.
Or should I say,  help with the Christmas decorating. This year my boys did most of the work themselves. Last Sunday saw them  climbing up into the loft the retreive our huge amount of festive stuff, building and trimming two trees and sticking up lights. They were all brilliant , especially eldest who would not stop till it was all done , then he put all the empty boxes away , bless him.

I'm not convinced they will be so keen to help pack it all away in January :0)

 Shortly after we had finished,  and  flopped on the sofa, we noticed the most amazing sunset.......

We all stood in the street admiring this wonderful display .........

As it faded from fiery orange to purple and pink..........

It was as if mother nature was joining in with the Christmas decorating .

As usual I'm pretty last minute with my Christmas preparations.
This coming week will be full of making, shopping, writing, wrapping and tidying. I'll be happy when most of the jobs are done.
I hope your "to do" list is manageable lovelies.
Jacquie x


  1. Wasn't that sunset amazing?

    So good that your lads helped with the decorating!


  2. A lovely post. I went to see the school nativity last week, and it occurred to me that my littlest boy will probably only be in one more. So I know exactly what you mean. I'm planning on putting the tree up later, and no doubt the little people will decorate it for me.

  3. Wonderful christmas tree, good boys and sunset is magical, merry Christmas for all family, bye, ania

  4. What a good idea to keep your flower stalks supported. I was just looking at mine this morning wondering what to do :o).

  5. Love the little Festive Ribbon on your flowers ... and am well impressed with your boys, great job done... Gorgeous Photos ... Good Luck with all your preparations, my to do list is getting smaller ( thank goodness ) But still lots to do as always.

  6. I used to love those Nativity plays in primary school too.....very happy memories of them
    My to do is very long at the moment : (

  7. Thank you for making me smile this morning. :)

  8. Great views inside and out today in your post. What helpful boys. Most of my 'to do' list is done and if there's more it will have to wait or not get done at all. I'm hoping to have a very peaceful Christmas from now.
    Love from Mum

  9. Lovely happies, the sunset is beautiful, such amazing colours and as you say, joining in with the decorating! Your new socks look nice and snuggly, just what you need for this time of year. Hope you have a great week. xx

  10. Such a beautiful sunset. I've decorated the tree and house today. I had intended to wrap presents too, but seem to have run out of time! Hope you've had a great weekend. x

  11. Well done to the lads helping with the festive decorating. That sunset is pure magic and your photo's are just perfect capturing mother nature's festive décor. Aren't winter flowering indoor bulbs just gorgeous, I bet the scent from your Hyacinths is lovely too.
    My list is being worked through. I have wrapped all the gifts and I have packed what needs to be posted off, which I plan to do tomorrow.

  12. Wow fab sunset, I love winter sunsets, lots of lovely happies, I don't even like to think about my to do lists
    Clare xx

  13. Your socks are worthy of a Christmas jig! And that sunset rivals what we see here in the islands. Thank you for your cozy and joy-filled posts - they keep me in the Christmas mood whilst surrounded by coconut palms and night blooming jasmine ;) Aloha with hugs, Ann

  14. What wonderful pics again Jacquie - the sunset is mesmerising - oh what beauty we are gifted by mother nature and all we need do is take time to look and enjoy! So nice that your boys have been so helpful, and they've done a lovely job with decorating the tree! Thank you so much for sharing your happy times, and I wish you and your family many many more in the days to come!
    Hugs, Joy xo

  15. Love your sunset and the hyacinths. They are beautiful. I feel for you with your youngest finishing up his primary education. Big school is so much more competitive and I don't think it is necessarily for the better either. I just hope you were able to get lots of photos of him in his outfit. :)
    Good luck with the busy week ahead. It is hard to believe it is a tad over a fortnight to the New Year.

  16. Hi Jacquie, WOW!!! That is an amazing sunset!!!! Beautiful photos!!! Love all your happies!!! Have a great week!!!

  17. Getting there Jacquie. What a sunset!

  18. Oh Hyacinths send me into giddy excitement. My house is filled with their scent at the moment and it's gorgeous! I'm not really sure that Christmas is Christmas without Christmas socks too. I have some candy cane ones that I shall be wearing on christmas morning.

    Wow, wow and WOW to the sunset! GORGEOUS and a beautiful capture!

    I hope that you and your family have the most super Christmas and look forward to your New Year posts!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxx

  19. Love love love the Christmas socks, so festive! Love your tree, and the pictures of mother nature's sunset are just amazingly beautiful, great job capturing it!

  20. Hi Jacquie - what a beautiful sunset. It would make an amazing painting. Good luck with the ToDo list. I suddenly realised yesterday that there is only just over a week to go and was filled with panic what I hadn't even thought what I needed to buy in terms of food etc. Off to ASDA now to get some bits. Lily. xxx

  21. wonderful Jacquie, I see you've got your woollies tree up? I still have mine! saves me quite a lot of money actually!! lovely to have willing helpers, have a good week, Heather x

  22. What a beautiful sunset Jacquie, stunning colour......
    Hyacinths would just about be my favourite bulbs, love their perfume and blue is beautiful.
    Well done boys for helping with the decorating and I love your socks too, very cute.
    It's warming up here, picked the first peaches from our tree and they look delish.
    Hope your week is going well, lots of love from Oz,

    Claire XX

  23. beautiful flowers! I love christmas socks. It's great your kids helped out with decorating this year! the sunset was beautiful. Take care,


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