Friday 13 December 2013

December Colour

Hello Lovelies, 
It's such a busy time of year and I'm starting to feel the pressure of all the things  still needing  to be done. On Wednesday I had lots of errands to run so in the morning  I walked to the local shops and post office.

 It was a dull, typically December day. I often don't bother to take photos in this sort of weather, preferring to wait for some sunshine. But the gloom has it's own gentle beauty and any remaining colour, like these hot red berries growing up the wall of the sweetest cottage, really stands out against the muted background...........

the local florist was looking very seasonal , with lots of Holly wreaths and indoor bulbs.........

on the way home I loved this natural wreath against the bright red door..........

 and the red Hawthorn berries were striking against the backdrop of a misty landscape

The cold, damp weather had kept the allotment gardeners at home............

 The beer can "cane toppers" made me smile.

and in my own front garden french marigolds are STILL flowering, adding a bit of sunny cheer to a grey day.........

In the afternoon, with still jobs needing ticking off my long list, I headed to town. Thankfully there was still time to notice the colourful Christmas window displays in the little independent shops.
 Loved the red and white theme in the craft shop..........

and I thought this step ladder "tree" with all it's hanging baubles was brilliant...........

But this HAS to be my favourite. This shop has only opened recently and it's a real Aladdin's cave of quirky, handmade  and vintage items. 

I adored the tartan bicycle , which the lady owner kindly allowed me to photograph from inside her shop.

And I made a small purchase...........

I loved this little Japanese style doll in her sunny yellow dress.She looks right at home on my Christmas mantle.
I do  hope you lovelies are finding the time to enjoy some colour this December
Jacquie x


  1. Gorgeous photo's I love the ladder tree such a quirky idea and wow that bike :)
    Clare x

  2. I think I kind of want to live in that craft shop ;-)

  3. You live in such a prwtty place the craft shop x

  4. such a beautiful cheery festive post ;0)

  5. Hello Jacquie, thank you for this lovely part of your day, the photos are amazing, everything over there is very nice, but the bike is my favourite.
    Whishing you a happy christmas.
    Beijinhos de Luz!
    Ana Maria

  6. Such a contrast of colours in the places where we live at this time of the year. I love that you have bright red berries though and shops adorned with pretty things.

    Nina x

  7. I too tend to only take pictures on sunny days but it's really lovely to spot these natural bits and pieces of colour and the beautiful shop displays, I really like the step ladder with the baubles.

  8. Lovely post with great set of photos, it might be a bit grim some days but out in the fresh air dose you a world of good.there are allot of berries this year and the red dose stand out.Would love to have a wonder round those shops...

  9. It's a case of not too many sunny days at the moment. The weather has been very grey. I'd love to ride that bike, a little bit of sunshine on the road would be lovely. x

  10. Those are wonderful pictures. I really like the Hawthorn bush. We don't have those growing here. I especially like the craft shop with the sewing machines and knitting kits. You found lots of beautiful colors!

  11. You live in such a beautiful place, glad to see that you are enjoying the festiveness around you.

  12. Thank you so much for both taking the time to take the pictures but most importantly to share them with us all.
    I took some hours out to just relax too.
    Please have a happy festive season and lots of uplifting crafty moments in 2014.

  13. Great photos they've really cheered me up x

  14. Your craft shops look very inspiring, and I love the ladder! There is no shortage of ideas for people who love crafts, both in the shops and on t'internet. Have a great weekend?

  15. Such lovely photos Jacquie. The bicycle is beautiful and I would love to wander around that shop (as well as the craft shop!)

  16. The ladder is such an interesting idea. I have a neighbor who decorates a bicycle in the front yard with lights and garland every year. It's not a tartan bicycle, though, that would be even more festive.

  17. Jacquie, what Christmas cheer you found on your walk through the atmosphere of an overcast day.

    I agree with you about the bicycle!


  18. as always a beautiful post and great pictures. i loved the bycycle too great idea your posts are always so colourfulxx

  19. I <3 your photo tour! Pinned:) Merry Christmas and new follow:)

  20. a tartan bicycle wow! and the ladder is clever, good luck with your preparations, Heather x

  21. You have captured the colour around you so beautifully. The shop fronts are so imaginatively decorated too.
    Sarah x

  22. Hello Jacquie what a lovely post and what fabulous shops you have, I am really envious. Loved the bicycle it is so cute and the red and white shop is wonderful, really want to go inside for a peek. I think the colours you have picked up on your photographs Jacquie are so lovely and reflect the nature of the season. A wonderful read Jacquie which is why I always look forward to reading your lovely blog. Big hugs to you Jacquie.

  23. Hi Jacquie. Thanks for sharing pictures of your town's shops. It's fun to imagine what treasures could be inside each one. Absolutely love the step ladder Christmas tree - very pretty.


  24. What lovely photos Jacquie, they really are wonderful, and a real snapshot of December. I especially love the berries against the field and the shops and doors. Beautiful. Hope you have a really good weekend.

  25. The ladder tree is really inspired isn't it! All of your pictures are so festive and lovely, and would have to put anyone in the christmas spirit, so thank you for sharing these. xx

  26. What a wonderful post Jacquie - I love your marigolds and wonder at them still blooming, the clever little things, and I spy daffodils at the florist too - such sunshine! I've never seen a tartan bike, that's fantastic - oh well, everything is beautiful and thanks so much for sharing your brightness!
    Hugs, Joy xo

  27. Lovely photos. Love the 'Ladder tree' and your lovely purchase. She's very pretty. x

  28. Great photos, thanks for sharing, really like the christmassy feel to the shop windows. Enjoy your weekend

  29. The weather may be dull, Jacquie, but you've photographed some real gems. I think my favourites are the florist and the red front door.

    If it makes you feel any better, I've yet to do my cards and decorations … pressies nearly all bought but nothing wrapped. WHAT AM I DOING ON HERE???!!!

    Have a super weekend. xx

  30. You have such a good eye capturing the essence of your day, beautiful photographs and the shop displays are wonderful. Yes, a very busy time of year and I too have a 'to do' list that I am trying to get to the end of. Not much hope of that though, I tick off things done at the top only to find myself adding more to the bottom lol

  31. Hi Jacquie, I love LOVE the stepladder tree!!! Such a brilliant idea and the tartan bicycle is adorable!!! The color red seems to be all over your winter landscape!!! Love it!!! Have a great day!!!

  32. I love looking at window displays, I usually do the display for the charity shop I volunteer in and am always looking for inspiration!


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