Thursday 24 April 2014

Bluebell Time

Hello Lovelies,
 Bluebells are flowering in the gardens near home, so yesterday morning I made a quick visit to our local wood to see if they were flowering there too.

It's almost exactly a month earlier than we discovered masses of bluebells last year ( see THIS post)
But spring is early this year and April already feels like May to me.

I had a hairdressers appointment at 10am so there was just time to wander along the bridleway for twenty minutes..........

It was such a pretty morning and I loved the dappled shade on the path........

Soon I noticed little touches of blue in this steep bank.........

Pretty, dainty bells of sweet they looked in the spring sunshine........

Along with the first of the Bluebells there were Stitchworts........

And the first Cow Parsley flowers

Everywhere was covered in new growth..........

And this tranquil path trough the woods was completely deserted .....just the hoof prints in the path showed that this is a popular riding spot...........

I loved this quiet, natural  place..........

which was looking extra pretty in it's spring colours.........

On the way back along the path I spotted these sunny Celandines........

love their glossy, heart shaped leaves

The Bluebells may be a little way away from their peak in these parts..........

But it was a real treat to see them in such a wonderful setting...........

All too soon it was time to leave.......

Hopefully I will manage to bring the family here soon, before the Bluebell's time has passed.
Oh, how I love this time of year,
 just hope my shoes din't leave too much mud on the hairdressers floor!
Jacquie x


  1. The bluebells are so beautiful! I haven't seen any here in Germany yet but the apple trees are in full flower! I captures some German spring moments here if you want to have a look:

    Take care,

  2. I was admiring the bluebells this morning too. I must try and remember my camera before they are finished. Thanks for sharing your walk.

  3. Beautiful flowers, I love to see them signalling the start of Spring, x

  4. Lovely bluebell! We also have such in Kazakhstan, but I have never seen it in India.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. They're just starting to open in my garden Jacquie along with the lilac and wisteria - according to my garden diary they're all about three weeks ahead this year - May has certainly come early! What a lovely walk - a tranquil treat! Jane x

  6. Lovely walk Jacquie. When we first had our grass laid about six years ago, the first spring afterwards it was yellow with Celandine!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. These are some great photos! I love this time of the year too, I'm always looking around to spot flowers and new leaves, Nature is amazing indeed...

  8. Absolutely beautiful flowers, our local Outwoods are covered in bluebells at the moment, looking and smelling wonderful.


  9. You can almost smell the damp earth by looking at these photos... woodland flowers are so lovely.
    Sarah x

  10. Beautiful...your spring is way ahead of ours this year. Trees are just starting to bud and new growth has only begun to arise in the last few days.....hard winter here in Chicago, and still quite cold....looking forward to seeing our bluebells in the coming weeks.!

  11. another beautiful post with wonderful photos!!!!!
    have a nice evening in your lovely country,

  12. Jacquie as always it is such a treat to pop over to see you - your photographs are just divine. I adore bluebells and seeing them carpet the ground is breath-taking, I am sure the smell was just beautiful. Thanks for a fabulous post Jacquie, sending you lots of loves and hugs

  13. Lovely spring time flowers Jacquie. I am still to visit a bluebell wood this year and I hope I don't miss this lovely sight as I did last year. Take care xx

  14. I do love a bluebell, we went to the local castle gardens todya and saw a few, but I'm longing to go to a bluebell woods
    Clare x

  15. Aha, the bluebells, how I love them: thank you Jacquie, and how I'd love to walk that walk and share in its natural beauty, such a gift! Joy xo

  16. Your photos as usual are beautiful, bluebells so special. On the other side of the world it was always my ambition to see a bluebell wood....I did fifteen years ago when my English/Australian grandson was born. I went to London for the birth and one of his earliest outings was to take his Australian granny to fulfil her lifelong ambition! Always a special memory for me. Thankyou for reminding me, Mrs A

  17. What pretty natural places you have so close to home.
    Wildflowers here in Australia are unusual around the eastern coast. The desert areas to the west have the most spectacular displays, but need a wet season for germination.
    Thanks for taking us on your walk with you. :)

  18. Beautiful photographs. Do you have a super duper camera?

  19. A wonderful landscape! Love the bluebells but all photos are gorgeous!

  20. Love your bluebell photos. I live in south Louisiana so don't see bluebells like this. We do have Louisiana Irises. I wait with anticipation every spring to see the lovely blue/purple flowers appear along the roadways. I understand your love for these flowers. There's something about seeing that pop of color against the light green foliage that just makes my heart sing.


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