Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Rainy Morning Blanket..... Ta-Dah

Hello Lovelies,
Eleven months ago , on a rainy May morning, I sat in the conservatory and started this colourful granny square blanket............

In THIS post I wrote about my plans for it to be a quick project and about how I was choosing the colours........

The plan was to make a colourful picnic blanket consisting of squares that contained distinct colour groups......

You can see I was being good and sewing in all my ends as I went.

Other projects distracted me including THIS blanket for middle son.

And by September I had changed my original plans and chosen to add a Denim blue border to my squares.......

I even took a few to Yarndale and enjoyed sitting on the grass outside hooking for a while.

By October almost all my squares had a blue border..........

And then they sat on top of my Welsh Dresser for a few months............

Finally, early this month , I started to join my squares. Sewing them together using THIS method.........

Once all my squares were joined I started on the border. My plan was a nice wide border to make this blanket a bit bigger, and to balance the size of the seven round squares. I was not sure exactly many rounds I planned to make ...... about ten colours and then an edge............

 Then, on Saturday evening I was talking to my Mum in Law about her Mum in Law.

My boys one remaining Great grandparent was going to turn 97 in a couple of days. Mum in law suggested I could give her a blanket and initially I said I didn't have one finished..........then I thought about it and decided I could quickly finish my Rainy Morning blanket on Sunday and wrap it up........so that's what I did..........

And here is my finished border.

I got up early on Sunday morning and  added the final Denim blue round of U.S. doubles and a round of U.S. singles to neaten. It's not the lovely wide border I had planned, but thankfully it looked O.K.

And so here are some hastily taken photos of my finished blanket.


Thank goodness I sewed in all the ends as I went along.

A closer look at the squares......I have lots of favourites...........

 The essential washing line shot :0)........

I do love it and I hope the oldest member of our family loves it too. I like to think all these happy colours will bring her joy.

It was lucky that the sun shone on Sunday morning as I  love to see the colours illuminated from behind like this.............
and I did remember to measure it before I wrapped it up. This blanket ended up 54 x 40 inches. I nice size to put over your lap.

In case you lovelies were wondering I used Stylecraft Special acrylic yarn. Double knitting weight and a 4mm hook.

For the blue border to all the squares I used Denim.

The squares themselves are made using these colours.......

Fondant , Aspen, Sherbert, Shrimp, 
Lemon, Saffron, Apricot, Spring Green
Meadow, Plum, Cloud Blue, Pomegranate,
Turquoise, Pale Rose, Candy floss, Lavender,
Raspberry, Bluebell and Lipstick

This project ended up quite different to my original plan, and took much  longer to finish than I thought it would. Now it's gone to a new home I'm happy that I made that quick decision to gift it to a lovely old lady.......

I will miss it a little, but I have the pleasure of giving , and I still get to share this project with you lovelies.I hope you like it too.
Jacquie x


  1. I like it! it's a beautiful blanket and the pleasure of giving makes it better! ( sorry for my english I'm an italian lady ) I love your blog and your country!

  2. Well how lovely is your blanket, now you need to go for a picnic...
    Amanda x

  3. Oh, I adore the blanket! I bet she is going to love it - my granddad uses the blanket I made for his 100th birthday last year a lot. I think my favourite squares are the one with pomegranate yarn. Can't get enough of that colour...

    Take care

  4. It is a beautiful blanket! Sure she will enjoy it.

  5. Blanket is beautiful. I love thing, which are full of colors :) It will be a lovely gift :)

  6. Hi! I'm very glad I found your blog! You have very nice crochet patterns. I love your blanket! I want to make one but I leave it for more then! My name is Niki and I'm from Greece...sorry for my english!

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  8. It's a beautiful blanket Jacquie and no doubt the receiver of such a lovely gift will be very happy with it! Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men …… but what a lovely finish to your blanket story! Joy x

  9. Absolutely gorgeous, Jacquie! And you will absolutely have made the recipient's day. Make another one for yourself! E x

  10. What a beautiful blanket and fabulous colours. Love the denim border. Even more special is that its become a wonderful present for an old lady. I'm sure in time it will return to live with you, x

  11. Such happy, bright colours and I'm sure it will be treasured. X

  12. What a beautiful blanket! I'm fairly new to crochet and loving working granny squares, thanks for linking back to how to construct them together :-)

  13. A lovely gift Jacquie. I always prefer to sew granny squares together for a blanket - it's much more hardwearing - we still have some over 50 years old! Older people, with failing eyesight, love bright colours so she'll adore it.

  14. Love the blanket !! Lovely colours and lovely yarn !

  15. Wow....it's so cheery, bright and happy! Love it, well done :) x

  16. It's fabulous I wish I had the skill to make one too .... not to mention the patience. I'm sure the recipient will absolutely love it :-)

  17. Oh that is a beauty and what a lovely present. Thanks so much for sharing! x

  18. Beautiful blanket with all these colors.

  19. It's fantastic, such a lot of work has gone into it. And as you say, thank goodness you did the ends as you went along! I can see it will be treasured for many, many years. A beautiful job.

  20. it's gorgeous, i love denim blue, a lovely present! Heather x

  21. So lovely Jacquie, I actually think that the simple granny square makes the best blankets. I love how just choosing a certain set of colours can make one blanket look so different from another. In my head, I have 4 granny square blankets that I would like to get done. The picture with the sun shining through makes it look like stained glass. So pretty.

    Have a lovely week

    Vanessa x

  22. It's beautiful Jacquie.
    Tracey xx

  23. That's a wonderful blanket, I'm sure Great Grandma will love it! : )

  24. A beautiful blanket and a beautiful gift Jacquie! I am sure that it will be well received and well used and loved! xx

  25. Beautiful blanket Jacquie. I particularly like how the denim border makes the other colours shine. I'm sure it will be hugely appreciated and now you can have the fun of making another for yourself! x

  26. çok güzel olmuş elinize sağlık :)

  27. The blanket is gorgeous. Well done.

  28. It's really beautiful, and she is going to love it. You picked perfect colors, and I like the denim borders. I sew my grannie squares together, too. I just think it looks the best.

  29. How beautiful :-) I love the shot with the sun behind the blanket. I'm sure the blanket will be well loved and appreciated.

  30. It's beautiful and I am sure it will be much loved.

  31. Your blanket it beautiful and I'm sure it will be loved by the recipient
    Jackie x

  32. such a lovely hand made blanket too, love all your crochet and other makes. ive been making some brooches in the evenings now its brighter i feel more creative. love the view from your conservatory out into your pretty garden...what a lovely sight x

  33. What a totally beautiful gift she will love it and of course it will bring much joy. Your garden is looking really lush. Jo x

  34. I like it very much, Jacquie!! The denim border is gorgeous! and the decision was the best, I think. It´s always a good energy that flows from us to the gifted person, isn´t it? :)

  35. Que bonito!!!!, me encantaron los colores y el diseño.

  36. Such a lovely blanket and wonderful present. So grateful for this post, as I recently bought some DK from a shop in Bury. I picked the colours because I liked them, without a project in mind. Then I remembered I had read a blog that had a plan when combining colours. You have saved me the job of looking for that post. Thank you.

  37. Oh it's very lovely! I love the blue edging and who doesn't love a granny square blanket. A wonderful gift, hoping she has a happy happy birthday. I find myself gifting like that, and having projects starting out as something entirely different than it ends. lol A really good thing you did those ends beforehand! My youngest daughter did a bed size blanket of granny squares as a Christmas gift, and we stayed up half the night weaving in ends the night before it was gave (What a job!).You'll have to start another picnic blanket now. ;)

  38. Your blanket turned out just beautiful...all those lovely colors and then the blue denim is spot on.

  39. Gorgeous - love the bright cheery colours!!
    Maria x

  40. So colorful and beautiful. Love it.

  41. Absolutely gorgeous. What an amazing present, I bet she is thrilled to bits with it.

  42. Ooh this is lovely! I've made most of my crochet to give so far - it is bitter-sweet sometimes, when you love a project yourself! I have one on my hook at the moment that my husband keeps sulking about as he doesn't want it to leave when it's finished! But I am sure your lovely blanket will be well loved in its new home, and at least now you have the joy of choosing another project for yourself :)

    Debbie :)


  43. Lovely blanket :) It was obviously sat on top of your dresser all those months.... waiting.....for this moment, so you could gift it ;) xx

  44. A gorgeous blanket! Love all these colors! Great work!

  45. it really is lovely, I really want to make something like this one day, I've only ever made an over size granny square but I do love it x

  46. Beautiful Jacqui and I bet she loves it very much

  47. Jacquie, that Birthday Girl is going to receive a beautiful treat. Bravo to you on looping away with your hook, and getting that lovely crocheted blanket (we call them afghans over here in the States) finished in time for a special time.

    Isn't it wonderful to be able to create gifts loop by loop? xo

  48. It's beautiful, and I hope she loves it! I think the border is perfect.

    That list of yarn colours makes for perfectly scrumtious reading. :)

  49. What a lovely blanket I know the recipient will truly love this. I love your border, - I would be intrigued to know what your original idea for it was?

    1. Hi Kathy, I was just going to make it about twice as wide and add some warmer colours, then a fancier border with some scallops or picots.
      Jacquie x

  50. Your blanket is truely lovely - I really like you colours choices, Stylecraft DK is my favourite yarn. Giving a present that has your heart and soul in it is the best type of girft.

  51. It's beautiful Jacquie! Love the colours xxx

  52. Oh my goodness Jacquie, it's just gorgeous and what a perfect gift for a 97 year old. It will keep her lovely and warm. Working in aged care I know how the elderly feel the chills and a nice crocheted blanket will be just perfect.
    Love the colours and the names......Aspen, Saffron, Candy Floss, Bluebell, Pale Rose....I could make a blanket based on the names alone!!
    So beautiful.....

    Claire Xx

  53. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! I bet the recipient absolutely loved it.
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  54. Oh, this is beautiful
    , I know she will treasure this! You have triple joy or more... In the creating, the planning, and the gifting... Very kind hearted of you! Let us know what she says!

  55. lovely colourful happy blanket, Jacquie, i am sure it will be much loved and appreciated!

  56. Very beautiful work, nice selection of colours. Congratulations! And hugs from São Paulo, Brazil.

  57. Gorgeous! I'm sure it was a well received gift and will be loved and treasured :) The denim border worked really well too,
    Jones x


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