Thursday 1 May 2014

Evening Walks

Hello Lovelies, 
I find it such a joy now the days are long and darkness doesn't fall until after 9pm.
On Sunday we took advantage of the beautiful evening and had a family stroll by the water. This is a spot where the canal meets the river.

We walked beside the canal then past the lock and the lock keepers cottage...........

then along the riverbank.........

Stopping to watch this chap put his canoe in the water and paddle off...........

Middle son spotted the Robin with a grub in his beak , and kindly hushed everybody until I had got a photo.......

I do love the blue Cornflowers in the background too.

There's always plenty to see along this riverside path. In the corner of the boat yard an old roller is quietly rusting away..........

And, happily a lovely narrow boat is being restored..........

There are a real mix of water-born crafts moored here.........

Including some really odd sights..........

The boys thought that landing craft was great..........I was just fascinated by all the boaty paraphernalia......

After a while we turned around and wandered back towards the canal. The evening light was lovely, perfect weather to wander by the water.........

Back past the lock........

and back along the canal-side.........

I do have a soft spot for narrow boats, particularly ones painted in traditional colours.........

Or with cute names........

we wondered if this boat was named after two grandmothers.

These next photos were taken on Monday evening. I had been at work and was feeling pretty tired. I knew if I sat down I'd probably nod off, so to avoid that Eldest and I went for a short walk.

Just up the road to my usual footpath...........

Everywhere is so green now and the paths feel very hemmed in in places. This stile is disappearing into the foliage...........

It was warm and calm . The evening light made these Highland Cattle look even redder than usual............

And I was lucky enough to get this sweet shot of a little wild bunny..........

It was the sun shining through his ears that I noticed first.

The Maple trees are suddenly full of leaves.............

Here's a picture I took on these two trees on the 5th of April for comparison..........

And what pretty leaves they are..............

It really was a gorgeous evening and felt more like summer than spring...........

We headed back out onto the street...........

and listened to Mr Blackbird singing on the T.V. aerial.........

On the way home my tiredness had gone and I was so glad to have been able to enjoy another simple but special time with my eldest....he talks , I listen...............

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments on my latest blanket..........I'm currently pondering my next big hooky many possibilities.
Jacquie x


  1. What great walks and lovely pics, Jacquie - thanks for sharing. Long may the good weather continue, eh?! Hugs

  2. I ' d like to thank you for nice walk, pictures and personal comments, greetings, ania

  3. A lovely walk. It's great now the evenings stay brighter for longer, a little less rain & I would be truly happy.

  4. I do like the little bunny with the light shining through his/her ears - they do seem to like coming out to play at a certain time of early evening, don't they?
    The highland cattle are great too. Wish we had a few around here!
    Sarah :)

  5. Lovely photos and thanks for sharing your journeys. It is so much nicer, as you say, now the evenings are lighter and we can enjoy more of the daytime, x

  6. Oh I know where that is!! I spent much of my childhood walking, fishing and time on the family boat down there, as it was near enough for my dad to get to the fire station on a call out. thank you for the photos I will have to show my dad later in the week and go down memory lane x

  7. Oh I know where that is. I spent many a happy family day walking, fishing or on the family boat there. It was close enough for my dad to get to the fire station if he was on call so we would bring the boat down river for a weekend. Thank you for putting the photos on, I will have to show them to my dad and visit memory lane x

  8. Beautiful photos, summer evening walks are quite magical and you have beautifully captured that magic. I feel more relaxed just looking at the pictures! Thank you.

  9. So pretty :-) Thanks for taking us along with you on your walks.

  10. Love your photos, expecially those of the cows and the bunny, so cute! : ) Have a nice evening! ; )

  11. What a gorgeous highland cow! I love the big horns, the two cattle make a smashing couple...and I'm smitten with the robin and bunny! Chrissie x

  12. Beautiful, beautiful, oh I do enjoy my walks with you, Jacquie, thank you so much! So many interesting and mesmerising subjects today, but I just have to mention the sweet little robin - isn't he just gorgeous! Joy xo

  13. Wonderful walk and lovely pictures ☺☺

  14. I love your observations as you walk. Thanks for sharing them.
    I cannot believe that it doesn't get dark until 9 and it's still more than 6 weeks to the solstice! Here in my part of Australia, being autumn, it is getting dark around 6 and the sun has completely by 6.30. By late June, it will be 5.30 and dark. In six months time (comparable to what you are experiencing, ti will be around 7.30 before the sun is sinking. At the height of summer it's around 9p.m. before it's dark. Latitude makes a huge difference.
    Enjoy the warming weather. :)

  15. Thanks for taking us on that wonderful walk :-)

  16. I love that it only gets dark after 8ish here too! I missed that when I lived in Sydney!

    Great pictures - love the canal boots! I will take part in a photo workshop later today at the old habour here in Dortmund. Hopefully I will get some good shots!

    Take care,

  17. Lovely walk and pics Jacquie, Mr. Robin, oh so handsome.........
    Love canal boats and so much greenery about, now that the trees are in leaf, just gorgeous.

    Claire x

  18. Hi, i`m really enjoying your `out and about` posts......I am house bound at the moment with a torn knee cartilage so its lovely to enjoy to pop out for some fresh air from my armchair as it were !! Thank you ! X

  19. Your walk looks lovely - I too live very near a canal - it is a pure joy to walk along there at anytime but especially when the weather is good. I hope you and your family enjoy your weekend.

  20. Wow, thank you for your wonderful photos. Ciao!

  21. Oh what a lovely walk! Thanks for "taking" us along. Special time, those simple walks with the children.Our evening walks had to be curtailed for the time being as we have a bear hanging out in the neighborhood, my youngest spotted him on our back porch one night after dinner.I too love the canal boats, I'd dearly love to be able to board one and have a look Happy weekend!

  22. Gee, those cows are just so beautiful! You are so lucky to have such lovely walking paths ♥
    Have a good weekend
    Pat @ sunshine and a sewing basket blog :)


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