Saturday 17 May 2014

Meeting at the Park

Hello Lovelies,
on Thursday morning I was pottering at home, doing some baking and general chores, when the phone rang.
It was Hubby, we chatted for a while then he asked if I fancied meeting him at the park which is close to where he is working at the moment, at 11am.

 I started to make an excuse as I had the weekly food shopping to do....I'm not very good at being spontaneous. 
Then I heard myself turning down the chance to sit on the grass in the sunshine and talk while he had his morning coffee break.....Yes of course I'd love to go.

We met as planned and I took him some still warm cake. It was great to chat without any's something we don't do enough.

At 11.30 hubby had to go back to work, but I love this park and couldn't resist a little walk before I headed off to the supermarket.

The reflections in the lake were beautiful.............

And the brightly coloured rowing boats looked so jolly............

This hot pink Rhododendron bush stopped me in my tracks..........


half way along the lake there is a group of pine trees...........

 where the squirrels gather, hoping for a treat............

Then it's out into the sunshine again...........

I was happy to see these cute Ducklings with their mother..........

At the far end of the lake there are some stepping stones.........I do love stepping stones.......

 these are very safe, but still fun.

and they give you a great view of this wonderful waterfall.............

I used to live near here about twenty years ago. Back then the park was quite neglected in many parts. The stepping stones were often closed and I don't recall ever seeing the waterfall made me so happy to see it restored and looking really wonderful.

Running beside the lake is a lovely little stream with bridges...........

That let you get up close to some more stunning Rhododendrons...............

this one had a beautiful delicate scent too.

Through some bushes I could just spy a gentle game of Croquet............

And on the lake a couple were enjoying a row............

 It all looks so quiet doesn't it. But this is a city park with a busy dual carriageway running behind those trees. And yet that doesn't spoil the relaxed atmosphere. It's just a constant hum that you don't really notice after a while.

Here the path passes some interesting rocks, with a huge Oak tree appearing to grow out of the solid stone...........

This part of the path also used to be closed off. Happily now it's possible to to a complete circuit of the lake as the designer intended.

The whole area looks very natural but a lot of work has gone into clearing overgrown bushes and damaged trees............

and on this sunny May morning it was all looking so fresh and well loved. There were many walkers and runners enjoying these paths.............

I'll leave you with another shot of that waterfall..........because I loved it so............

I was so happy I ceased the moment and made this journey.

Jacquie x


  1. Gosh, how pretty! If I were your hubby, that would be my daily lunching spot in fine weather.
    Question : how on earth does one secure a pretty canoe to paddle if it is already in the middle of the lake?
    I went shopping today and bought your dress pattern. I may be making one of the frocks in the spring. Hopefully I will have lost the weight I am trying to lose. One stone down, around two to go! It's taken five months to get this far. What a freaking struggle. Anyway, it's not about me, eh? :)

    1. Keep going Robyn , you're doing great. I bought the pattern you suggested too....thanks :0)
      Jacquie x

    2. Thanks Jacquie! I hope you like the pattern. It is one of the most gorgeous frocks I have ever worn. I do patchwork and have always kept my dressmaking very simple. The trick was calico and taking my time. It was worth it and I love that dress. :)

    3. What pattern was that please

  2. What a beautiful park - definitely worth taking the opportunity!

  3. What a gorgeous park and such lovely features. I'm still lol-ing at the idea of the couple enjoying a row - depending on how you chose to pronounce the word 'row' of course...:-)

  4. What a lovely park, so nice to see it so well cared for.

  5. What a wonderful way to spend some time.

  6. Brilliant. What a lovely thing to do and what a lovely husband to ask x

  7. What a lovely city park,,, and a beautiful waterfall.

  8. How romantic and spontaneous.Great photos.

  9. We are just home from our lovely visit to the UK. On our last day we walked endlessly (as we did each day) but sat to rest in one of the many parks in the city as you described. It was the end of the school day and all of thenlovelynlittle children dressed in the sweetest of uniforms were playing and laughing. I sat there thinking that if we did not have our own lovely grandchildren in the US, I might never leave!!!!! Wonderful country......many memories. We are already dreaming of our return visit!!!!

  10. How beautiful! So glad you were spontaneous. Enjoy this lovely weekend, Chris x

  11. How lovely to go and meet your husband, what a nice thing to do! It looks like a lovely park, very pretty and lots to see, the stepping stones are lovely, I imagine that children love to run across them! xx

  12. You've done it again, so many childhood memories and time spent with my then boyfriend, now husband lazing in that park. Amazing with all that traffic and the work going on behind it (never know quite what to expect each time we come back to visit the in-laws), thank you for the photos

  13. FABULOUS and so glad you went and now shared with us all, beautiful photo's xoxo

  14. Beautiful spaces and places Jacquie, the waterfall is particularly lovely! As always your photos are a pleasure to behold!
    Pat xx

  15. awww love this, i's great to do something on the spur of the moment like this. The weather has been glorious here the last few days but I've been working quite a lot, still like to snatch an hour sitting in the sun though!

  16. how beautiful. I love the waterfall, could sit there for hours just listening to the running water. How lucky you are. We live in the countryside, and have nothing like this. Although we have miles and miles of fields. I would visit the park every day if I lived so close x

  17. What a delightful park, I can hardly believe its beauty, thanks so much for sharing your lovely pics Jacquie - I am so glad you became spontaneous at that moment! Joy xo


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