Monday 12 May 2014

This Weeks Happies

Hello Lovelies, 
like Gillian, I too have been missing writing the weekly "Happy" posts that appeared on my blog throughout 2013. 
So....... here is a round up of the simple joys I've captured on my camera over the last seven days.

1. Walking ( walking and more walking )
It's such a wonderful time of year to enjoy the outdoors that I've been walking almost every day. I'm preferring walking to running at the moment.

Last Monday ( the bank holiday) my sister in law, niece, eldest and myself went on a walk along THIS route.

We wandered through yellow fields..........

and admired pretty views...........

It was nice to have company...........

My niece spotted a pair of Deer quite close to us.....they soon galloped away, but it was a treat to catch a glimpse of these wild creatures........something I haven't seen around here before.......

The delicate, frothy white Cow Parsley is at it's best at the moment and I was happy to get a reasonable shot of a lovely Chaffinch with such a pretty background............

Our route took us past this beautiful cottage............

And shady spots, now the trees are in leaf...........

The Bluebells are beginning to fade.............

It was a hazy afternoon, but the countryside still looked lovely............

and it always makes me happy to spot ( and photograph ) our wonderful wildlife.......I loved seeing this Hare sitting quietly among the Dandelion clocks...........

2. My Garden
 Every time I wander round the garden there is something new to see.

My beloved Bleeding Heart is beginning to flower......every year the sight of these gorgeous heart shaped blooms makes so happy...........

The Oriental Poppies have huge buds........any day now they will burst open...........

and in my cut flower patch there are lots of tiny seedlings bursting through the earth. The Nasturtiums are the biggest at the moment...........

3. Home made soup
I loved the sight of the orange lentils in my blue bowl...........

I was making THIS recipe, one I've made quite a few times's so easy,tasty and warming.......

4. Creating
Yesterday was windy and rainy, perfect to stay indoors and enjoy some making.
I spent a few hours working on my latest sewing project........this is the bodice lining of my dress.........

just the hand sewing left to do now :0)

Oh, and I made another's true, they are addictive..........

For this one I didn't follow a pattern,  just made it up as I went along. 

Once again it seems my colour choices have been influenced by the beauty of spring........I wasn't thinking of any particular place on this occasion , but this mandala ended up consisting of the colours that I'm relishing in the natural world right now.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my first are so kind.

I do hope you enjoyed this Happy post..........I'm not sure if I'll do one every week but it does feel good to write one again.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely happy post and I bet those deer's have been watching you quietly lol
    Love that Hare too, and like me, making soup, sewing and crochet how wonderful ☺

  2. That was so nice to read your week's happy moments again :) and what a happy week that was indeed. Not sure that you are celebrating it today... If you are ... Happy Mother's Day :)

  3. A lovely positive way to start a grey Monday morning. Thankyou!

  4. I really enjoy reading these happy posts. In German we have a saying that says "shared pleasure is a pleasure doubled." I think that's very true!

    Take care

  5. What a beautiful walk, Jacquie - and even better to be able to share it with family. Glad you had such a lovely time. Hope you have a great week. Chris x

  6. Happy indeed. :)
    Wishing you a happy week. X

  7. Looks like you really had a great week, hope this one will be as nice! : ) xx

  8. Loved reading your post and your photos are amazing. Well done for capturing the wildlife. Our bleeding heart are also in bloom at the moment and I too love their delicateness. Thanks for sharing, x

  9. I've loved reading your happy post and seeing your beautiful photos. Your mandala is very pretty and reflects the colours of your photos. You are very clever to be able to make up your own pattern. I have managed to get 8 rounds done on my first ever mandala so hope to finish it later.
    Jackie x

  10. Lots of happy things happening in your neck of the woods Jacquie. Your second mandala is as lovely as your first.
    Anne xx

  11. Ooooh, show more of the dress please!!

  12. Lovely happies, especially the bright yellow field.Look forward to seeing the finished dress.

  13. Your walking path looks gorgeous! It is so nice to be out in nature.

  14. Lovely to see your happies. I knew that you would not stop at one mandala! I hate to tell you this, but you are now quite probably struck with mandalitis fever, I know, I have a bad case!! xx

  15. Lovely photos as always, & great colours again for your mandala. .

  16. Your post made me happy too. I want to go for a walk now! Love all of the nature pictures and flowers. Beautiful. What a great idea...seasonal mandala colors!

    Cindy Bee

  17. what a lovely view~ Deer, beautiful meadows, bluebells and woods....just soooo beautiful ;0)x

  18. I love the idea of nature-inspired mandalas, you could make one for each season! Hmmm, now there's a thought...I think the wildlife know when you're out and about, so they come out to pose for you! You always manage to capture so many interesting sights on that camera! Chrissie x

  19. Loving your happies posts, and Gillian's as well. You seem to have the most marvellous walks and I am most jealous of your mobility AND the fabulous walks you have around you. Loving the wildlife especially the hare that looks like one of Fiona's from Marmalade Rose. I adore lentil soup though have no talent in making it as it always splits and becomes sludge in clear broth!!!

  20. Everything seems to grow so fast and so large where you're at. I love and have Bleeding Hearts as well.

  21. I love reading your blog here in New Zealand and I have followed a lot of your crochet patterns. I made your owls as gifts for my daughter to take over to friends/family in UK and Ireland - and they just loved them. thank you so much

  22. I love reading your blog here in New Zealand and I have followed a lot of your crochet patterns. I made your owls as gifts for my daughter to take over to friends/family in UK and Ireland - and they just loved them. thank you so much

  23. Just beautiful each photo is just joy! x

  24. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos with us!


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