Friday 23 May 2014

Going Full Circle

Hello Lovelies,
surprisingly despite the title of this post, I'm beginning by sharing a very square blanket I made  in 2009.
THIS is a picture of it back then.

It was made back in the days when I hadn't started my blog.
This Blanket was crocheted for my youngest son....who was Six at the time and it was only the second full sized blanket I had made ( THIS was the first) ..........

Youngest chose the colours, at the time his favourite colour was Yellow and being a small person, he didn't need a big blanket.
As he grew I made it a bit bigger to allow it to fit nicely across the foot of his bed, where it still stays.

Also around this time I first discovered  ATTIC 24 and THIS project was one that really captivated me.
I remember....... after weeks of looking........ the joy of finding a small round stool in our local charity shop.

Now I could have a go at my own stool cover.

I decided to make it for youngest's room as it was a  child's stool , and I used the same colours as he had chosen for his blanket............................

It turned out better than I had dared hope.

I just made up this collection of various stitches as I went . The most unusual of which is the puff stitch...........I think I must have learnt it for another project.........

I love the red bobble stitches around the edge..............

I remember being asked for the pattern via my Flickr comments HERE , but I really couldn't work out how I did it at the time .

Fast forward five years, and my crochet knowledge is much better. Simply by looking at this lovely pattern I could pretty accurately  work out all the stitches and spaces needed.............

So I wondered if I should try and make a Mandala using this pattern. What do you think?

I do hope you think it's a good idea because I've already done it :0)
Well, I've tweaked it a bit to scale down the design and make it more Mandala-like. But the pattern is very similar and of course , this time I'm doing a detailed photo tutorial to share with all you lovelies.

 There are so many gorgeous Mandala patterns already available for free on the internet, but I think there's always room for another ....and anyway, these days  I'm a blogger and that's what we do .....share.

I've taken the photos, written down the pattern and I'm planning to write the tutorial this weekend, then there will be a little Bunny Mummy Mandala Ta-Dah :0)

I do hope you will pop back and see my latest creation.
Jacquie x


  1. You really do inspire me! Beautiful :) x

  2. Wonderful! I love the blanket and stool - it's fun to look back at early days of creating - and when I was looking at the photos of the stool I was thinking that it would make a super mandala. I'm so glad you've made one, and I can't wait for the pattern! Thank you for sharing! Chrissie x

  3. I can't wait to grab the pattern! Love both - blanket and stool cover! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love the blanket and stool cover
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  5. I just love mandalas and use mine as table tops! I shall certainly look forward to seeing yours. I love your youngest son's cheerful blanket and stool cover! Have a great weekend.

  6. your mandala pattern is really welcome!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  7. I think it's a great idea! And how wonderful is it that something you struggled with five years ago, now comes almost naturally to you? Your post makes me smile! xo Lily!

    1. Agree! That should be very encouraging for new crocheters reading this post.

  8. What a great idea and what great inspiration for your mandala! I look forward to seeing it as it progresses and to reading your tutorial. xx

  9. Great idea, I'm looking forward to your tutorial. It must be lovely to look back on all the loevly things that you have made & I hope to be able to do the same in a few years myself.

  10. Such a lovely idea. Have a great Bank Holiday weekend. x

  11. Well done, Jacquie - memories are made of this. Enjoy the long weekend. Chris x

  12. Love the blanket and cushion/stool cover. Can't wait to see your mandala, x

  13. I love the blanket you made for your son, and how you have added to it as he has grown. Love visiting with you,
    be well,

  14. Love mandalas and can't wait for the tutorial!

  15. It would make a wonderful mandala. Depending on the ply of the yarn and the needle size required, it could be so many things for so many people. I love it as a cover for the stool.
    It's fun to look back and see how far we have come. :)

  16. How wonderful and what a lovely memory attached to your mandala for you as well. I'll really look forward to your tutorial. I've decided I am definitely doing a mandala but haven't chosen my pattern yet so the more the merrier!

  17. The blanket looks lovely - and the stool! I have just done a mandala for Attic24 for Yarndale. There is a board on Pinterest for all the mandalas. I could quite get hooked on those:)

  18. That's so sweet! I'd love something like that for my little one's room... I've tried crochet using books and online tutorials but must find someone who can do it and sit down and learn!
    S :)

  19. Your blanket is great and that stool is amazing too. I'm looking forward to you sharing the mandala pattern after the weekend
    Jackie x

  20. Wonderful items, can't wait for the pattern! : ) Have a nice weekend! xx

  21. Your blanket is beautiful, what a good idea to make it bigger as they grow!! Looking forward to seeing your Mandala xx

  22. Love your stool and the blanket!!! I haven't made a mandala yet but can't wait to try! It will brighten up my table and my tea trolley. :) Can't wait to see what you make -- using the stool as a pattern is a great idea!

  23. Who doesn't love Attic24? So happy that you're able to add on to his blanket as he grows and your mandala looks amazing. I know they're simple to make, but I've never been able to master the mandala. I think it's pretty amazing that you can look at something you made and be able to tell the exact stitch count and space. Great work and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you in the future.

  24. Lovely and look forward to the mandala. Also on your last post, our children grow too fast
    and I miss those special cuddle have grandbabies so that is good lol

  25. Fabulous idea! You can never have too many crochet options. I need a stool cover pattern for a stool in my classroom...this one might be just the ticket :) great job :)

  26. Mandala madness is contagious! lol It's a lovely pattern, and we can never have too many. I always find inspiration here, I've made several of your lovely owls, even a few sail boats, I also have your hexagon pattern in mind for a "honey" of a project. Thanks for sharing! :))

  27. Oh I absolutely love your stool!! Its soooo beautiful - I can imagine one in each room of my house! Off to my local charity shop to see if I can appropriate a stool or two! Mr toadstool will wonder what's going on!!! X PS I've just made and posted my mandala - but not the pattern - it was very much experimental!!! Emma x

  28. Love your granny crochet projects. Beautiful color choices.


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