Sunday 18 May 2014

This Weeks Happies

Hello Lovelies,
this week the weather has been wonderfully kind....a good reason to be happy.

 Yesterday was perfect to wear my new DRESS ....Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my latest sewing project.

Here are my Happy things from the past seven days.

1.Starting a new crochet project.
 I've finally decided what type of blanket I'm going to make next.........It's going to be my second Circle Blanket ( my first is HERE )......yes, I'm so happy now I've decided .....It's all your fault Jo :0)

These little motifs are so quick and easy to make. I was very tempted to start a ripple blanket as I've still only made baby blankets in that soothing pattern, but circles are so portable and cool to make during hot weather. I think they make a perfect summer crochet project.

Yesterday evening I made the first few while sitting on the grass, watching the boys and their cousins playing football at the park...................

they look like mini Mandalas.

2. A Beautiful View
On Wednesday Mum and I went back to Melton Mowbray ( to exchange some clothes she bought ).
In the past I have noticed this lovely, far reaching view but was not able to stop and take a proper look. This time we managed to find a spot to stop the car and take in this gorgeous, far reaching view............

I love the rolling hills.............

and the beautiful fresh green that surrounds us right now. The cloud shadows played across the landscape............

The hedgerows are looking very pretty and a little red brick building added a flash of contrast.........

It so reminded me of this wonderful painting by David Hockney..........


This landscape is of the Wolds in East Yorkshire , but these Midlands wolds are a similar landscape. I love David Hockney's work and I'm hoping to visit The gallery at Salts Mill this year....... planning to spend YARNDALE weekend in Yorkshire.....excited :0)

3. Another Wander around Melton

The sun was shining and the period buildings looked particularly lovely. This jolly toy shop has retained the beautiful sign-age from a previous occupier........

and the Art Deco cinema looked wonderful...........

you can read it's story HERE 

I also loved the smaller features like this beautiful mosaic tile entrance to another shop...........

Ooooh , that blue

4. Shopping
these days a small treat is enough to make make me smile.
I love these Sarah Smith dishcloths that Lucy shared in her blog many years ago now.

I've been washing up with hearts and flowers for a few weeks and it always makes me smile......

They come from Sainsburys and last AGES....I put mine through  the wash when they get grubby and they come out as good as new.

In Melton I also bought a new handbag......My thrifted one, which has seen many incarnations since it's first makeover HERE, has finally worn out. 
I looked and looked in the charity shops without any joy.
I bought this one from a Market stall so at least it's purchase supported a local independent trader.........

5. Poppies in my front garden
Their return each year always makes me happy............

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine if you are in the U.K. 
Wishing you a happy week where ever you lovelies are on this wonderful planet.
Jacquie x


  1. You blended that David Hockney in well! I had to look twice, ha ha. I keep meaning to visit Melton...a bit awkward when you don't drive , though. [ not too far away from me ]. I live in Derby. Love your pics of the views.

  2. love the Hockney landscape! It's beautiful.
    There's nothing like doing things that make one happy! It's what life is about.
    Have a great week.

  3. Yay for mini-mandala-circles! :-) Such a easy-to-carry-around project for the summer months sounds great! I am currents working on a triangular shawl with cotton merino yarn and man, it gets to warm when it lies on my lap (Summer/Spring returned to Germany! Hurray!).

    Take care

  4. Fab pictures and thanks for sharing. I showcased one of your owls on my blog this week. Just made three more, minus wings. Thanks for your inspiration, x

  5. Greetings from Finland! I enjoy looking your wonderful photos. Such beautiful views you have!
    You have a fine crochet project:)

  6. Love your new bag - very Cath Kidston-esque (but a fraction of the price no doubt!). Another circle blanket will be lovely - I've just started on my first ripple baby blanket, but maybe my next blanket will be a circles one. The weather this weekend really has been a joy hasn't it.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed your happy post! I especially enjoyed seeing the beautiful pics of the countryside. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  8. That sounds like a good week with some very beautiful spots visited. I love your new bag, I have an unhealthy obsession with bags. I think it's the endless possibilities for putting things in to go on adventures. I'm the same way about notebooks. A new bag and a new notebook is my idea of heaven.

  9. Hello Lovely Jacqui, sorry I have been away for a short while. Just catching up with your wonderful blog. How I love this post Jacqui, your photographs are just stunning and I loved catching up with the history behind them. I always love popping over to see you Jacqui, you always have something interesting to say. Have a wonderful week. Big hugs

  10. I love your new handbag. Green with white polka dots, perfect.
    Anne xx

  11. Another most enjoyable post filled with lots of lovely things and 'goings-on'! I do like your new green bag Jacquie and that poppy is delightful! Joy x

  12. Fabulous pictures and love your mini mandala ♥

  13. Lots of Happies this week. I love that painting by David Hockney too!
    Have another happy week.
    Jacqui x

  14. Lovely too see your happies Jacquie, I especially like your poppy, I have some growing in my garden, they are beautiful aren't they! xx

  15. The crochet world is mandala mad right now. lol I've just posted mine for Yarndale, I was inspired by Wink's spoke mandala pattern for mine. Lucky you, in attending, too far for myself. I will just have to enjoy it from the pictures everyone posts. The individual motifs are great for summer projects. For a ripple in the round check out mine here:
    Love the far reaching view, just beautiful! Happy hooking!

  16. That view in Melton is stunning. We take our boys to Twin Lakes park there but have never had chance to look around.
    I love the poppies too, we have just planted some poppy seeds in our garden, I hope they look as happy as yours soon :)

  17. Hello!! Long time no see, glad to be able to find time today to bob along and see what you've been up to :) Excited for your new crochet blanket, and you've inspired me too - I need to crack on with a blanket for my new niece/nephew due at the start of June, no time like the present! I was toying with doing circles, but am slightly put off by turning them into squares and joining together - it doesn't seem like it would be particularly quick or easy. What are your thoughts? At the moment I think I might do a granny stripe, but perhaps the circles would be easier to do in between looking after my Little Man?

    Anyway, LOVE your new bag! What a gorgeous fabric. I am really drawn to greens at the moment, and find it hard to resist a spot fabric!

    Hope you've had a wonderful few months - I'm off for a nosy to see what you've been up to :)

    Jones x

  18. Now there is a happy week, love those pops of colour, oh and that painting, that's one I'd love on one of my walls! :) x

  19. Everything looks so picturesque and I love how you were able to find a painting that resembled one of the views. I can't wait to see how your blanket turns out.


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