Sunday 22 June 2014

Snippets from my Week

Hello Lovelies,
I'm back again with some more snippets to share this week. 

1. After my walk on Wednesday Mum and I stopped at a small local garden centre. It's an inspiring place that looked particularly lovely on this visit...........

All the plants are so neatly and prettily displayed.............

We had come to choose a Rose for my Birthday present. There was so much choice. I loved this one.....

And how about this climber............

Influenced by all the open flowered "old fashioned" Roses I had seen at that lovely open garden last weekend I was looking for something similar.

This delicate flower was tempting............

But this bright pink version with a beautifully traditional scent was the one I went for in the end..........

Thank You Mum......Now I've just got the choose where to plant it.

2. before work on Tuesday I did a short but sunny walk along my favourite local paths. I love that the changing seasons mean there is always something different to see, even on routes that are very familiar........

lots of different grasses..........

Roses around the church door..........

and an interesting type of Buddlia growing close to the church that I have never noticed before..........

Buddleja Globosa

3. Indoors I've been working on a banner for youngests primary school leavers party......done on a roll of plain wallpaper......there's a long way to go and I can only do three letters at a time as that fills the table ....this is the start of "CONGRATULATIONS"...........

I'm going for a rainbow of colours and I'm really enjoying playing with poster paint.

4. My first Nasturtium has flowered and I couldn't resist picking it ....I just love that intense orange colour contrasted with  the fresh green leaves............

5. Making the tiniest "join-as-you-go" one round squares for a little project I'm enjoying right now......

 Dirty gardening crocs for scale.

I love the look of the back of these colourful bits of crochet too...........

What am I making ?...........well it's not a wrist cuff....though I do rather like the idea of this use :0)......

It's only about half the size I need at the moment. I'll be sure to share it's real purpose as soon as it's finished.

Yesterday we all had a lovely "away day" .....I've got loads of photos and I need to write about it while it's still fresh in my memory. 
Be back soon.
Jacquie x


  1. The old fashioned roses are beautiful. We have some really hot pink/orangey ones on our front wall. The previous owner of our barn had such a good eye!

  2. Hi Jacquie, I think you choose a perfect rose!!! Beautiful color!!! Somehow I think it's just you!!! Can't wait to see your next post!!!! Always nice to 'get away" with you!!! Till Later!!!
    AMarie xxx

  3. :) I love roses too - in fact, I've just taken some photos and am about to upload them to my blog. Hope you are having a great weekend. x

  4. Looking forward to see what you are doing with these tiny tiny grannies! :-)

    Your son will certainly love the sign! What a great idea!

    Take care

  5. Knowing me I would have gone with the yellow-pink rose, but the one you chose is lovely, too - roses are all amazing! : )

  6. Thanks for sharing your photos. Love the rose, x

  7. What lovely snippets. I love the rose and happy birthday when it comes.

  8. I love the Name of the Rose (Sean Connery film title slipped in there, just for you!); Wild Edric. I just have an image of a little gardener called Edric breeding roses and going potty when he made a white one that turned out pink! Lovely snippets as always. Happy Birthday as well!

  9. The Rose you choose is a beauty, and the mini crochet is so sweet, looking forward to seeing what it's going to be
    Clare xx

  10. Such a beautiful selection of flowers. I love the nasturtium blooming! And of course your crochet is lovely as always.

  11. The roses are beautiful! I always have trouble choosing plants. The buddleia are very unusual, I have never seen one like that before. Looking forward to seeing what your tiny crochet turns into. If it is a blanket it is going to need a lot of squares!! xx

  12. A wonderful birthday present, Happy Birthday! That's what I hint for any occasion my girls or hubby buys presents, flowers any kind really, this mother's day they presented me with a wonderful snowball bush (Virburnum opulus). I remember as a child my grand mother would have me water hers with colored water, when starting to bloom and whatever part soaked up the colored water those blooms would be that color! Good luck with the rose! I look forward to seeing what you make with the mini crochet squares.

  13. Happy Birthday! I love your rose - it's a lovely girly colour. :)
    What a juxtaposition between your weather and ours. As I write this, it is raining, blowing a gale and very cold (well, for us it's a cold winter's day - probably about 6 degrees C - so it's all relative), and so soggy underfoot.
    Your one round project is intriguing. :)
    Cheers from soggy Ballarat!

  14. Happy Birthday Jacquie and I love your choice of rose - what a colour that is, stunning! I'm also attracted to the buddleja and haven't seen one of that variety before. I do enjoy all your walks (loved the sheep that came to say hello to you in last post) and always think how fortunate you are to have so many tracks and trails to follow here, there and everywhere - and am surprised you never lose your bearings and finish up lost! My hubby tells me I have no sense of direction ….. xoJoy

  15. Happy birthday to you, Jacquie. Yes, you've chosen a beautiful rose (with that scent) as your mom's gift.

    And, as always it's been such a pleasure to see where you've been walking around.

    Thank you for opening up my city eyes to the beauty that you do see every day. xo

  16. Happy Birthday - Lovely roses
    Julie xxxxxx


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