Friday 27 June 2014

Wandering Weather

Hello Lovelies,
On Wednesday I planned another long walk....brisk and sweat inducing to count as a good work out......for various reasons I'm not running at the moment.

It was a cool, hazy morning. I walked along the roadside on a country road with no footpath. I was glad to reach this bridleway to get away from the drivers who hurtle along at sixty miles an hour just because they can.

The greenery is so lush right now, with Hogweed higher than my head..........

A Red Admiral butterfly is flitting about in the Hawthorn hedge. Just as I'm about to photograph this little chap, he snaps his wings shut........

 Then I'm sure he was playing a game with me all along the path....flying a few meters and landing with his wings open, only to close them as I got my camera ready :0)

I pass this interesting hay barn with it's red "Royal Mail" extension :0)

I don't think this dumper has been anywhere in a while............

I'm now following the footpath across fields of clover..........

Over a stile and into a horse field...........

over another stile and into a sheep field. The sun has come out and this family have found themselves a shady spot..........

The lambs are no longer the skinny things they were in April.........

Over yet another stile.........

And into a field of wheat..........

I love the mixture of uses these fields have, it makes for an interesting walk.

I really like the light in this photo, the sunlit foreground and the woodland in shadow...... 

Oh, this is different, a stile on a bridge.............

On the other side of the stream I'm in a wild flower meadow. The day is getting really warm and my pace has slowed.............

It's such a lovely spot it seems shame to hurry past, there will be plenty of cold, grey days when speed is preferable. Today I decide to wander along slowly and notice as much as I can..........

There are so many Meadow Brown butterflies, I try hard to get a photo of one with it's wings open, but fail........

Through a little gate I enter a field of long grass, the patchwork of colours is pretty...........

and the grasses are so varied.......

Wild Oats....I think.

I can just see small saplings planted among the grasses, then I notice this wooden mushroom...........

It's plaque explaining they were planted in 2012 the celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.........

What a great legacy.

Time has caught up with me and I reluctantly decide to turn back............

A track with an interesting view tempts me to try a different route.........

Then I come to a ford......and tiptoe across..........

My feet get wet but I'm thrilled to spot an Owl........well that's what it looked's hard to tell from this hasty shot..........

And a couple of Hares are hopping around the field...........

I cant work out if this route will link up with the footpath so decide to turn back (and get my feet a bit wetter) . I love the wild geraniums lining the track....................

I wander back along the path, enjoying the early summer landscape..............

And notice a Buzzard flying over head...........

Then, as I walk back through the wild flower meadow I see a Hare walking towards's so rare for me to spot wildlife before it spots me. We both stop............

And I zoom in for a close up....look he's got a mouth full of clover leaves :0)

I move slightly to try and get a shot without that plastic post.......and he speeds off.......bye Mr Hare..........

I'm back at the stile bridge now...........

Looking down at the sunlight reflected in the water...............

I find another footpath that leads down to the brook, it's quite low at the moment and I stand in the dry parts....loving the cool shade and sound of the water............

This area is a local nature reserve. There's very little here in the way of facilities, it's just a protected place for enjoying nature. A couple of benches are all that gives it away..........

I sit for a few moments on that green bench above.

And admire the view. I do love this gentle  landscape.............

I've remembered a drink this week and I'm very glad to quench my thirst.

Time to go now. I spot a pretty Poppy in the shade at the side of the path and can't resist taking it's  picture..........

Then it's back along this lane. I resolve to bring the boys here in the school holidays.....with a picnic.
We can ride bikes most of the way.....that should help tempt them...........

My feet are soaked and my legs are hot in thick tights...........

But my mood is happy and I'm thrilled to finally get a good butterfly photo :0)

small favourite.

At the top of the hill I sit again........on a bench I discovered on THIS walk.......

 and finish my drink.

I didn't end up walking as far as I had planned, but when I checked how far it was (I use THIS site ) I was surprised to see it was over 5 miles.
On such a lovely day I really appreciated being able to get out and explore my local area, any health benefits are just a bonus :0)

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments and birthday wishes lovelies are too kind.
Jacquie x


  1. What a lovely walk and some great nature photos. I spend a lot of time trying to get a good butterfly shot - but they seem to "know" when to close their wings!

  2. Another really beautiful walk, with so much wildlife. And what a fantastic butterfly shot. They are so tricky to photograph aren't they. That bench is in such a perfect spot, lovely for a sit down after a long walk. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  3. I love joining you on your walks with you photos! You are very lucky to have caught all these lovely animals on photo!

    Take care

  4. Another beautiful walk Jacquie, your photos are lovely.
    Anne xx

  5. It's as if butterflies are camera shy, isn't it! I enjoyed your walk Jacquie. You always take such lovely photos. My mum always comments - she loves reading your blog. It's the only one she follows!
    Jones x

  6. I enjoy your walks. I feel as though I am right there with you.

  7. That was fun - I love hares and know what you mean about spotting wildlife before it sees you. We went on a little wander yesterday and I was thrilled to spot a woodpecker. I haven't seen one in ages.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Sarah :)

  8. Jacquie, that was a grand, taking that walk with you. I didn't even mind the wet feet! What a glorious time of the year...early summer is, reminding us of nature's playful side.

    Glad that you finally did find an obliging butterfly who wasn't too camera shy. Your close up view of the hare is rather fabulous. I also liked the photo of his escape.


  9. More amazing nature photos, thanks for sharing. The hare, bird and butterflies were brill. Glad you remembered your water. Perhaps next time ditch the thick tights...x

  10. I would LOVE to have such a place to hike through! Never a dull moment, just beautiful thanks for sharing. I plan to do some hiking this weekend in the mountains, picnicking too, I'm hoping the mountain laurels will be in bloom. I could see that neglected tractor planted with flowers! Love the wooden mushroom (may see if the hubby can do one for my garden) and that tree all twisted at the fence. Have a great weekend!

  11. These photos make me wish I could be there. Lovely!

  12. More lovely photographs! I think that was an owl - I have seen an owl out hunting during the day a couple of times. We used to see them often - it is quite unusual to see one now. My favourite bird!

  13. So many wonderful animals!I love your photos, the countryside around you is relatively similar to mine (except for the mountains), but still it's unmistakably English, I don't know how to explain it, hope you get it... anyway, thanks a lot for sharing! : )

  14. What a great walk - I love all the hares you found! I always take time to notice and enjoy everything when I'm walking. I'm going through a bugs phase at the moment, I can't get enough lately! The 'owl' you saw is actually just a buzzard.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up Louise...I thought the head looked wrong. Sometimes I think you miss seeing things because you are trying to get a photo, if that makes sense.
      Jacquie x

  15. Such a lovely walk Jacquie, the photo of the hare is wonderful! xx

  16. What a beautiful walk you had, and I absolutely love the hare rare to be able to take a pic while one is munching on clover...he was just gorgeous...thank you for sharing such lovely pics with us...the hawk or owl was stunning as much nature for us to see if we just take the time to look and enjoy that which is around us...

  17. Wow! that was a very long walk with lots of beauty all around.......xx

  18. You got some great shots there Jacquie, of the butterfly, owl and gorgeous flowers. The countryside is at it's best right now. x

  19. I love following your walks they are a travelogue for me. So pleased you enjoyed your birthday outing, just what I enjoy too . Happy birthday, even though I am a bit late. Cheers carolyn nz

  20. Thank you for allowing me to walk along with you, I feel as if I am right beside you, and it's lovely xx Pat

  21. Hi Jacquie, thanks for taking us on your walk with you. It certainly is very pretty where you are. If I get to go on any walks at all, they certainly as pretty or as entertaining. I love Mr Hare having his snack.
    Here it is well and truly winter. It is raining outside and very chilly (well southern Australian chilly). I'd love to get on my treadmill, but it is in a very cold spot with poor light, as the only electricity out there can power the treadmill and my ipod. It is not very pleasant at all. I think I like your neck of the woods so much better than mine at the moment.

    1. Hang in there Robyn, the sun is sun is slowly heading your way now.
      Jacquie x

  22. I love your beautiful photos Jacquie :-)
    Tracey xxx

  23. Jacquie I love seeing all the fun, beautiful things you see on your walks.

    I've been sharing some of your walking posts with my husband who loves to read about Great Britain. He wanted me to ask you if you ever get any ticks on your walk? He walks a lot through our woods & fields as well here in the midwest US & they are very bad here.

    1. Hi Jenny, I have heard of them and I am aware of Lymes disease, but I don't think they are common in my area.....maybe I ought to read up on them though.
      Jacquie x

  24. Yes wild oats indeed, When I was a student we used to get paid for walking through wheat fields pulling them up! (I'm not ancient, it was just a good money spinner for pub money!) that farmyard looks just like my dads - all overgrown and not used anymore. Happy days. Jo x

  25. What a lovely walk, and great photos!


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