Tuesday 9 September 2014

A Walk Before Work

Hello Lovelies,
Today I arrived early for work....this is most unusual. I parked the car and started walking towards the building where I was to spend the next ten hours with no natural light.

A cup of tea and a sit down before the days work commenced seemed appealing...but then I thought again. Glancing at my watch I realised I had a precious half an hour where I could get some exercise and fresh air.

I changed direction and waited at the pedestrian crossing for the traffic lights to halt the thunderous river of rush hour traffic.

A few moments later I was at the edge of the university campus....soaking up the late summer colours in the stunning flower beds.................

The days are already getting shorter and the shadows are long at eight in the morning..........

I walked briskly. Keen to fill my lungs with the fresh early  morning air and raise my heart rate I headed uphill, to an area of the campus I've never walked before. 

I was surprised to spot this summer house....sitting on the top of a rockery...........

 Once I got further up the hill I could see it was actually built on one huge rocky outcrop......and joyfully there were paths to explore...........

I climbed the stone steps, into the morning sun............

and was rewarded by a view of the elegant summer house.......

 and beyond it the landscape, shrouded in early morning mist........

I could hear the sound of running water and wandered down this path..............

 to find a sweet little waterfall, running into a pond with Lily pads and the first fallen leaves.................

I loved the way the sun made the white walls of the summer house glow brightly....as if it was lit from within..........

And it's rays bathed the plants and stone in a warm glow............

Oh, sadly it was time to leave............

I walked quickly along this tiny path...........

and headed back down the hill. Back to the roar of the traffic then indoors, sadly leaving the beautiful morning light behind.

All day I had images in my head of this lovely spot and my happy, chance discovery made me smile.
Jacquie x


  1. What a great way to spend a spare half hour - and a super place to discover!

  2. How amazing to have such a lovely place to spend some time. I would take my lunch out there as well!
    It is lovely that it was in your mind's eye to refresh your soul. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you for the small tour; such a lovely place . It was very nice to start my day at work with such beautiful tour...Have a lovely day! Gaia...

  4. The summer house would have to become my new lunchtime hideaway if I were you! Take a book, a flask of coffee and possibly a little cake (or not so little if you're like me!!!) .... Heaven.... x

  5. What a great place to have discovered. Funny how we sometimes miss what is right under our nose! x

  6. What a delightful morning walk, the Autumn sun has such a lovely glow to it..and its always good to discover something newx

  7. Such a great start to the day, looks so tranquil
    Clare x

  8. What a superb way to start the day and those colours still are so vibrant. We have begun very slowly with a few autumn leaves here. Lovely post x

  9. A wonderful day to start you day! I just thought that I should do that sometime next week too! :-) I work next to a wonderful park at a river. Perfect for a morning walk I guess!

    Take care

  10. Now that you've found such a lovely place to walk you can go back again as often as possible. It would be worth going into work early just to do this peaceful walk.

  11. Beautiful....just goes to show you never know what treasures you will find by making a little detour ! X...I think that applies to a lot of things in life...

  12. Awww that's my uni! How funny :) Lovely pictures, it looks so beautiful in the sun! Glad you had a lovely half an hours' peace x

  13. Awww that's my uni! How funny :) Lovely pictures, it looks so beautiful in the sun! Glad you had a lovely half an hours' peace x

  14. So beautiful and such gorgeous photos.

  15. What a lovely start to the day!

  16. Aren't the colours and light in autumn amazing.....thanks for sharing :) xxx

  17. What a wonderful discovery and start to the day! (and for sharing it) I think I'd have to arrive to work early more often. ;)

  18. What a lovely place to be able to walk before work, thank you for sharing
    Jackie x

  19. Beautiful photos! Thank you for taking us with you, xx

  20. What a glorious & unexpected start to your day - thanks for sharing all the pics, it looks just beautiful.

  21. What a lovely way to start the day..for me as well! Thank you!

  22. what a lovely space, so nice to find a hidden gem. I'm imagining building one in my garden! X

  23. Great walk you had. The place you found in the end is entirely fairylike.
    Unusual way to start your day.
    Was it a good day?
    Do you work at the university?


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