Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Week in Wales :: the last day

Hello Lovelies,
Here is my last holiday post for 2014 :0)

On the final day of our lovely week in Wales we decided to head to Abersoch, and were delighted to find this pretty, sheltered beach.......

Mr BM said it looked like a Greek cove and I could see what he meant.

Maybe we should have set up camp here, but I was keen to explore further.

We past garages for speed boats.........

But thankfully the gorgeous natural harbour was not full of noisy pleasure craft..............

This was such a photogenic spot in the morning sunshine......I loved the rotting boat hull......

All the buoys and the colourful old tractors pulling fishing boats around..........

This older vessel, with is bright red paintwork, looked wonderful..............

They had special tractors for launching boats, which was fun to watch..............

It was just such a picturesque, idyllic spot on a sunny morning..............

After a while we came to this bench............

and sat down to enjoy the view.............

The Hawthorn bushes were full of berries and many Sparrows were enjoying a feast..........

We wandered further, through the busy village and out onto another larger beach. It was also a very boaty spot............

I loved the view out towards the two islands, St Tudwal's East and West .............

and the higgledy piggledy beach huts which lined the back of the beach............

It was very windy on this beach so we headed back into the village. There were lots of nice shops to browse and I had to smile at this vintage bicycle outside one...............

For some reason I had forgotten to pack a picnic on this day, so rather than pay out for lunch....never cheap for five.....we headed back to the car.

On the way we spotted this amazing new house.................

it's got private beach access and this wonderful view................

I even found it for sale HERE, if you fancy a look inside :0)

We were happy to drive "home" down the leafy lane.............

To our old stone cottage.................

After  a simple lunch I wandered  the garden a while............

It was such a peaceful and beautiful, secluded spot.

I could have lazed there for the rest of the day, but then again the beach always calls when the sun shines. We drove back along the narrow roads of the western Llyn, past loads of sheep and wide open views............

To our MOST favourite beach................

Who could not love PORTH OER.................

This final visit was our third and I do hope we will get back to this beautiful place one day.

Finally I'll just share our pebble painting....... I did this one of a seagull on Criccieth beach......

And middle son did this one of the same beach......looking across at Snowdonia. I didn't make any suggestions as to what he might paint and was truly thrilled when I saw what he had chosen........

I will treasure it for a LONG time.

Thank you for reading and all the wonderful comments you have left me on these holiday posts....I love to read them all and I feel lucky to have such kind readers who really do seem like kindred spirits to me.

Jacquie x


  1. Those beaches look idyllic and the perfect way to end your holiday. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about your time in Wales, thank you for sharing it with us
    Jackie x

  2. Great beach scenes with all the different boats and I love the painted pebbles. Middle son is taking after mum and granny in his artistic pursuits!

  3. You had some fantastic weather!

  4. You had some fantastic weather!

  5. Have really enjoyed your trip and all your photos and drawings! Thanks for sharing...

  6. Oh how the other half live! Wouldn't that house be the most perfect setting (however I would make it a little more homely!). Thanks so much for taking us along on your holiday travels xx

  7. What a wonderful place! Thanks so much for sharing. I can see why that beach is a favorite, and just LOVE the painted pebbles, your son has your talent I see. :))

  8. Oh my days what a lovely way to end your holiday-sunny-blue skies and epic views..quite stunning.
    Those pebble artistic memories will be there to remind you of a fabulous family holiday.
    Thank you for sharing Wales at it's best.
    Big thanks

  9. My husbands family is from Wales so I have really appreciated your trip there. I have never been but now after all your beautiful photos I would love to visit.

  10. You're photographs are gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing with us! I know you are a talented photographer, but may I ask what camera you use? I, too, enjoy taking pictures. :)

    1. Hi it's just a little compact...a Canon power shot with a 20x zoom.
      Thanks for your kind comment
      Jacquie x

  11. I have really enjoyed reading about your holiday in Wales and looking at your beautiful photos. It's been a few years since we went to North Wales, and even then we have always headed for the mountains. After reading your posts I'd like to take a look around the beaches too. I did go to Criccieth beach when I was small and have very fond memories, as I see that you now do too x

  12. I enjoyed reading all about your holiday in Wales. Our first holiday my husband and I went on was to Criccieth and we have taken the children back there too. Your summer holidays away have been fantastic! Sarah x

  13. What a beautiful place, I'm really inspired to visit there, maybe on our next holiday. I love the pebble paintings, such a lovely idea. Something you can treasure to remind you of your lovely break. I hope you have a good week Jacquie. CJ xx

  14. Jacquie, I always feel very serene when I read your posts, especially your holiday ones. :)
    Thank you!
    I love the painted pebbles. I can see them in the most appropriate place in your home - on the welsh dresser!
    Your little sparrows eating the berries were really sweet. We mainly see them here, hovering outside McDonalds and as chubby as anything. Fried potato strings are not good for anyone!
    Take care.

    1. Hi Robyn....yes they are on my Welsh dresser :0)
      Thank you for all your wonderful comments.
      I wish you had a blog that I could comment on in return.....I'm sure it would be a great read.
      Jacquie x

  15. Looks like you had a really good holiday
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  16. Crikey, that brought back some memories! My friend and her family used to go to Abersoch for a caravan holiday and my sister and BiL used to said near Criccieth. Lovely photos as always Jacquie, Susie xx

  17. Thanks for sharing these great pictures of your holiday with us all, looks like you had a wonderful time! : ) Have a nice week!

  18. I love painted stones. Just wish I was more artistic and could do my own. All your photos are great and I'm glad you had such a wonderful holiday.

  19. Such lovely photos and they bring back great memories of holidays past for me. Have never actually been to Porth Oer but it looks stunning. We always bring a pebble back from each of our holidays, but have never made ours so artistic! They're a lovely reminder when the cooler weather comes. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post.

  20. Your blog is so lovely and I have so enjoyed your holiday posts! Thank you for sharing them here, I felt as though I was right there with you. I have a friend visiting family there right now..I am trying not to be jealous..but I am! :)

  21. I love your blog! I found it through teaching myself to crochet and found your photos so helpful. Now I'm a regular reader!

  22. i LOVE YOUR BLOG and just found it. I love you and your mothers art work.

  23. I've only recently found your blog after searching ways to finish off my granny square afghan, and am very glad I did. You have a lovely eye for a photo, you share my love for nature, your mum is a lovely artist, and all that as well as great patterns! :)


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