Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Perfect Morning Walk

Hello Lovelies,
Yesterday I was working a late shift. I generally prefer to get up and go to work, not go later in the day. But there is a lot  to be said for the chance of a morning walk in the sunshine. 

It was such a perfect spring morning too. I was walking with a friend somewhere new. Somewhere local, but  a little bit too isolated for me to brave it alone..........

The doggy was just passing case you thought I had a four legged friend :0)

Suddenly everywhere you look leaves are unfurling...............

And the lanes draw you onward, wondering what's around the next corner..............

how we loved this glade of towering pine trees...........

The filtered sunlight was so beautiful, illuminating the fresh green leaves...........

And the forget-me-nots were still damp with dew............

Above our heads the sky was clear blue and the birdsong was delightful...........

Though the birds are already getting harder to spot now the trees and hedges are coming into leaf.
This Chaffinch was easy to see at least, happily singing on the power line.........

Here were were treated to far reaching views across the fields.........

Just look at that sky.

A little further along  we were back into the woods again........

Where I loved the mass of pretty yellow Celandines............

and all the I've missed the green this winter.

It was an idyllic morning for a walk in the woods. I even spotted a few early Bluebells.....

such a special spring flower.

The world looked wonderful at every turn.........

And the blossom in the lanes was a frothy delight..........

 It was hard to head indoors when the time came.....but I was delighted to be able make the most of the perfect morning.

Jacquie x


  1. That looks as if it were an absolutely, perfect spring day for your walk. How fun to be with a friends enjoying all of that beauty. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Beautiful, you captured the forget-me-nots so well! Sometimes I have to remember not to walk alone around woodland and countryside near cities. I never used to do it, but have got used it in Gloucestershire. x

  3. Perfect skies! It's a shame to have to think twice about walking alone in such beautiful places, but nice to be able to share it with a friend.

  4. What a gorgeously clear day. I know what you mean about liking to get the work over and done with first I'm the same, but you're right, it was a beautiful morning. CJ xx

  5. I love tagging along on your walks!!!! I think the bluebells are my favorite :)

  6. Just wonderful thanks for sharing
    Clare x

  7. Such beautiful blue skies. Lucky you to be able to go out and enjoy it. x

  8. Simply beautiful,methinks for taking us along on your walk :-)

    1. Silly predictive text - that should be thanks, not methinks! But me does thinks your pics are lovely! :-)

  9. Anytime we can squeeze in a walk is a win. How lovely, everything coming to life. I too have missed the leaves, our trees are nearly all full now just the oaks to go. Caught another swarm today. It's been very sunny and warm here today. Enjoy the week!

  10. What a lovely walk, thanks for taking us along!

  11. Another lovely walk you have shared with us Jacquie, isn't it lovely to see the leaves unfurling and the bluebells starting to appear. xx

  12. What a beautiful walk! It's perfect indeed! :o)

  13. Thank you for sharing your wonderful walks with us! You live in a beautiful place and I love seeing the lovely countryside.

  14. Jacquie, what a wonderful morning walk! It's interesting to report that I saw some similar sights this week in Central Park right in the middle of New York City. You might be amused to see that there is some natural beauty around here. xo

  15. A perfect walk in Spring.. the flowers and new leaves and blue sky. You are so smart to take advantage of the perfect day before heading to work. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. A beautiful walk and look forward to many more here xo

  17. That must have put you in a wonderful mood ready to start work! That emerald green, those blue skies - so lovely. And I love the photo of the lane edged with blossom. It's a beautiful time of year (despite today's rain and chilly winds)...
    S x


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