Friday, 17 April 2015

Yorkshire Places :: Part 3

Hello Lovelies,
On Sunday the weather forecast was less than promising. Never mind, it gave mum and I  time to do some indoor things.
Despite the grey day it was clear that spring had arrived in Yorkshire.............

And it was being celebrated in the gallery at Salts Mill............

Here I need to thank Jenny at the lovely blog Saltaire Daily Photo.
 Her POST about this exhibition is very interesting and mum and I would not have known of it's existence otherwise.

And what a treat it was!..........

The paintings were so joyous and inspiring.........

A real celebration of the changing seasons in the countryside 

I LOVE the way David Hockney sees colour.

The exhibition space was gorgeous too. It was also very quiet when we were there and we loved being able to sit peacefully  and drink it all in............

The whole of Salts mill is such a delightful place...I even took a photo of the ladies you do :0)

It's filled with tempting things to buy as about this lovely notebook.........

with inspiring an inspiring quote

Or a nice crochet book...........

We could have stayed for hours, but had another place or two to squeeze in.

But first it was coffee time ......we parked overlooking another delightful Reservoir..........

Unfortunately the rain, which was being blown sideways in the strong wind,  obscured the view somewhat!

HERE'S the view on a better day

It was so disappointing after all the lovely weather we have enjoyed the previous week.
 Over in Calderdale the weather was just the same.........

and HERE'S this view on a better day!

It was a bit about dark satanic mills..........

We were heading for Hebden Bridge, who's steeps streets ran with water..........

But I still loved details like this red letterbox in the stone wall....and being up amongst the rooftops..............

We were heading to this pretty town in search of another exhibition.  Stupidly I just presumed the gallery would be easy to spot. I got out of the car and wandered around in the pouring rain.......

It's such a charming spot, even in a downpour...........

But my feet were getting wet and I was feeling decidedly chilly after a while...........

I was so glad to find the warm and welcoming Tourist Information Centre, and step indoors for a while............

It was a lovely space....and I especially liked this  armchair....brilliant.

The ladies in there were brilliant too. They were chatting with a local when I arrived so I wandered about, looking at the displays, but also enjoying listening to the Yorkshire accents. They always sound like home to me. My own has faded somewhat over the years.

When I emerged, with directions, I collected mum who was waiting in the car and we headed for the gallery.

Look, it's my Reservoir on the cover of Kate's leaflet!

The exhibition was another delight in a rainy day, small but perfectly formed, as they say. If you click on the pictures on Kate's facebook pages HERE you can see her beautiful work real life it's even more stunning...simmering with gold thread and touches of gold leaf.

By now it was early afternoon and there was just time to squeeze in one more visit. As the weather was still not cooperating we headed for a museum.

Shibden Hall dates back to 1420! ....I think it's beautiful....even in the rain.

It's somewhere I'd been as a child, both with family and on a school trip. My photo's taken here are pretty rubbish. I was on my reserve camera as I'd flattened the batteries in my new one....and my old camera does not cope well with low light levels.

There are lots of interesting rooms to explore. From the kitchen to the impressive Grand Hall

I loved the ancient leaded glass windows..........

There was a very informative guide in the  A lovely lady who made the place come to life.

Outside there is a folk museum............

I loved the estate worker cottage here. It had just two rooms, a kitchen, living room on the ground floor.............

And a tiny bedroom, up a steep wooden staircase...........

By this time I was thoroughly frozen....wet feet do that to you, don't they. And mum was tired, so we called it a day and began the drive home.

I was very good, and resisted all the tempting things in Salts Mill.....but I did treat myself to a small purchase in the Heart Gallery.

 I loved this little jug, which was made in England and designed by Yorkshire based ceramic artist Kate Thorburn

It's perfect to hold a small posy of spring flowers picked in the garden. And a lovely reminder of a special weekend with mum.
Jacquie x


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend despite the weather!x

  2. Such great places, especially Shibdon Hall. Sometimes the rain does us a favour leading us to places we might otherwise have missed out on in the sunshine! Have a great weekend. Sharon x

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time, such a shame about the weather.
    Clare xx

  4. Other than the weather (kind of like here this week) what a fabulous trip! I've thoroughly enjoyed it! I agree, what wonderful colors to David's paintings and Kate's too! I especially love her type tray tree art. I too would have come home with that jug! I love blue and white dishware. Have a great weekend Jacquie! : ))

  5. You seemed to have packed a lot into your day despite the dreary weather. I love the Ordnance Survey map chair and your new jug purchase is lovely. Thank you for sharing your Yorkshire weekend with us, I have really enjoyed reading about your activities and looking at your photos. xx

  6. I loved Salts Mill when I visited Yarndale. And look forward to seeing some more - hopefully this year. How lovely that you and your mum got to spend this time together. x

  7. Your pics are amazing, it looks like a fab visit.

    Do you ever get aching thumbs when you crochet, mine are so sore at present it is very difficult to crochet now, xx

  8. What a wonderful time you had back in Yorkshire with your Mum. It must have been lovely visiting old haunts and sharing the memories. Sarah x

  9. Well, though your weekend ended in a splash with rain and wet feet, I appreciated the views you saw and shared through your photos, narrative, and links, Jacquie. It is exciting to discover the artistry in the world around us that fuels the artistry within us, isn't it! Thanks! xx

  10. So glad you had such a good time! Those Hockney pictures are stunning aren't they, I love them!! xx

  11. Looks like a wonderful day, despite the weather. I love the red letterbox in the wall and the map fabric chair as well, brilliant! Glad you had a good time, and it was an opportunity to see some art and a beautiful old property as well. Have a good weekend Jacquie. CJ xx

  12. I love Hebden Bridge! I think I'd love Saltaire too, but that on still on the 'to do' list - I've wanted to visit for so long, one day I'll get around to it. I love the quotation on the notebook and all those bleak, wet views! Shibden Hall looks like an interesting place to visit - that's another for the list!

  13. Jaquie, from my own travel experiences I know how lovely Yorkshire can be, and this just adds to the pleasure I get from your posts about day trips with your mom.

    Every place that you show is lovely. Even the cloudy, wet weather reminds me of beautiful places I've seen. I would love to have been able to see the exhibit at Saltait mills. I've been a Hockney fan for decades, and once had the opportunity to hear him give a talk at our own Met Museum, and get him reluctantly to sign a card for me. The big Yorkshire landscape show at the RA in London a few years ago was grand in all the meanings of the word. I have the exhibit's book and do enjoy thumbing through its pages every so often.

    All that to the side, how fortunate you and your mom are to be able to share this local beauty when you drive around. In sunshire or in cloudy, rainy days.


  14. Shibden Hall looks amazing and I love the armchair in the Tourist Information office!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. I love the map-chair, some good friends used to live in Mytholmroyd who would covet it (but not buy it because they are proper thrifty Yorkshire folk even though they originate 'down south'). We haven't been to Shibden Hall I shall store that one away. Also haven't been to Saltaire for an age.

  16. a lovely little jug! so nice to have a team member along for the ride too! x


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