Sunday 10 May 2015

Perfect May

Hello Lovelies,
how I love May. It's my most favourite month of the year . A time when the garden begins to look really pretty.
 And this year my Clematis Montana is flowering profusely for the first time ever....... 

 Such a happy sight.

One of my favourite plants......Dicentra....or bleeding looking it's best.......

On my afternoon walk the countryside delights's such a fresh green...........

and the woodland is looking so lush with new growth...........

As I wander along I'm smiling at  a carpet of delicate pink petals at my feet.........

Everywhere the undergrowth is getting taller by the day.............

By the church , Bluebells flower prettily at the base of the old headstones.........

And along the verges  the Daffodils may have faded, but the Cow parsley is just beginning to flower........

How I LOVE this delicate white flower...........

There's pink Apple blossom too.......

These sights take me straight back to THIS post I wrote last year.......

I still feel exactly the same about May...........

The perfect moment in Nature is now.

And I don't want to miss a thing. I hope you lovelies can get out and enjoy it too. And if not, I hope these images have made you smile.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos, I especially like the apple blossom as I've not had a chance to see any yet here. May is my favourite month too :)

  2. Beautiful shots of spring! I love the clematis, the bluebells with the church and the red campion by the gate!
    Here, it's Mothering Sunday, on the second Sunday in May which is much later than in March in the UK! We have sunny skies too, so that's great!

  3. Lovely, lovely flowers.may is so gorgeous and I love how everything comes to life. Beautiful pictures Jaquie !

  4. Looking lovely where you are. It's all been bashed by the wind here this last week. I'm hoping a calmer few days bring some colour! X

  5. Is it my imagination, or in that first photo (where you mention the lush woodland) is there not a toy dog sat in the tree?! On the left hand side in the middle? Please somebody agree with me, and that I'm not imagining it!

  6. May is utter perfection isn't it. I love cow parsley too, here in our little town there is masses of it down by our streamside walks, it just looks glorious. I love the bright pink apple blossom, and I love that apple blossom comes in so many different shades. I have some in the garden right now that is almost white with just the merest hint of pale pink. And there's everything in between. I hope you have a good Sunday Jacquie. CJ xx

  7. Isn't this a wonderful time off her year to be out and about? Wonderful Spring flowers and trees and bushes sprouting fresh green leaves. The cow parsley has suddenly sprung up and turning roadside verges and banks white. It was good to see your red campion, I haven't seen any this year yet. xx

  8. It is so wonderful to see so many beautiful things growing and coming to life at this time of year isn't it! xx

  9. It's lovely, it's been a procession of blossoms and fresh greens. I just noticed yesterday how the Cow Parsley was looking so nice, good to add to wild bouquets! X

  10. More fab pictures - always such a delight to see your posts:)x

  11. Love all your flowers, our spring is so far behind that my flowers are just starting to come up. hugs Lynda Ruth

  12. It's just like my footsteps as we walk our daughters dog who has come to stay for two weeks xxx

  13. How lovely! Glad it's blooming beautifully for you! I have a white double in full bloom at the moment. Early summer flowers are gearing up here and the temps to match (I've been busy dividing and transplanting flowers as well as working in the veggie patch.).Love those rose campions! I have hot pink rose campions starting to bloom, they have silver/blue foliage (like lamps ear.) We had a lovely walk this morning before the temps climbed, a good hour, but rocky terrain. Enjoy the season! x

  14. Spring is beyond sprung in your part of the world. And down here it is bleak and chilly and there's showers. It makes one wish to sit by the fire, stitchery in hand and hibernate with hot chocolate. :)

  15. I too love the look of cow parsley, just not so keen on the smell. it always reminds me of walking to my first school :-) The bleeding hearts are beautiful, I would love to have some but I think they are too delicate for our garden, they would soon be decimated by the football! Sharon x

  16. Our garden looks the best in May. Just waiting for my lush velvety Peonies to come out now...exciting! Jo x

  17. So lovely, so many pretty flowers, I love Bleeding Hearts in particular!x

  18. I feel the same about May - it's my favourite month too, and I think our garden looks at it's best in May and June. I love the pink apple blossom. I've never seen one in such a deep shade :)
    Cathy x


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