Saturday 4 July 2015

Catching Up

Hello Lovelies,
I'm taking the opportunity this morning to write a bit of a catch up post. Photos I've taken over the past two weeks but not managed to blog about at the time. It's a bit of a jumble of pictures but hopefully you will still enjoy seeing them.

One Wednesday morning I had been out walking and came home to find the most delightful package had dropped through my letterbox..........

It had such sweet packets and tempting looking cards inside. But I was very good and resisted the urge to open them straight way..........

 I'll show you the contents at the end of this peeking yet either :0)

Spring has slipped firmly into summer now and I'm taking every opportunity to get outdoors. This was a family walk a couple of weeks ago.
How I loved the bright red canoes at the boating lake........

And the bright red raspberry sauce on my first " Mr Whippy" ice-cream of the season.......

Yes I had already licked it at this point.... Yummy.

It's proving to be an amazing year for Roses. My floppy but oh so pretty William Morris climber has been flowering profusely for a few weeks now.........

 I love to bring a few blooms indoors.

There have been so many walks I couldn't possibly blog about them all. This year I'm really enjoying having a friend to walk with in the week. We get to explore new paths together and both delight in the same pretty views............

We discovered this pretty church on one of our regular Wednesday morning walks. It was such an Idyllic location and the doorway even had flowers around the arch.........

How gorgeous these must have looked on some lucky couples wedding photos...........

In the week I'm also still enjoying group walking most Thursdays.  It's wonderful to get out so regularly. How I enjoy the exercise and watching the changes in the countryside.........

The company is always delightful too. Such a happy bunch of people. Look what one member of the group found last week.........

 I've spent so many childhood hours looking for a four leaf clover and never found one. This lady found two on the same day!

 When my Birthday rolled around it was on a work day. I did my usual thing of baking for the occasion when this happens . Not a very good photo but these fairy cakes went down well at work and lots of people wished me a happy birthday....sang it even....bless them :0)

I received so many beautiful plants for the garden as birthday gifts.....including this stunning rose from Mum..........

By late June the Grasses were really tall. I think they are beautiful and love swishing my fingers through them as I walk..........

and enjoying a few meadow flowers and grasses at home.............

Also at home I've been enjoying seasonal fruit. Melon and Strawberries on a hot day......

Eaten from one of the boys old Noddy bowls...tasted yummy and made me smile.

 Then suddenly I noticed  harvest has already started. The meadows and grain crops are already being gathered in . How fast time flies in these glorious summer weeks.........

My garden is looking slightly weedy, but there are still lots of flowers to enjoy. Both outdoors and in.........

 I love to snip a few blooms to brighten up my kitchen view.

This week the temperature has really shot up. Even early morning walks were rather sweaty affairs, under the clear blue skies.......

And the hog weed towered overhead..........

I can't say I actually like it so hot. On Wednesday I had three showers as it was boiling hot. I also spent a long time in the air conditioned shops. A dangerous thing to do.
Actually I was very good. But I couldn't resist this beautiful flower bouquet which had just been reduced to a quarter of it's original price..........

And Finally here are my sweet and super thoughtful Birthday gifts from Jones..........

I was so touched at this lovely ladies thoughtfulness. Jones is too busy with her cute little boy to even blog much at the moment so this kind act really surprised me.

There is so much to smile about in my life. So much prettiness, friendship and love from people who are precious to me. I feel truly blessed. 
Jacquie x


  1. I hope your Birthday was wonderful.
    I love the pictures you share. This is probably the only way I will ever see any part of England or Europe for that matter.
    I love your blog and feel that we are friends.
    Thank you for the pictures and the wisdom you share.

  2. I'd forgotten about Noddy bowls - we had them for our son when he was little! I wonder where they are ??? WHat lovely presents so beautifully wrapped up :) And belated Happy Birthday!

  3. What a wonderful birthday post, chock full of beauty and fun things. I, too, love the flowers over the church door. It's fun to take walks with you through your blog. I would love to join you sometime.

  4. Gorgeous pictures I love the rose your Mum bought you for your birthday. Talking of your birthday belated happy birthday wishes. We have just got back from holiday staying at a wonderful cottage in beautiful Yorkshire close to our families.
    Jackie x

  5. A belated happy birthday Jacquie, the birthday rose is gorgeous, as is the William Morris one, wonderful. I've never managed to find a four leaf clover either, I was starting to doubt they existed. Lovely walks, you must be doing well with your yearly challenge. I hope you have a good Sunday. CJ xx

  6. A very Happy late Birthday Jacquie. I love the tequila rose, beautiful and the William roses are so full, gorgeous! I found my first four leafed clover as a child, I can still remember my excitement. A couple of years ago Abi and her cousin when at work ate their lunch in the fields and they found a whole area with loads of four leafed clover, it was on land that been left to nature for some years. Hopefully you will find one this summer :-)

  7. A belated happy birthday! Your birthday rose is S-O gorgeous! So glad life is good, and lovely to see a post from you, whatever it may be about. : )) (I remember spending much time as a child hunting for those four leaf clovers too, only to have them elude me.)

  8. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Jacquie, and belated happy birthday greetings to you! Your birthday rose is stunning, and what a lovely parcel to receive in the post full of crafty bits :) It was good to see the four-leaf clover .... like CJ said above I was doubting their existence!
    Fiona - Lucy's Cottage

  9. What a lovely catch up. My roses are blooming like mad too at the moment and we are out walking but not far just backwards and forwards to the allotment to pick strawberries bowls of them. There is some hot days crafting action too of course. Love Jo

  10. Jacquie, this was a lovely post, full of all sorts of view of places you've visited, and also of your thoughts as you celebrated a summertime birthday.

    May I also send you some very Happy Birthday wishes...not at all diminished if they are somewhat belated. I learn so much about your part of the world via your are the one who sends us the gifts throughout each year. xo

  11. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you! I enjoyed all your photos! Enjoy your summer. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Belated birthday greeting the rose from your mum is stunning

  13. Happy Birthday! Your photos are beautiful- all those wonderful flowers!

  14. Happy Birthday! Lovely photo's, make's me want to get out my son's Noddy bowl and enjoy some strawberries!

  15. a belated Happy Birthday to you. Lovely birthday... The pictures say it all. Have a great year ahead

  16. I hope you had a lovely birthday, your photos are really bright and cheerful. Amanda x

  17. Sorry to be late, but Happy Birthday from me too! xx

  18. Happy Birthday wishes to you, Jacquie!
    I am glad you have so much to celebrate and enjoy :-)
    Ice cream, cakes, summer - fantastic. :-)

  19. It looks like I am a bit late. Happy Birthday Jacquie!! I loved the pics in this post. The rose your mom gave you is absolutely divine! The coloring is stunning. Thank you for sharing your awesome pics from your walks. :)

  20. I love that you still call them fairy cakes, everyone seems to be going cupcake mad,
    Long live the fairy cake!
    Love your blog xx

  21. Happy Birthday, Jacquie!
    And what a thoughtful little bundle of gifts for you.
    I love the photos from your walks. Those flowers over the arch at the church are exquisite. The blue was so striking.
    Your roses are lovely. I love climbers. :)
    Thanks for sharing your world.

  22. A belated Happy Birthday Jacquie! I have been taking my new dog on walks with me but the weather has been so humid and hot that we haven't gone far. I can't wait for the autumn walks, squelching in the mud and leaves beneath our feet :)

  23. ciao ti scrivo dall'Italia e ti seguo come follower, ricambi?
    ciao ciao


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