Monday, 27 July 2015

Rainy Day Sewing

Hello Lovelies,
I made something! Gosh, I've been in the crafty doldrums for so long that I was beginning to think I would never have any makes to share with you lovelies ever again.

Yesterday morning I went for a walk and came home just before the rain started. I was sorting the laundry when I noticed my sad and stained looking apron. How I loved this pink polka dot pinny. 

 You can see it looking lovely HERE

But sadly, despite various efforts to remove it's stains, today it looks like this..........

On a whim I looked through my fabric stash and almost immediately came across this thrifted curtain.........

Ooooh, purple checks, that could look nice.

Feeling lazy I placed my old apron in the corner of the curtain so two seams were already made :0)

And I cut around my old apron, leaving a seam allowance for the remaining edges.

For the curve of the bib I made little nicks......

and carefully pressed a narrow hem............

Pinned all the hems in place.........

Then looked out of the window and thought how nice it was to be warm indoors on such a miserable day.......

I dusted off my sadly neglected sewing machine and got stitching..........

The hems were easy enough, but adding the ties was a bit of a struggle.........

For speed I had decided to re-use the ties from my old apron, but the machine didn't like all those layers....there was some frustration...I may have said bad things about my machine...sorry Tess ( Tess the Toyota )

After a tea break I tried again....and finally got there....not perfect but good enough.

Then there was just a pocket to add. My old apron had a small square pocket that was placed rather too high for my liking.

So I decided to make a bigger, curved pocket. I simply folded a sheet of A4 in half and cut off one corner.......

Then I spent a bit of time thinking about pattern matching before I cut out the fabric.......

Oh, this bit went well.....yes.....phew. I can still sew :0)

Just look at the matching checks and the nice neat stitching........

Even the less than perfect stitching on the ties looks OK I think........

I asked eldest to take a photo of my wearing my new pinny and we dashed outside for a few moments while the rain was just a drizzle.

Hello Lovelies..........

I'm thrilled with this simple make. And thrilled to have finally made something after so long.

Back very soon with holiday tales.
Jacquie x


  1. lovely job,enjoy wearing it x

  2. A lovely new pinny and you looking so nice with the backdrop of your garden! Well done for such a neat sewing job. Sewing is not my thing, but I always admire those who manage it so well!

  3. Your new apron looks great and the pocket stitching is very professional. I am rubbish with a sewing machine and have been battling with a lining for a crochet bag I was making this weekend and have had to do a bodge job on the handles because the machine puckered up the fabric. xx

  4. Your apron looks great, love the colour
    Julie xxxxxxx

  5. Hi Jacquie, what a jolly apron such a satisfying sewing project, not too slow and useful!!!! I have a selection of dashing camouflage aprons made years ago for my boys they refuse to wear out and I do crave a pretty girlie one!!!!! Hope you're enjoying the summer.

  6. I love the time and patience you took over it and the fact it was thrifted - you'd never know it looks very professional. (Nice garden too.)

  7. I love it!! What a lovely way to spend your time on a rainy day and a great way to get back into the groove again. Have a great week

  8. You very well !

  9. What a great make on a rainy day. Your new apron looks lovely! I decided to clear up our storage room today because the waether is awful, as well but seeing you in your lovely apron I could easily change my mind and crochet instead. Let's see. I hope that the weather will get better for you soon. Viola

  10. The new apron looks really great. A good way to spend time on a rainy day.

  11. Fab idea, I,m looking to make a dress for Hollie from one one of OH shirts, xxx

  12. Oooh, I love your new pinny. What a great way to use a recycled curtain. I bought a pair last year to make a bag, Loads of left over fabric now has a use. thanks for the tip.

  13. Jacquie, that apron is FABULOUS!! Well done you :)

  14. I love aprons and yours is a very happy one, most of mine are made from curtains or duvet covers. I usually make fully lined ones, it stops me getting wet when I wash up, and I sew the straps in then "birth" the apron through a seam, once top stitched all round the seam is closed. Sometimes I sew pockets on before joining the 2 halves sometimes when the apron is finished. Good to see you back crafting.

  15. Well, hello in there! I absolutely love that apron, it combines one of my favourite colours (purple) and one of my passions, tartan-looking fabrics! : ) xx

  16. Me encantan tus fotografias, me refrescan el verano. Un saludo cariƱoso

  17. Oh, the apron turned out fantastic and the color suits you! I too use re-cycled fabrics to make aprons and other things. My last apron make was from an old skirt, hot pink and orange. (I think it's in my sewing album on flickr). I've been know to utilize existing seams also. One of my favorite blouse was made from curtains! (It's prettier than that sounds. lol)Hope the sun shines for you today!

  18. Love the upcycling!, great fabric for the new one, enjoyxx

  19. Lovely- nice & cheerful! It's so nice when the crafting mojo comes back. Have a good week (in spite of the weather!).

  20. You are clever putting together a new apron from scratch. I love the plaid. It's a nice color against you. Wonderful job.

  21. Now if I made something every rainy day....! It's lovely!

  22. Good for you! It looks terrific on you and you look terrific, too!

  23. You and your new apron BOTH look wonderful...even on a rainy day...!!!

  24. Your apron looks fabulous and I do so love when we can use old to make new ☺☺

  25. Jacquie, I admire (and perhaps share) you wish to solve textile problems. Other problems, too, perhaps.

    It's grand to see how you persevered in finding a way to continue enjoying the use of your pinny/apron. Thanks to the on-site photographer for the portrait...before the next rain started.


  26. Well done you.
    It looks great and you will probably get tons of wear out of it.
    A method I have so you don't have to worry about too much thickness, is to make a channel instead of just stitching down the bib to the waist. Then take a long length of the fabric for the halter and side ties and thread that through the channel. It's completely adjustable and any size person will fit in the apron because the halter can be adjusted for different sized people.

  27. It's brilliant, and you make it sound so easy! I love the big pocket, I'm always in need of good sized pockets. I love that you made it from thrifted material as well. Good job! No sewing in the rain for me at the moment, I'm in North Wales trying to do some walking. Halfway up Snowdon yesterday, I'm really hoping I can persuade the others to do a few more walks in the mountains. CJ xx

  28. This looks really fab. I'm Oh so jealous.

  29. Brilliant, it really does look great on you :-)

  30. Makes you feel good to be crafting again, doesn't it? I had an accident, leaving me with
    broken ribs. I sure am missing my stitching, painting and gardening. Good job, Julia

  31. It looks so pretty! I love purple! Shame I really suck a sewing...maybe something to practice this winter. I love to crochet but I could always do with a new craft!

  32. What a lovely apron. Congrats to you for making it from a thrifted curtain, love recycled fabric. And how wonderful that you felt like making something too. Win, win, win!
    Anne xx

  33. It looks fab! Your garden looks very green and lush too! x

  34. So glad you are back to making especially sewing...I am yet again impressed with your skills! and I am loving those clipped and curved narrow hems and that self drafted pocket....get you?
    Fab colour on you too....
    bestest daisy j xxxxxxx


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