Saturday 1 August 2015

Our Suffolk Holiday :: Southwold

Hello Lovelies,
after many years of reading and hearing about the seaside resort of Southwold I'm happy to say that, on the first day of our Suffolk holiday last week, I finally got there. Well done to all you lovelies who guessed correctly.

In fact, one of the main reasons for holidaying in this part of the U.K. was so I could pay a visit to this photogenic spot ...........

Southwold is quiet famous for it's beach huts. They are delightful to see, all individually painted and lovingly styled..........

They are a really clever design. When the front doors open they bend and fill the veranda space....making a bigger area to sit and a shelter from the wind........

Every one is different and most have names.........

I may never own one, but it's still lovely to see them, they really made me smile.........

We parked just behind the huts and headed straight onto the beach. This was the first time any of us had seen the sea this year..........

As we set up out little camp middle son hung back. Sitting with his back to the sea wall. Trying not to be associated with us.

As his two brothers and his Dad braved the chilly North Sea he did his best "can't be bothered" impression........for a while..........

Happily it didn't last too long. At 15 I expect those sort of emotions....gosh, I can remember them myself.

By the time lunch was ready all 5 of us had got wet....even if my best effort was a paddle :0)

Eldest just loves cooking.
I think the first words he strung together were "hot pans mummy". That was after I had warned him repeatedly to keep away from the hob. We have the cutest video of him excitedly opening his Christmas presents when he was Two and a half....his delight at getting a play cooker was wonderful.

Happily now that love means he's a willing helper ...especially for alfresco cooking..........

And sausages taste extra yummy when  cooked by someone else, and eaten with fresh bread rolls on the beach.

Even if I don't spend ages in the sea I love to sit by it and I brought my crochet to pass the time........

If I'm honest crochet and I are still not back to our old love affair. I managed a few squares for an idea of a project, then decided to have a little wander.

How I love walking barefoot in the shallow water....

We spent a few hours on the shore then the wind picked up a lot and we decided to pack up for the day and explore the interesting looking pier.

It's always nice to see cute old  VW camper vans  at the beach........

And how I loved the retro styling of the pier........

And though it may look old It's actually been lovingly rebuilt only a few years ago .

The first thing that caught our eye were all the plaques attached to the railings.......

We spent quiet a while reading the personal messages . Such a lovely idea......How could Cat resist this romantic gesture by Toby :0)..........

The whole atmosphere on the pier is wonderful. There's so much that catches your these striking mosaic tables by the cafe.......

And this quirky clock.........

There were wonky mirrors we laughed at and shops to enjoy looking around........

And best of all there was a great view of the town from the end..........

All that fresh air certainly gave us an appetite....time for the first ice cream of the week.....


I hope you lovelies enjoyed your virtual visit. We did return later in the week for more beach fun and some shopping for me....oh how I loved that too.
Jacquie x


  1. Looks like a wonderful place! Those beach huts are too cute. Glad everyone had a fun time :-)

  2. I saw my bag, I did, I saw my bag......... Sorry to hear you you not liking crochet at the moment, I sure you will enjoy each others company soon. I remember my boys tried not to join in the fun as they were growing up but somehow couldn't resist!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. It looks like beachy bliss! Those beach huts are amazing - but their pries even more so! The article you linked to was quite eye-opening. I had no idea what 100 000 pounds could get you in the UK. I probably buy a real home and just rent a beach hut at holiday time!! I am glad your oldest son "came around." It just feels so much better when everyone is engaged and happy while on vacation. I hope crochet becomes your friend again. I bet you'll be back at it, full throttle by the time the autumn hits!

  4. What a wonderful place those beach huts are so pretty
    Jackie x

  5. It sounds fantastic, glad you had such a lovely time :-) x

  6. Oh, It looks like so much Fun, I Loved seeing all of your pictures. Last year was my first time ever getting to go to the Ocean. There is nothing like It. I Loved all those little huts. So Cute! Thanks for Sharing! Glad I stopped by. :0)

  7. I very much enjoyed seeing those cute beach cottages. It would be fun to own one.. I do wonder how much they cost in USD! We just got home from a 3.5 week road trip around the SW and Midwest USA visiting family all the way. I've blogged through it all.. have you had a chance to read any posts? We arrived home last night and I've never been so glad to see home! I look forward to your next post.. love your adventures! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I've really enjoyed your visit too, wonderful pics, xxxxx

  9. Lovely pictures - I love the way each seaside town has a different sense of style with beach huts. x

  10. I certainly enjoyed your virtual visit. Beautifull pictures in a beautifull enviroment!

  11. Jacquie, your day at the Southwold beach looks like so much fun. With cooperative weather, a beautiful setting, yummy sausage sandwiches...and ice cream, it was a classic seaside experience. Glad that your teen joined the splashing eventually. (I think we can all remember being a certain age when family events might have not been our first choice.)

    I'm sure crochet will call to you again. During this entire year, I made a couple of little gifts for a friend, but otherwise it's been all knitting. With a potential paper piecing patchwook project waiting in the wings.

    I love your photographs...they really do capture the wonderful places you visit. All of them. xo

  12. Thanks for sharing your day at Southwold, it's on our list of places to visit too x

  13. The sea front cottages are so cute and exotic (we don't have them here). I loved so much about this post! Really wish I could visit a place like this one day!

  14. Lovely to see a post from you! Looks like a wonderful trip! Love those beach huts but, wowzer at the prices! I could walk forever in the shallows of the sea. Thanks for sharing. : ))

  15. Sounds like a lovely holiday! The beach looks so quiet, even though it's Summer, what a nice place... : )

  16. What a lovely holiday, and I'm glad everyone got in the water and enjoyed the sea. :) We visited Lyme Regis once, and the beach huts are one of my favourite memories. Does anyone ever use them, or are they too precious at that price?

    Crochet always seems to take a back seat in summer, when there's so much to do and see out-of-doors. And that's okay. Enjoy the rest of your time by the sea!

  17. Southwold looks a lovely place to visit and I just love those beach huts. I think all families get to the stage where it is just not cool for the teens to join in family fun, glad he joined in eventually though. My sons are now 30 and 27, the youngest one still wouldn't be seen out with us but the oldest one now quite enjoys joining us on occasions when we go out and about (especially if there is a pub meal involved)! xx

  18. We've not been to the seaside this summer, and I loved this post - it brought the beach to me up in the hills!
    Southwold looks great and I do like the look of those beach huts. Especially as you say, with those clever doors. One of those would be perfect in the back garden :)
    Let's hope we get a little bit of seasonal weather before autumn's upon us...
    S x

  19. So glad you've enjoyed Southwold. Although I'm down South this lovely little town has most definitely been my second home growing up with my Aunt living just up the road in Wrentham.
    Many mixed and nostalgic emotions seeing other people enjoy it (my Auntie passed away last year although we still have to travel up to sort the house).
    Have you been along the harbour (you can have a lovely walk across the estuary) xx

  20. I haven't called in to your blog for ages, but my post holiday catch up with everyone brought me here only to see your fabulous holiday pics. Great to stop by. Jo x

  21. I've never been to Southwold but I know I'd love it, especially by looking at your photos. Those beach huts! There are lots at my local beach but none with the charm (or price tag) that the Southwold ones have. The pier looks brilliant fun too. And yes, walking barefoot through water, there's nothing like it. x


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