Saturday 8 August 2015

Walking with my Boy

Hello Lovelies,
thank you all so much for your kind comments on my holiday post.
The weather since we returned has been mixed and I haven't done enough walking really.
It's hard to get out with the walking group during the school holiday and on Thursday evening I felt the need to stretch my legs a little.
Happily eldest decided to join me and we headed out a little after 7pm.

We walked and chatted as we passed fields full of ripe wheat........

The sun was hiding behind low cloud but we could see a band of blue along the horizon.....

And as the sun sank in the sky it emerged, bathing the landscape in a golden glow........

I loved the way it illuminated this long grass.......

Here I suggested we could walk further rather than heading home....happily my walking buddy was keen.

The fields that were yellow with Rape Seed flowers in May have gradually turned brown. Now the have been harvested and only the stubble remains........

My eldest was in a co-operative mood....humouring my by posing for a selfie of the two of us I want to capture these perfect summer moments with my growing boy.

And shadow photo for my blog........

At fifteen he's still happy to walk with his mum....I am lucky.

The light just kept getting better......

It was the perfect warm, still August evening.........

By now we had walked about three miles and I was thinking he wanted to go home....but no. Joy. He suggested we should go a little further....bless him.

We walk a brisk pace...just how I like to walk. So even as the air temperature begins to cool we don't feel chilly......

By now we had walked about 4 miles and it was nearly 9pm. The sun was a ball of fire on the horizon.........

The crops here had been harvested too....a trailer full of bales stood ready to be collected........

How I love watching the sky change colour as the clouds are illuminated from below.......

How precious it feels to be out in the fields watching natures beautiful goodnight......

How I wonder why more people are not out enjoying it too. The paths are empty but we are not totally alone.
 In the distance we can hear the rumble of a tractor in the field and see the dust rising as a farmer works late into the evening..........

The sky just kept getting better and better........

and we rushed up the hill to take one last look at the view before the light faded completely......

Soon we were back on familiar streets and I snapped the final....amazing pink and lilac colours in the sky.......

My boy and me walked five and a half miles. He would have walked further but it was time to head home to the rest of the family.  We slept like logs that night.

It was such special evening.  I'm so happy that I have this place to record it before it fades from my memory.

Jacquie x


  1. A wonderful special time for your son and you. Very nice. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. How lovely that your son is still happy to walk with you, special memories indeed. Your sunset photos are wonderful and what better place to capture it than out in the countryside. xx

  3. Your sky photos are beautiful. Nice to walk with your son:)x

  4. What a lovely walk, with wonderful company. You've made me think I should try an evening walk or two with my eldest. We always get on best when it's just the two of us. CJ xx

  5. It's an interesting thought - why do we think that the best walks are during the day? The sky is always more exciting in the evening! xx

  6. Sounds like a perfect evening, enjoying it with your son. With the temps here now, you either walk early in the morning or late in the evening or not at all but, those are my favorite times anyway. : ) Have a lovely weekend.

  7. As always, beautiful!


  8. Stunning pictures. Can't beat an English cornfield in the height of summer.

  9. Gorgeous skies. I hope my kids will still walk with me when they're older too.

  10. Wonderful photos here. Love the skies, the sheep, and the road ones. Earth can be amazing and wondrous yeah?

  11. Beautiful walk and certainly special times to remember......our blogs certainly allow us plenty to look back on ☺♥

  12. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing those beautiful cornfield pictures!

  13. Lovely photos. How I wish we had long evenings in Australia. Here it gets dark quickly and early. It is nice that your son will still walk with you, It is a good time to have good conversations.

  14. Ahh Jacquie, this a a truly lovely post, with its glorious evening views, as the sun sets, leaving an amazing colorway in the sky. How wonderful that your son wished to go along on this walk. I am thinking of the memories that you are building with every step.

    Lovely, as I wrote before. xo

  15. I love the colour that you have captured here Jacquie. I have been listening to the combines every evening as they work through the night to harvest the wheat. At the moment I only see the fields in the day, but after seeing your post I will have to walk the dog a little later to capture these last summer lit evenings. How lovely to share them with your son. My daughter is 15 too and it's becoming more and more difficult to get her out of bed even by lunchtime! xx

  16. What great colours in the sky, and what great summer memories to keep!x

  17. I just love your pictures, the golden light in this is just stunning...

  18. Ah, that's so lovely! What gorgeous photos too, the light really is special at that time of day and you captured it so well. x

  19. So special to have that one to one walking time in such a beautiful place! x

  20. What a wonderful evening for a walk Jacquie and how nice to share it with your son. You do wonder why more people aren't out enjoying the countryside in the evening, but I guess it was nice to have it to yourselves. I often head out at night to look at the stars and wonder about everyone inside glued to their screens.
    Life's simple pleasures are the loved your photos.....xx


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