Monday 24 August 2015

Cornwall 2015 :: Morning Walks....and Holiday Crochet

Hello Lovelies,
for our holidays in Cornwall we stayed in a static we have done every year since we first had children. This year's site had lovely views across rolling Cornish countryside.......

And lamp posts with resident Seagulls :0)

Every morning of our week away I went out for a walk straight after breakfast.  Sometimes with eldest or my sister in law. Sometimes both. Sometimes neither.

The walk always started the same way....a section along a busy route into Newquay. It was always so noisy and smelt quiet polluted.......

And yet within a few hundred yards you could turn off the main road onto a tiny single track lane, and another world.............

Oh, how I loved these barely used roads. It felt so enclosed and quiet....and the vegetation growing on the walls was fascinating. From tiny Oak saplings............

To fabulous ferns, I thought it was wonderful........

Wandering along on a sunny morning I loved the dappled shade........

And the easy road walking in light summer clothes...........

About half a mile from our site there was an excellent farm shop where you could see the flowers they had for sale, growing in the fields..........

Then buy a bunch to take home....... 

It was a lovely walk on Sunny mornings....But it was on the damp misty days that it was truly magical..........

It was so quiet and the fern leaves shone with moisture.........

The berries glistened.........

And the gateway framed the romantic haze beyond...........

 I came across this plant that I don't recall seeing before. I have no idea what it is.......

the flowers were so unusual.........

 I wonder if any of you lovelies could enlighten me?

Now this is a flower I can recognise straight away. I do love to see Crocosmia growing wild........

Here there was a patch of a Fern I didn't recognise, but I have since been able to identify it as POLYPODY..........

I like that name :0)

In the valley bottom there was a ford....eldest said we should come and drive our Ford through the ford..........

 But somehow we never did.

Thankfully there was a foot bridge for pedestrians...........

Which led to this sweet old cottage . The Hydrangeas were at their best during our visit........

And back at the camp-site they were particularly stunning.........

I loved the way one bush had so many different coloured flower heads.

Most days straight after my walk we headed out somewhere. But on Thursday I just got back before the heavens opened...........

And I was so glad to have a comfy  cosy caravan to sit in and relax for a few hours. I actually like being forced to stay "home" occasionally when we are away..........

My Springtime blanket added a bit of homely warmth and was well used by the boys both in the caravan and during the long car journey..........

Oh, and I did some crochet....I did some CROCHET !

Oh the joy of Coastal colours!!....Oh the joy of finding my way back to a hobby I love after such a long period in the yarny doldrums.

This project sort of happened by accident. The day before we left for holiday I was looking at THIS blanket in my lounge and I decided to try this design in the soothing blue's and green and neutrals I used for THIS blanket and THIS blanket...Oh and THIS little blanket.

It will be for youngest ....a fully sized blanket to replace THIS one I made him when he was much younger
Simple granny squares are my thing...I'm a simple girl ( if I can get away with calling myself a girl :0)   ) So easy and satisfying to make....such endless possibilities with colour and patten.

And it's so wonderful to be able to share this blankets story  with you lovelies.
Jacquie x

Edited to Add :- Thank you to all you lovelies who kindly identified the mystery plant as a Pineapple Lily.


  1. Cornwall is absolutely beautiful once you're off the beaten track isn't it. You've made me long to visit again. We had a lovely time there last year, especially on the Lizard Peninsula which was really quiet when we were there. So glad you're enjoying some crochet again. Your blanket looks lovely at the caravan, it looks like a lovely spot to sit and watch the world go by. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

  2. Sounds like you had lots of fun! I love a damp wood too, there's something truly magical in it... :)

  3. Your morning Cornish walks look lovely, Cornwall is beautiful when you can get away from the main touristy areas. lm loving the colours of your new blanket they are so reminiscent of the seaside
    Jackie x

  4. Hydrangeas are lovely aren't they.

    Congrats on finding crochet again, lol

  5. It sounds and looks lovely. Glad to hear you are back in love with crochet :-)

  6. What a wonderful trip you had!! The hydrangeas are stunning!!

  7. What wonderful photo's and looks like a great time had by all!x

  8. Your trip looks quite lovely and I would so enjoy walking with you. Your little caravan is the sweetest thing and looks nice and cozy. I have my granny blankets scattered throughout our caravan too. They always make me feel cozy and happy and make the place feel like home. Thank you for sharing. Oh, and my granddaughter who is visiting loves the seagull picture.

  9. Fantastic all around! The trip and finding your crochet mojo! I do the exact same thing every morning on a holiday, out for a walk, usually by myself, since I was a child I've done it (to my parents dismay I might add). I'm not sure about the plant, kind of looks like a variety of garlic, it's lovely either way. I remember many of a ford crossing as a child when we'd be on camping trips, big streams and little what an adventure in a child's mind. lol Hydrangeas are a summer favorite of mine and those are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing the hooky journey!

  10. Enjoyed the walking tour and your beautiful crochet!

  11. such a lovely holiday post, looks like youve been having some really lovely times xx

  12. Hello there, love your photos. I live here in Cornwall and think the orchid like flower might be a Pineapple Lily originally from S Africa.Have a lovely holiday! :)

    1. I am in agreement there, a pineapple lily x

  13. The unidentified plant I believe is a Eucomis (pineapple flower) xx

  14. Definitely a Eucomis Jacquie - I grow them in pots. Loved the leafy lanes and glad you had a nice break. Susie x

  15. I really enjoyed seeing your lovely scenery on your holiday walks.. our hydrangeas and crocosmia are long over during our hot summer here in Oregon. We were on holiday as well, I just posted a bunch of photos of our lake camping trip, come on over if you have time! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. Since I live in US and probably will never get to visit your beloved England, I do so enjoy your visits to different places. Your pictures and your descriptions are so good, I almost feel as if I'm there. You and Lucy are so good at this....and I sincerely thank you so very much for sharing your walks and lovely pictures with all of us. "Walking along" with you relaxes me, as I try to imagine myself there on the paths. This visit to Cornwall was especially relaxing...just love that one lane walkway...where I'm sure the aroma is lovely and green and earthy...and I so wish I were there with you!
    Thank you for sharing this with us...and, of course, your beautiful IS appreciated so much!


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