Wednesday 18 November 2015

A Quiet Walk

Hello Lovelies,
yesterday I set out for a walk with no firm plan of my route. The day was a bit misty and damp but it was so pleasant to be out in the fresh air ( after I had passed the boys old primary school which was crowed with cars and the smell of exhaust gasses was awful) .
On a whim I headed for the wide open fields, passing beautiful Rose-hips glistening with raindrops. The views were hazy and I loved the quiet stillness, the muted world where any pop of colour really stands out. Little sheep and cattle the size of sheep (Dexter) made me smile.
Through the "secret doorway" and between the gardens I  Unexpectedly found  blossom ....with the most gorgeous scent. It was a real delight.
The views as I walked quietly towards a neighbouring village enchanted me and I (almost) forgot my increasingly soggy latest walking boots annoying.
On the way home Horses, Alpacas and sweet little Finches made me smile. I may not have human company but I certainly didn't feel lonely.
How LOVE to get out in the countryside....even on a grey day.  It's the nicest way I know to keep fit and passing my 10,000 daily step target before 11am gives me a good feeling too :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely photos of what sounds like a delightful Autumn walk
    Jackie x

  2. Thanks for sharing your walk with us. I'll move my step counter up as well!

    Cindy Bee

  3. I love having walks like these without a soul in sight and able to go along at your own pace. Be careful in the strong winds though Jacquie x

  4. Grr, leaking boots are annoying aren't they. Gorgeous autumn photos, especially the rosehips and those spotted sheep. I love, love, love walking at this time of year. CJ xx

  5. By 11 am, that is good! What a variety of views on your walk, mine are not near so! Too dangerous for one here today sadly, very high winds off an approaching storm, such a shame the temps are warm and I'd love a walk. The ripple is looking lovely. Have a great day! x

  6. Jacquie, these misty, atmospheric photographs are so beautiful. Any chance of getting the leak in those boote (is it both of them with the problem?) mended? I can well understand how having the misty atmosphere creep/seep slowly into your shoes would alter the joy of the walk.

    All the's a lot ot steps! xo

  7. You always capture my remembrances of England.


  8. A wonderful peaceful walk! Very beautiful indeed. xx

  9. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. It looks as though your walk was quite lovely. And look at all those steps! Good for you!
    Blessings, Betsy

  10. It's great to document walks, and your photo's are lovely, but can you give us some place names, I want to know where you are. Where were the Alpacas?

  11. My Girl would love that feather, she has a collection and is on constant look out when we are out walking. Step counting is good otherwise you can fool yourself that because you are busy you are moving around alot! Are you crocheting Jacqui, something looks good there?Jo x

  12. oh the mist looks a bit clingy and damp. Even so.....aren't we lucky to have changing seasons? You have a lovely area on your doorstep.

  13. What a lovely walk, it's really starting to feel winters here now with our first smattering of snow yesterday. We will soon be saying goodbye to the browns and oranges, and hello to the different shades of grey and white. I love bare trees, so interesting to see them without their finery. Have a lovely week :) xxx

  14. Lovely pics. They all made me smile. Especially the horse with the coat. :)


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