Monday 23 November 2015

My Sunday in pictures

Hello Lovelies,
yesterday was just another ordinary Sunday. Ordinary but at the same time very special, with so many people and things to be thankful for.


A leisurely breakfast... Porridge for my love and I :0)

10 AM.....

 Ripple appreciation...It grows :0)


 fresh air on the way to the DIY shop

 It was cold in the gardens behind the war memorial, with ice in the water where the sun hadn't reached.

 But there were still a few brave favourite colour...ummm.

 Windmills, waterfalls and pretty bridges are among the many things that make me smile.

 After a while the cloud gathered and the wind was chilly....time to go.

12 midday.......

 Defrosting with my favourite books.

Delivering hot chocolate.... Eldest was braving the garden to work at sharpening my dad's old chisels. It's 26 years since he passed away and it's so nice that they are getting another lease of life.

I only popped out to the compost bin with the veg peelings and refilled the bird feeders.........

 Our feathered friends need a little help right now.

 A very simple Sunday dinner...lots of veg, and there are some sausages under the home made Yorkshires too :0)

3.PM ..........

 planting this year's Amaryllis....I love this ritual of growing a big beautiful flower. Slowly watching it emerge and finally bloom, through the darkest months of the year.

 4 PM..........

 A warm mince pie and a cup of tea....just shop bought...Morrisons....but nice and tasty and not too sweet.

5 PM.......

A simple trip to see the Christmas lights in town....we thought they looked really beautiful this year........

It was freezing and the moon shone brightly in the cloudless sky..............


 I nice balanced tea. Sweet and savoury crumpets....ooops there seems to be a lot of comfort food around here at the moment :0)

7 PM..........

 crochet in front of the telly. I do love a bit of Strictly

8 PM.........

A relaxing soak in the bath before the Sunday night rush.

A simple family favourite sort....I am truly blessed.
Jacquie x


  1. Lovely, lovely day. Thank you for sharing with us. So fun.

  2. I have been enjoying your blogs for a few years now and it's only today that I realise we live in the same area. We only moved to the area a couple of years ago and like you really love living here. Did you go to the switching on of the lights on Saturday. My husband was singing in the choir, who sang just before the switching on.

  3. What a lovely easy day - perfect start to the week. We are new strictly fans here - loved Anita x

  4. Hi Jacquie, we had a slightly stressful weekend, our cabi n has blown away boohooo! but being with family makes weekends special. Jo x

  5. What a lovely, cosy Sunday. It is the simple things that are the best:)

  6. What a blissful day, it sounds lovely from beginning to end. I especially like the look of those crumpets. CJ xx

  7. Wonderful, wonderful, does make us realise how lucky we are, xxx

  8. A special Sunday I'd say. I love the holiday lights, so magical! The ripple is looking beautiful! (I'm working on a scarf at the moment.)Have a great day!

  9. Thanks for sharing your Sunday, I love all our traditions and rituals. My weekend has to include fresh air with the kids, a library trip with my kids and lots of coffee, crochet and home baked goodies...curtains drawn and candles on :) xx

  10. That looks like the perfect day.. getting some chores done, fun excursions to town and walking, yummy healthy meals and I'm with CJ.. would love a crumpet! I actually made a batch onetime.. nummies! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. That looks a perfect way to spend a Sunday. Sarah x

  12. Yeah, that's a warm evening. I also like to have a warm and quiet Sunday. This one was spent by the book of's writer Maggie Sleeves. The book was about nostalgic memories of the first love. So romantic and nice.

  13. What a gorgeous Sunday you had ... very homely and snuggly xx

  14. Jacquie, it was fun to see your Sunday's developments, hour by hour. Thank you so much, also, for that link to your individual Yorkshire puds. I must try them this winter!


  15. Sounds like a wonderful day with lots of great moments! :)

    Take care
    Crochet Between Worlds

  16. Ha ha Jacqui, I thought at first glance your porridge oats box said 'mature friendly'. had a lovely vision for a mo of porridge for old people!


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