Sunday 28 January 2018

Simply Seasonal.....28th of January

Hello Lovelies,
Thank you for all your kind comments on my recent posts. I'm still loving collecting simple, seasonal images that make me smile throughout the week. And this past week it was such a treat to have a day that produced so many lovely pictures that it deserved a post all of it's own.

Here are my other happy moments from the fourth week of 2018

1 ♥ Snow.  Last Sunday we woke to see tiny flakes falling and hurried eldest out of the door first thing to walk in it. There was hardly any at this point but I loved the icy stillness.

things were all quiet on the golf course.

though somebody had been there before us.

My Robin friend was at his most fluffy to keep out the chill.

As usual we left him a snack.

Just a light dusting on the old church but it still looked so pretty.

along the roadside there was evidence of the previous week's storm.

and at this point it was starting to rain.

The snow returned for another try a little later though and the sight of our Christmas tree with added flakes did make me smile. It's a living tree, I do hope it's still happy in it's little pot for a while longer.

2 ♥ Home comforts. I've recently started to use a teapot again, rather than making my brew in the cup. I have a couple of pretty teapots and it seems a shame not to use them. Winter is surely the perfect time to enjoy the ritual of tea making. It's nice to slow down and take time over the process, then savour a comforting, warming drink.

I also had a little left over gingerbread dough that I had saved in the fridge. While the oven was on I used it up. Every last bit ...see top left :0). I can't seem to waste anything these days, well it makes me happy to avoid food waste anyway.

 3 ♥ Easy Crochet. During the week I saw Caroline's gorgeous baby blanket and it totally inspired me to make something similar. How I have loved the ease of making a giant granny square. Caroline chose to repeat her colours too. I loved the effect, so I coped her idea.  How great it is  not having to keep trying out colour combinations.

Here's where I'm up to now. I'm loving these colours. They go well with our decor and remind me a little of Lucy's lovely Woodland blanket colour scheme, though that is just a happy accident.

I was going to make a baby blanket but now I think I will carry on and make a full sized blanket instead. This super easy crochet suits me just fine at the moment. I read as I work and the rows just seem to make themselves.

4 ♥ A walk before work. On Monday I got up at 6am then noticed I was actually on a late shift. Bother. Happily it did mean I had plenty of time to fit in a little walk. The long shadows made me smile.

and can you spot the squirrel?

There he is, cheeky chappy. I do love to watch these busy creatures but I am aware they are the reason our native squirrel is so endangered.  One day I really hope to see a Red Squirrel in the wild with my own eyes.

5 ♥ Giving. I made this baby blanket last year...or was it the year before? Anyway, when a friend had a new grandson this week I decided it was time to gift it.

but not before I took a few photos to share with you and for my own reference.

 It's just a small blanket, 24 x 29 inches. I used THIS pattern as I have done many times before.

  There was even time for a quick washing line shot before I wrapped it :0)

 6 ♥ The morning sky. Just yesterday I finally got to photograph a lovely pink sunrise this winter. I don't seem to have seen many up until now.

With rain forecast I quickly headed out for a walk while it was still dry. This was my reward. A fleeting glimpse of the sun on a grey day.

7 ♥ Paper crafting. In the past I have enjoyed card making but I started to find it a little frustrating to spend so long on an item that was destined for the bin.

These days I tend to buy cards. My friend turned 60 this week and I couldn't find a card for that age in the local shops. Luckily I had this inexpensive card in my stash.

and I really enjoyed spending a little time adding bits to personalise it. What do you think?

When it comes to choosing gifts I'm not great. I generally just choose something I would like myself. This planter caught my eye yesterday......probably because it looks a bit "yarny" :0)

But how to wrap it? I picked up a free box in the garden centre.

Then found I didn't have enough wrapping paper. Time to get my thinking cap on again. I found this old Katie Daisy calendar....a lovely giveaway win from Heather a few years ago.

It was much too nice to throw away, but I was happy to recycle it after all this time. I cut down the box to size and stuck a different picture on each of the four sides.

The stiff cover even made a great lid.

Ohhhhh I'm so happy with how this turned out. A bit of thinking outside the box :0)

 And some great sentiments. I hope it makes my friend smile.

And I hope these moments have made you lovelies smile too. 
Jacquie x


  1. I've really enjoyed seeing your photographs Jacquie and they've brightened up what is a gloomy January morning here.
    The crochet is gorgeous, I love your colour combinations.
    We are fortunate that there are red squirrels around here. I saw one on my walk last week but didn't manage to get a photograph. They are very sweet. X

  2. I love how you recycled the beautiful calendar such a wonderful idea. The crochet was a delight, love the colour combinations on both blankets. The hint of snow on some of the pictures was a joy, I prefer to see it from the window of the car or the cottage, I am not a fan of walking in it.

  3. Lovely card and gift, and beautifully wrapped, well done you. Gorgeous icy cold winter photos, I bet your early walk was worth getting up for. Have a lovely Sunday Jacquie. CJ xx

  4. Your robin is soooo beautiful. We don’t get them in Australia.

  5. Lovely post. Great photo’s of the Robin and I like your recycling xx

  6. Lovely post. Great photo’s of the Robin and I like your recycling xx

  7. You are a ball of fire, getting so much done and all your walks. You got some GREAT photos! I really admire the way you wrapped your friend's gift, bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Love these posts. I like that baby blanket so colourful but effective. I have some Sirdar country style in pastels which would make a great one. Jo xxx

  9. That sunrise is just awesome - we don't seem to get them down here in Hampshire, or maybe I'm still in the land of nod! Love your crochet and the personalised card - and wrapping. It's so great to recycle - biscuit dough too! I made ginger cookies for my students on Saturday and those that were left were quickly devoured by my youngest son who was visiting. Home cooking never lasts long! Enjoy your walks.

  10. What a great idea for the calendar I just might steal your idea. We always get more calenders that we use at the first of the year. Great idea.

  11. Thank you for sharing your beautiful week with photoes of your. Places...lovely withlittle snow...your crocet card...have happy days

  12. Wonderful photos! Lovely blankets, I too love the simply granny square. Well done with the card and wrapping! I find the more you save, at anything the more ways you find to do more of it. Have a great weekend! x

  13. Always love your walks, so interesting. Mine are in flat fields. Always love your British robin also, my robins live for the winter. But I have red pine grosbeaks here for the winter (and blue jays, chickadees as other favourites). We have American red squirrels in Alberta Canada. They are small and no ear tuffs. You crochet while you read? Do you read paper books, on an e-reader/tablet? I'm impressed I haven't nailed that down yet, a granny square would be the easiest way and I love to read also.

  14. Stunnin Post in every way.Love that blanket and the colours.


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