Sunday 31 October 2021

Happy Halloween

Hello lovelies,  
The weather has been mixed again today. This morning it was so dark and rainy that I was very glad to hide in a warm kitchen finishing off my batch of mincemeat. 

British summertime has ended and it certainly looked autumnal in the garden as I worked, just don't tell the cosmos as they are still flowering their heads off

Happily, by late morning the sun had come out. I love wandering around the garden after rain. The water dripping off plants glitters and everything looks fresh and happy. My young crab apple tree has lots of bright red fruit this year, which I'm thrilled about. These stay on well into winter and look great on the bare branches before they are eaten by the birds.

The light is so lovely when the sun is that bit lower in the sky isn't it. It shines under shrubs and highlights usually dark corners.

The leaves are really begining to fall now. It's a little sad to see them begin to disappear until spring but I liked the way CJ says she focuses on them feeding the worms and fungi, who turn them into lovely rich soil for next spring. 

A few weeks ago mum treated me to this little eucalyptus tree. I've wanted one for ages and evergreens seem extra special at this time of year, when we know there will be so many bare branches soon.

I love the shape and colour of the foliage,  especially against the black of the shed.

I know they can make huge trees and the more mature leaves are much different to this. But happily it doesn't mind if you cut branches off for flower arrangements,  therefore encouraging more young leaves.

As I get older I  find I'm more drawn to interesting foliage. Obviously I'll always love flowers  but I can equally enjoy beautiful foliage. 
I really like this houseplant I bought in the summer. It's a pepperomia, a new plant to me.

I took a cutting as soon as I bought it and after a couple of months in water it had a good root system so I  moved it onto soil and started a new cutting in water.

I like the idea of making "back up plants" incase the parent plant dies or gets too big.

I'll finish this post by sharing my favourite Halloween decoration, this sweet handknitted witch. She comes out every year and never fails to make me smile.

Happy Halloween if you celebrate it lovelies,  if not, happy last day of October.  Lets hope for a kind November with plenty of small joys.
Jacquie x


  1. I developed a houseplant addiction last year and am now successfully making babies from my pilea and pepperomia plants. In fact I have a whole nursery on the go, it's very satisfying!
    Loving that you are blogging again.

  2. Lovely seeing your time of year against our Spring soon Summer

  3. Your Cosmos are still going so well and the crab apples look so pretty in the sunshine. The young Eucalyptus Tree has such pretty leaves in frosty green. I do love your little knitted witch. Clever you, making cuttings and creating new plants.

    So lovely to see new postings on your blog again and I hope you will feel motivated to continue!

  4. Your garden looks full of some great plants that will give structure as they mature - I would love a eucalyptus, what a great choice as they grow so fast and their leaves can turn the most amazing red and pinks :)

  5. Just popped over from CJ’s blog. Love the little eucalyptus plant. We have one too and they thrive on being chopped hard. Have a good week . B x

  6. Hi Jacquie

    I fancy a Eucalyptus plant too (did you see Angel on Escape to the Chateau make essential oils from hers? Brilliant!). Lots of love Suzie xx

  7. The Eucalyptus plant looks lovely in a pot and I much prefer the juvenile leaves to the older ones. One of the houses close to us has a full grown tree in the garden and it is huge. Good luck with all your baby free plants. Very satisfying.


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