Saturday, 30 October 2021

Sunshine and Showers

 Hello Lovelies, 

this morning it was rainy so I made a start on some festive baking. I love making mincemeat as all the family love a mince pie. Right now all the fruit and spices are soaking in the fruit juice and alcohol, plumping up nicely. Tomorrow I'll cook this mixture and fill my special jars, which I reuse from year to year.

I also did a little crochet circle making. I like doing a production line for this type of project.

This is the square they will become, once I've made 114 circles.

They are hopefully going to make This gorgeous waistcoat.  We shall see. Last week I tried making a cardigan and it turned out like this....🤣

Oh dear. Making a garment with sleeves and without a pattern proved a tad too frustrating. Still, all's well that ends well and I do love this bag.  

By the afternoon we had lovely sunshine so I headed out for a walk.

 Mum thinks it's not a wasted day as long as she has done some painting, or sketching at least. I'm the same with walking. A day without a walk seems like a missed opportunity somehow.

I love this view towards the distant city. It's looking rather autumnal now.

Here I was playing around capturing the sky in a puddle. This has to be one of my top photography tips, try a low angle. It can make a world of difference.

See what I mean 😄

Here I'm sharing my current hair situation. I've never had such long hair since I was in primary school. This is totally a result of various lockdowns and getting out of the habit of going to the hairdresser. Did I really go every 6 weeks?! You can see my previous short bob in my profile picture in the sidebar. I had that for years.

I do miss my hairdresser visits and my lovely hairdresser. I must go and see her to get this mane tidied up soon. But actually I'm loving having longer hair. It's great to be able to tie it up out of the way and it's much thicker than I imagined I could grow. In fact  I'm a little sad I didn't have a longer style when I was younger and long hair would have suited me better. 
Do any of you lovelies have a different hairstyle, caused by the pandemic?

Jacquie x


  1. So happy to read your blog! Love the everydayness of it. Also your mum's lovely art. It's encouraging to me as I am a lapsed watercolorist, hoping to unlapse!

  2. welcome back!i am so happy to read your posts again!

  3. Your notes about your hair made me smile, I used to visit a 'home hairdresser' who let me down on my 60th birthday - I never went back - she used to layer it to death anyway and even took a razor to some of the layers in the interests of creating a thicker look - it didn't work and I never tried to get her back - then we had lockdown and my hair is now beyond my shoulders, goes in a plait or a bun and is much more fun - my new salon is expensive but worth it as they don't try to hack it all off! Your photography is always good and I loved the clouds in the puddles :)

  4. Hello! I really enjoyed your post. about the hair thing, I sort of have the same "prbblem". I used to have really, really short hair. Then about a year before the pandemice I started letting grow. And then the pandemic hit. And now I'm not in the moood to do anything with my hair! So weird...

  5. Great to see your crochet work again. The bag is lovely, but I think the waistcoat would be fun to make too!
    Your hair looks really nice longer. Why cut it?!
    Lovely shots of the countryside.

  6. I swam regularly pre pandemic so I kept my hair pixyish for ease. Pools closed at gyms and now my hair is to the middle of my back. I trimmed the ends once myself after watching a you tube video and was happy with the result. I use to get my hair cut every 5 weeks. Its an expense I happily live without now. I don't find my hair a bother at all because now I am home 95% of the time and don't need to worry about hair dryers, hair spray, hair in my eyes! Plus I think my husband likes it much more. Not that he gets a vote!

  7. Brilliant bag, I love it. What a lovely walk, it really is all sunshine and showers at the moment isn't it. I have optimistically hung out some washing (eldest has presented me with an entire suitcase full), but I am poised to run out and rescue it. I do love a making-production line, it always feels very satisfying. CJ xx

  8. Your bag is lovely and pretty and I think you can never have too many. You can always try again with a waistcoat, perhaps a different pattern that you might gell with better.. I absolutely love 'proper' mincemeat, you can't beat it. Real Christmas flavour. I do love a delicious mince pie (or two or three!}

    I have long hair that can get out of hand because I put off trips to the hairdresser these days. It has mostly always been long but I have had it shorter. I agree that it is easy to put long hair in up do's or pony tales or even plaits sometimes. If you are enjoying it maybe you could keep it.

    I actually cut it myself these days, it turns out quite nicely but by accident and luck rather than skill! Lock down was part of that though I am continuing. Also giving up the colouring which I was bad at keeping up with and it kind of grew out with little effort really and with the faded dye did make the transition much easier. Decided not to go back as it would undo all the messy stages usually involved and I find I am liking it well enough to keep. So greying hair is the biggest change lock down made with my hair.


  9. Yep my hair is long and tied up at 64yrs old Visit hairdresser once a year lol Love your bag and waistcoat would be awesome. Delicious mince meat Jacquie

  10. My hair doesn't get cut as regularly as it used to which is fine, but I do have a lovely hairdresser who home visits when I feel the need.
    Pretty pretty bag. The colours are lovely x


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