Monday 29 March 2010

My Weekend

The weather was kind here this weekend so Saturday and Sunday saw a little light gardening. First there was some primula planting......

I picked these lovelies up in the supermarket on Friday. Don't they look so happy?
I particularly love this pink one....

You can click on the image to enlarge it ( and on any of my photos )I wish all the photos came up a bit bigger anyway but I'm not sure if it's possible .

Here they are looking pretty by my front door....

They were labled "fancy primroses " .I don't think I've seen these before ,and at two for £1.50 how could I refuse ? They are certainly an improvement on what was there before....

When I moved this container it broke in two due to the extream frosts we've had this winter .

I also dug up and divided some perenials ,did some pruning and Master BM dug over the veg. patch .
Last year was the first time we had tried growing veg. The little people wanted to have a go otherwise it wouldn't of happened. It was relatively easy in the end,the BBC Gardeners world "Dig In " campaign was a big help.
We got a good crop of potatoes and beetroot ,and also made plenty of mistakes which hopefull we won't repeat this year !!

On the crochet front I'm sorry I think the links to the crochet coat hangers didn't work so I'll try again here and here . I decided to have a go at hanger as she had posted a how too . I'm a big fan of her style even though it's not like my own .Her photos always look amazing and her writing style is lovely and quirky too .

I must say this is no Lucy type tutorial ,with photos and step by step instructions,although to be fair she does make this clear.

I had to alter the pattern quite a lot to get it to fit my hanger ,but it gave me a great start and I'm more than pleased with how it turned out . Do you want to see ?
Go on then .....

that's better...a pretty ,co-ordinated, crochet hanger for my crochet corner's the back ....

a " happy hanger" indeed ,thankyou tif

Have a great week
Jacquie x

P.S.If your little people are on school hols. hope you all have fun .


  1. Hi Jacquie...fabulous flowers! I love the blanket you have over the back of your Lloyd Loom chair. The colours are so refreshing. My first blanket is nearly finished and I'm really pleased you like on the hook is one of those pretty coat hanger covers you have made. You are right about Lucy having a lot to answer for...I found your Blog through the Attic24 Inspired group. Have a fabulous Easter. Andie x

  2. Beautiful plants! I can't wait to get outside and plant my baskets up. Have to wait a while though.
    Been so busy today, four lots of squares arrived.Canada, USA, UK. Great fun!
    I love this pretty post, well done!
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  3. Oh yes, your dress looks much happier on that pretty hanger!
    I love Dottie Angels blog too! She has such amazing style! It's a bit too retro for me and if I bought the same items they'd look Naff in my home!She's just so brilliant at styling!
    And you're brilliant at crochet!
    I'm so envious!
    Your pot looks gorgeous, very springlike!
    Have a Happy Easter!
    Rachel x

  4. Hi again!
    If you love the fabric, I'll send you a square of it if uou like!I'd just need your address. My email address is
    Thanks for the kind comments too!
    Rachel x


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