Friday 3 September 2010

Bunny Mummy,Bunny Mummy,where have you been......?

We've been off to Norfolk to try out our tent!!!

Mr BM and I had booked the week off work,and the weather forecast was good, so we decided to take the plunge and head off on our first family camping trip.Just a short break,after the madness of the bank holiday weekend had died down.

Being new to this ,the packing took me ages.Trying to remember everything we would need.Finally ,we squeezed it all into the car and set off,heading East.
North Norfolk is getting quite familiar to us now as we have visited it both last year,and the year before.Usually in our regular holiday accommodation,a static caravan.

This was an adventure ,trying out camping,so heading somewhere we knew made it a little less daunting.

We chose a site which was recommended by friends,and very nice it was too.Lovely clean loos and showers,which was a priority for me!
Loads for the boys to do too.I'm sure we will return for a longer stay one day.
The camping areas are dotted amongst heath land.....

The heather was looking gorgeous......

And there was a great view across fields towards the sea.........

Here is our tent in the early morning sun .....

We had the luxury of electric hook up ,so I took along some home comforts to make life easier....

This table is actually our camp table from my childhood,it's a little shabby nowadays, but I still love the bright red colour.

Here's a cosy bedroom........

Warm sunny days were followed by very chilly nights. Our little fan heater kept us warm whilst we played cards. Thick P.J.s and socks were in order for bed.

I know the lovely weather made a huge difference,but I was surprised how much I liked the whole experience.

The boys had a great time too, popping to the site shop for supplies, fetching drinking water ,and even washing up at the outdoor sinks.

I've got some pretty sea side pictures to share with you ,if you can indulge me ,it will be the last time this year.

They will have to wait till tomorrow though as I'm pooped now!

Thank you all for the amazing comments on my last post. Glad to see I'm not alone in being a little self conscious about my hobby.

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Pop back tomorrow for a sea and sunshine fix.
Jacquie x


  1. Those views are wonderful. Does heather have a scent? The camping has sent me down memory lane ☺

  2. Oh thanks for taking us along on your trip.

  3. Sounds wonderful Jacquie, i love camping or in our case, caravaning but it makes no difference, just being away from it all is what counts.Thanks for sharing your 'good times' with us.. :))

  4. The campsite looks lovely. Glad you enjoyed the camping experience, its just brilliant for the kids, and adults alike - I find camping so relaxing.

  5. Jacquie, we have been going camping for years and it still takes us ages to pack! (And pack up when we're leaving the site, and unpack once we're home!) I wish we could get quicker and more efficient, but it never seems to happen. Looks like a beautiful spot, and such lovely weather. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  6. I have spent many a happy camping holiday in North Norfolk as it is our neighbouring county. Glad you enjoyed it and heres hoping you have lots more happy camping.

  7. Those pictures brought back some great memories - I used to live in Norwich when I was a wee girl - remember all those windmills so well!

  8. I know exactly where you stayed, I live a few miles away. It's beautiful isn't.

  9. Awwww. I keep saying it but I am so jealous of everyones camping adventures, I really must learn how to drive...and then get a car.
    It looks divine where you stayed that heather is gorgeous. I love Norfolk we use to go on a lot of boating holidays so have seen a fair bit of it.
    Sounds like next summer we will be hearing about a lot more camping adventures :)


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