Saturday 4 September 2010

Seaside Fun

Living in the middle of England, about 2 hours drive from the sea,day trips to the coast are infrequent.

So ,when we decided to go on a camping trip the seaside was a must,despite our recent holiday to the Isle of Wight.

Last year we discovered Cromer,and liked it a lot . So on a sunny day during this trip ,we headed back there.

We parked the car.Then,loaded down with beach type paraphernalia,we headed for the sand.
Through the sweet, sheltered gardens at the top of the cliff.........

Past stunning beach huts,gotta love all these colours.......

And their cute signs....

We managed to glimpse the inside of a couple,there were stripy deckchairs ,buckets and spades,little gas stoves with whistling kettles,bunting and more driftwood.
So lovely!!I would love to own or rent one of these if we lived closer to the sea ,but I know they can be very expensive and hard to come by.

Then onwards to the sand......

Ooooh how my boys (and that includes Mr BM )love the beach.

Sitting in the waves and making sand castles were the order of this day........

We had a picnic and I managed a little crochet,do you like my travel crochet kit?........

Then,leaving the boys playing with their dad, I headed off to explore a little ,promising to return with ice creams.

Cromer has a lovely Pier........

You can walk right to the end,where people fish , without having to go through an amusement arcade..............

It also has a thriving theatre.......

Turning away from the sea now ,I headed for the shops......

admired the pretty streets..........

and remembered fabulous fish and chips from here.......

Ah, this is where I remembered the back of this shop...... wasn't there some yarn?..... Yes!

So I returned to the beach carrying 99's all round and a very restrained yarn purchase.....

A £1.40 ball of Style craft Special , as recommended by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24.

The colour is Shrimp, I thought it was orange in the artificial light of the shop, by it's rather more salmon (or Shrimp!)in natural light. Never mind it will be fine to add to my latest project.

Hope you enjoyed the seaside pictures. More about my latest project next time. Can't wait to show you what I've been up to!
Jacquie x


  1. I just love the beach huts!

    Good on your for crocheting at the beach! You NEED to add that photo to my flickr group

    Beautiful photos.

  2. Hi Jacquie,
    Isn't it lovely when you come home with a ball of wool.
    Hubby has gone up to Scotland this weekend to watch the racing. What did I ask him to bring back?
    Lets see if he does.
    Hugs Suex.
    Pop over to SIBOL and read Charlottes post you may be interested.

  3. My favourite yarn and colour!!! Its a bit "bonny " as my granny would call anything colourful. If you mix it with the other colours its lovely.

  4. I LOVED your seaside pictures and apart from some random days in Blackpool I haven't ventured to the sea since the end of spring :( I do not like this and am missing it like crazy. I wish one of us could drive and I would go for a seaside picnic in the evenings all the time.
    I love your travel crochet kit, the colours of the bag are gorgeous :)

  5. Very nice! Do people stay in the beach huts, like camping? Or are they just a place to change, or go to out of the sun? I'm far from any coast and don't know about such things! And the few I've been to don't have them.


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