Wednesday 8 September 2010

New Season,New Project

I know it's not officially Autumn yet, but I always feel like the return to school heralds a new season.

The days are getting shorter and today we woke to a misty ,Autumnal feeling, morning....

The spiders had been busy in the garden ,making LOADS of cobwebs.Loving this one ,with water droplets clinging to its beautiful design........

We have had an excellent, fun ,summer. The six weeks really did seem to fly.I must admit though ,to enjoying a few hours today,with no one to please but myself.

I popped out for a little light shopping .On the way home I made a detour and travelled down the pretty country lanes. It felt really good to catch up with this favourite spot . To see how it looked this September..... Love,love love this traditional farmyard,with its old buildings.....

and this barn............

Berries in the hedgerows........

and happy looking chickens......

Back home ,with no distractions,I got my camera out again.By my computer there is a growing pile of colourful circles........

Would you like a better look,hope so . Let's go outside ....

That's better.... I'm having such fun making these. Combining any three colours I fancy to make a pretty circle. I'm following this tutorial.

When I saw this blanket I wanted one myself. Isn't it stunning!!!!

It's great to be able to use any colours I fancy after Having to use boy colours in my granny stripe.......

Yes I am having a ball with my colourful circles........

I'm also making sure I catch in the ends as I go.....

It's not the neatest way ,I know but such a time saver .I've made 45 so far , that's a quarter of the total I need. I'm no where near fed up with these yet,so hopefully it wont take ages to get there.

There are still a couple of days left to join my cushion cover give away just leave a comment Here.

I'll get the boys to pick a name out of the hat on Friday. Good Luck Everybody.

Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jaquie, your pics are just lovely and the farm looks like one we used to pass near Almonsbury when we were staying over there,bought back lovely memories...your crochet is looking great,I too am having my first go at a project i will poat about it if it looks postable lol.have a beautiful day. Carole xx

  2. I love your colourful circles! You and I are so alike....
    Good luck with your hooks my lovely!
    Karen x x x

  3. I love that blanket!!!! I will have to make one of these, I love your pile of circles lots. Thanks for the link.
    Kandi x

  4. That is a fab photo of the spiders web, so clear and stunning(I hate spiders themselves but I do appreciate their fabulous work). That blanket is stunning, I always look at them and want one for myself. I was just about to ask how it is joined then I looked at the tutorial...thank you for sharing! Everytime I see your projects my list gets bigger! I seriously need a few more pairs of hands!!!

  5. Very pretty countryside, so calming. I love this time of year. Yours circles look great and good idea taking care of the ends now!

  6. What gorgeous coloured crochet, I'm so envious as I can't crochet! The countryside is lovely at this time of year, especially when the leaves start to turn.

  7. Love the colours of the circles - how you make them though is anyones guess - they look brilliant....x

  8. Are you making some Elderberry syrup from the hedgerows?


  9. Love the spider's web! Stunning pic and the colours of those circles. Can't wait to see the progress. Have a lovely weekend.

    Carina x

  10. I love your photos, Jacquie!! and the blanket is going to be gorgeous in these colours! :)

  11. Your circles look lovely! Good luck with making the rest of them!

  12. Hello Jacquie, I found your blog throug ICrochet. What a nice blog it is. Wonderful pictures and nice stories. Your crochet looks great, and those circles you are making are like a little bit more of the summer bursting into this fall!

  13. Oh this pile of circles is sooo lovely! It really makes me happy looking at your pictures. They are lovely.

  14. beautiful! I love your blog! I'll be back!

  15. dont know how i found ur blog but am happy i did, im making a circle in a square blanket also, its taking me ages!!!


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