Wednesday 20 October 2010

Frosty Morning Walk

Afternoon Lovelies,

Due to Mr Lurgy still making me feel below par I changed my usual Wednesday morning run to a walk. And I'm so glad I did because what a walk it turned out to be.

The frosty night had made way for a beautiful, crisp ,sunny morning. Fallen leaves covered in icy jewels.........

The view across the fields at the end of our road looking gorgeous........

Turn around and you can see the allotments, we don't have one of these , though the boys are keen, I have a feeling it would all end up being my baby and sadly there just aren't enough hours in the day at the moment. I just make do with admiring them ...

Love the hotch potch of sheds........

And the giant cabbage......

Walking further into the village I dawdle along looking for photos to share with you lovely lot,and today there were loads !
Autumn leaves.........

Pheasants in a gateway, already making a run for it my the time I got my camera turned on........

The sun warming this old brick wall........

A cute old tractor, just how they look in children's books, don't you think ?....

Chimney pots on a little row of cottages ........

and Fallen leaves in the park........

Yes I know I got a bit carried away with all the loveliness this morning.

Maybe not so lovely to you but something else I spotted and really wanted was this...

I know , it's an old bike ,but it's a folding bike and I've wanted one for ages.And it's a Raleigh, like my old faithful bike .........

I love the style of traditional bikes
I'm so tempted to go back,NOW , no calm down Jacquie ,at least finish your post and think about it a bit longer.

To make my walk compleatly blissful , I found these on the way home.......

The sign reads "cooking apples, please help yourself"

Yes there will be apple crumble and custard for dessert today, and POSSIBLY and "new " bike in the garage :0)
Have a good one.
Jacquie x


  1. Hope you went back and got the bike. Jasper took mine apart, just waiting for a 15 year old boy with Rugby on his mind to put it back together!!

    Something tells me it could be a long wait!!

    Thank you for taking us on your walk.


  2. Me too, lurgy. I couldn't run with or without it however. Great photos where you live is super.

  3. I hope the lurgy doesn't last long, but what a lovely walk, some stunning pics. I love the pheasants, so cute and the tractor is...did you get the bike???
    I think people who share and give are the best kind and I bet your family enjoyed those apples :)

    p.s have you checked me blog out today?

  4. hi jacquie fabulous photos, you should join our october photo challenge you can check it out on my new photography blog

    my nan gave me two raleigh folding bikes that she has had for years and i remember riding them when i was my kids ages.....a long time ago!!!

  5. Fantastic photos! Very pretty morning, frosty here too. Hope you went back for the bike, looked lovely! :) x

  6. Brrr, thankyou for taking such fab pics.. so early in the morning :))
    We had a wonderful sunny day here yesterday, even took my cardie off LOL.. Now it is overcast again and looks like summer is still a little way off :((

  7. Your photos are beutiful I espeialy love the pictures of the allotment and tractor. Thank you for such a wonderful blog

  8. Your neck of the woods looks lovely and peaceful.
    I hope the lurgy leaves you alone soon.

  9. What a lovely 'feel good' post, Thanks you for sharing your walk.
    I dont think we have had any frost here yet but then again, I havent been up so early lately as I am off work!


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