Thursday 21 October 2010

The Fruits of Yesterdays Walk !

Hello Lovelies,
Well I'm pleased to report the apples I found on yesterday's walk did indeed make an excellent crumble.......

They were actually quite battered and bruised...

But I'm not complaining, once I chopped out the bad bits there was still enough for last night and a couple for the freezer,this one with a tasteful label........

I seem to have gone back to my youth on this one !!

Blame the lurgy, or more likely this.........

YES!!! I took the plunge , or more accurately asked my mum to buy her for my Christmas pressie ,THANKS MUM :0)

She is a Raleigh Stowaway , Mr BM thinks I've gone mad buying a bike from the 70's..

But I just adore her. My childhood bike was very similar, so maybe that's the reason....

Sorry if I'm boring you now ! but just indulge me a little longer .....

I love all the Vintage details ..........

Where as practical Mr BM just sees the rust and bald tyres.....

She has three gears ( I've never had more than that anyway) And working Dynamo lights And she is a flexible old bird.......

I'm glad to say the saddle is not original, but a super comfy modern one :0)...

Since I took the plunge a quick internet search has shown there is even a flickr group for these bikes and I've seen them for sale on E bay for £50-60 . So I don't think £25 was too bad .

I'm hopeing to be able to squeeze her in the car with the boys bikes so we can go to some of the great off road cycling locations around here.

Now she just needs a name, don't you think ?

Jacquie x


  1. Ooh that crumble looks so yummy! Love the bike - Happy Christmas! x

  2. Oooooh - loving the bike! I've been wanting one just like that for ages but people keep telling me they are really expensive - obviously not - hurray! It obviously needs a 70's name .... hmmm ... have to get back to you on that one!

  3. I am in love with your bike. I had a Raleigh when I was younger, I still have the scars from falling off! It had the same gears as yours.
    I would love to have a bike but the roads are so busy round here and the drivers can be a little crazy. I need to find some bravery!

  4. Lovely crumble. I am very envious of anyone who can ride a bike. I, sadly, cannot! Hope you have many years of fun on it! x

  5. Love the bike - I had the non-folding version in a vivid blue - rode it for years. The bike I have now has just 3 gears - really all I ever need :)

  6. What a lovely Mummy buying her for you. She is wonderful Jacquie and it is clear that you adore her already and are going to put her to good use x

  7. The crumble looks lovely,just what you need when its cold outside, comfort food.
    My mum and a friend of mine have just bought fold up bikes similar to yours, they must be right on trend!! x

  8. I love your bike and what fun to own a bike similar to what you had as a kid. Your crumble looks great and it's nice to see someone using produce that is less than perfect.
    Have a lovely weekend.


  9. Oh Jacquie, I had that bike when I was 20 and had just started out in life! I didn't have a car and used to go everywhere on my bike and then fold it up when I got a lift home cos I was knackered! Hello old friend! I hope you'll be really happy together! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  10. Apple crumble and custard is one of all time favourite puds.
    Perhaps your husband could join you in your 70s biker love and get himself a Chopper!

  11. Hey Jacquie, your bike definitely needs a name. I used to have a folding bike when I was 17, rode it to work. It was a Peugeot brand and purple. My sister and mum also bought folding bikes and we used to ride them out in the countryside. Oh memory lane here I come.......
    Loved the photos from the previous post, so much beautiful scenery on your walk and that crumble, yum. Ooh I do love Autumn.

  12. Your bike is awesome. Seriously! :)

  13. Oh I love your bike and £25 is very reasonable! I want one to go with my 70's car!


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