Thursday 7 October 2010

Planning Me Time

Yay, it's nearly Friday.

I always look forward to Friday as it means no more work till next week, for me, and the weekend is nearly here.

This week I'm sooo excited though, as I have a plan for tomorrow.
My extra work day means I am suffering from a lack of pottering/crafting/me time these days. So this week I have been plotting and preparing to make sure tomorrow I can spend the WHOLE day doing just that ( don't tell Mr BM ! )

I've done an online shop , so I don't have to waste any of my precious craft day in the supermarket.
I've also done extra house work so I won't feel too guilty about indulging myself .

I was actually hoping for rain ! I love being snuggled up indoors when it's pouring outside.
Looks like it is going to be another exceptionally nice day, if the forecast is correct. Never mind, I was out and about yesterday, admiring the gorgeous autumn scenes. The freshly planted crops looked so spring like......

And the villages looked very pretty in the sunshine......

So I won't be sad to be indoors tomorrow.

I've also been preparing by sewing in the ends on my circles........

And buying white yarn, 5 balls is probably excessive but at £1.19 a ball ,from The Range , it's not going to break the bank.....

I can't wait to start joining my circles , to see what they look like with a white border. I'll be joining as I go , great tutorial for this method here.

Yes , I'll be drinking lots of tea, hooking away , and checking out my favourite blogs. As well as looking at all the great inspiration here .

I'll be taking photos to share with you lovelies , so pop back soon to see the results of my hooky day :0)
Jacquie x


  1. Ive been crocheting today too

  2. Just wonderful..time for you!

  3. Great to spend some me time :)) I love the pics you have, can just see my family picnicing in the fields :))
    How will you join the circles ??
    have a great craft day :))

  4. oh lucky you I am so jealous, I have got one of those days spent taxiing the children about to birthday parties and ballet class, will be lucky if I get the chance to sit down.
    Looking forward to seeing all those circles joined up. x

  5. Oh that sounds like a perfect day to me Jacquie!!That yarn was a bargain, can't wait to see!
    I will be decorating my daughter's bedroom.It seems to be taking me ages because she's swapping rooms with my son, there's stuff everywhere but hey-ho!
    Your plans sound much nicer!
    Have a happy weekend
    Rachel x

  6. I hope you have the bestest of weekends and craft yourself silly.

  7. Have a lovely day and I look forward to seeing that finished blanket - maybe you will be able to sit in the sunshine to crochet.

  8. Have a great weekend's crafting. I find the white round of the squares always take more yarn than you think, so best to overbuy. You can always use leftovers for Xmas crafting!

  9. Those photos are just exquisite!!! Can't wait to see your joined circles. My, what a great price on yarn!!!

  10. you've inspired me in my first ever crochet project - about to complete this weekend so will post on my blog. then i'm going to start on some circles too!


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