Thursday 12 April 2012

Crochet Calling

Hello Lovelies,
on Good Friday I bought some Daffodils with my shopping. They were twenty stems for £1 ....what a bargain. They were tightly closed when I bought them but I felt sure they would open Easter Sunday they had hardly changed and I wondered if they would ever open .
Happily they did eventually open up and what a nice suprise ...they were dainty daffs with bright orange centres :0)...........

I've just been checking and this is my seventh post with Daffodils in it this year !! A little bit obssesed ,me?
Well, you all know of my crochet obsession.
A couple of days ago I showed you these yummy circles , my latest little project.......

What was I making ? Well ,a recent addition to my ever growing blog list is the lovely Signed With an Owl.There I spotted these pretty Doilies Kate made.
Ooooh, I wanted one. Luckily there was a link to her tutorial for the "Little circle square" that she used. So I picked some colours from my favourite vase and got started. I used Patons smoothie yarn. I'ts acrylic but has a similar look to cotton.........

After I had made my four squares and sewn them together I looked at Kate's pictures and guessed how she had done her border. Mine is a row of single crochet (u.s.) in red . Then a row of half double crochet in white . Then a row of alternating s.c. and spike stitch , which in this case, is just a single crochet worked into the base of the h.d.c .
I then did a final round of single crochet. Remember you will need extra stitches at the corners..........

It doesn't look exactly the same as Kate's but never mind.
This was such a fun,quick project and I love how it turned out . It goes so well with my little vase.........

I've decided to follow some other bloggers I read and answer any questions I get in my comments section using the "reply" option . So if you ask me a question please check back in a day or so and hopefully you will find an answer from me there .

Another change I've decided to make is to blog a bit about my running. There may be running only posts occasionally but I think mostly I will just add a bit of running to my regular ramblings.
It is becoming an other obsession of mine , along with crochet and Daffodils :0).
I hope some of you may be interested ...otherwise you can easily skip the running bits.

Thank you so much for your lovely chatty comments on my last post....I really enjoyed reading them .
Jacquie x


  1. Hi Jacquie, I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I love your crochet, the colours are lovely xxx

  2. That's gorgeous Jacquie - I love the colours together! I really want to make a few smaller crochet projects like this - I find I get too bogged down with my big blankets especially if I have a lot of work on, but something like this looks more manageable :D will have to make some time to give it a go! Enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend too, Jenny xx

  3. love the crochet colour combinations! so beautiful! love red and whites wish i could crochet properly!, im so basic and everything i start seems not worth showing. you have a fantastic talent. i could never get bored of daffs in the kitchen...i hope you have the sunshine toay- luckily we have some in devon woooo! not sure how long it will last so better get out and enjoy it x

  4. Bright and lovely, Jacquie! You can't help but smile when you see those colours, can you? And it looks just perfect on your table there. I'll look forward to reading about your running too - my husband's a runner, so I always feel like an honorary one ;) I should start myself really - I read somewhere that it's useful for preventing "knitters' butt"! Oh well, I've got my dog-walking for that :)
    Jane x

  5. Pretty!! Love the colours you've picked. For some reason I a very bad at small projects, it needs to be big, bigger, biggest with me. Ha! :-)

  6. Hi Jacqui, lovely daffodils ... after my white frilly daffodil disappointment I've just bought some yellow ones this morning and can't wait for them to open! I don't know what it is about daffodils but I love them too, perhaps that they are just so simple and brighten up any room after all the winter gloom.

    Yes, please tell us about your running - I've been amazed at how many crafters are also runners and I've had so many fantastic comments on my blog it really spurs you on. So I'm looking forward to reading all about your exploits!!

    I'm loving your crochet mats, I know you've put green in the design but they still look so Team GB and Jubilee inspired, perfect for this summer.

    Have a lovely week.
    Fleur xx

  7. Oh pretty - I've started collecting cotton yarns to make some coasters :)

    As long as you still take flowers & crochet too - I dont think I'd best even try running!

  8. Ooooh - didn't know you were a runner - so am I. Would love to hear your running updates too!!

  9. Your doily looks beautiful!!! I LOVE the colors you chose!! When I first read your comment that you had linked to my blog and made a doily inspired by mine, I didn't realize which Jacquie you were.... and then when I saw your blog post come up in my blog reader I had a bit of a fangirl moment! I've been following your blog unofficially, and then officially for awhile, and just love your work!!!! So I'm very flattered you would try one of my patterns!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week, and happy crafting!
    Kate :}

  10. Hey Jacquie gorgeous Daffs, I'm sure you can never have too many posts about them.......

    Love your latest crochet project. The colours really POP and I love the pattern...

    Look forward to reading about your running exploits too........

    Claire :}

  11. Hi Jacquie, I never tire of seeing daffodils, they are such happy flowers. I love what you have made with your 'grannies'. I used a similar arrangement for throw I made, I ended up making 400 granny circles, and still have a few let. Now they are just sitting in bag, and was struggling to know what to do with them, I love your idea however, and may make a few as gifts. Have a sweet week:)

  12. Wow that looks beautiful. These would definitely make awesome gifts. I would love to try this:)

  13. Nice granny square!!!

    Happy crocheting...

  14. Hi Jacquie!
    The square is lovely, and the daffs are always welcome!
    And some running posts will be welcome too, maybe reading about your running will finally push me to became a less lazy gal!

  15. Love your doily - great colours :) Maggie xx

  16. I soooo LOVE your blog! I am loving crochet right now and have been inspired by your beautiful pictures to make a hexagon blanket. Thank you for sharing what you do!

  17. I love your blog and your bright colors in your crochet! I check out your blog a LOT! Your daffodils are beautimous!!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!
    Hugz from Oregon, USA

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    1. Hi I posted on here then realised the terrible spelling mistakes.
      I love your post they have inspired me to learn to crochet, as your projects are lovely.
      Im trying to master the tension on my chain stitch and get to grips with holding the hook (I'm a knitter at heart). Does it take a long time to learn? Can you recommend any tips? Id be so gratful

    2. Hi Victoria , thank you for your lovely comment. I learn't to crochet as a child and never really mastered knitting...maybe you could teach me !!
      I think there are lots of you tube videos on the basics of crochet and I would try a few different ones till you find ones you like. Of course one to one teaching is the best...maybe you know someone who would be willing to help. My MIL is a knitter and I was trying to show her how to hold the yarn and hook the other day ...I could see it was tricky for her as she wanted to hold it like knitting :0)
      Good luck , I hope you will just click one time and then it will be easy ...honest !!
      Jacquie x

  19. I just love your most attractive vase doily and the colours are great and so cheerful. I'm fascinated by that spike stitch which I've never tried out, but I'll look at your tutorial, you explain things so well!
    Those orange-centred daffodils are real beauties.
    Have a lovely Friday!

  20. Hi Jacquie! I have been reading your blog for about a year now and thought it was about time that I said hi! I have really enjoyed your blog and have had inspiration from it often! I love your doily! It looks so lovely with your daffodils! I have had a thing for bunches of daffodils this year as well! I love watching them transform from green sticks to beautiful bright flowers!

    Rachel x

  21. So sunny, your daffodils, and the simple granny square mat underneath looks just perfect. Daffodils always cheer me--they are the first flowers of spring to appear in my garden, so I love them.

    I'm fascinated with and envious of your running. I have tried so hard to love it, but have utterly failed so far. Inspire me, will you?


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