Wednesday 18 April 2012

Sail Away Crochet Progress

Hello Lovelies, It's been a drippy wet day today. Not good when you have to venture outside but actually rather lovely crafting weather. I've been sat in my conservatory listening to the sound of rain on the roof and playing with all my favorite making bits and bobs.
Last week I was on Flickr when I saw THIS cute make by the lovely Sue. Isn't it great. A sweet little sailing boat.Oooooh.... I immediately wanted to have a go at  making my own version. A seasidey , crochet decoration how lovely :0)
 I picked up my sketch pad first and sketched some ideas. How did I want my version to look ? ummm , maybe I could add a shiny sun, yes that's something I always like to see at the seaside!
What else? I sketched away , trying out ideas as they popped into my mind.Maybe a lighthouse, or a life ring?

Well, as you can see in the end I decided to go with three differently coloured boats and a shiny sun ( I'm particularly pleased with how that turned out ) .........

Ooooh , I couldn't resist making several boats in different colours. It's a very simple pattern and I've taken lots of photos  to make a detailed step by step tutorial for you lovelies in case you too would like a crochet boat or two :0)

Mine are going to hang one above another under the sun. Today I've been doing the really fun bit....adding embellishments. I though they would benefit from just a little more detail so I added buttons to the hull...they are supposed to look like portholes .........

These are buttons salvaged from worn out school shirts. They also appeared here.

Ummmm, looking better I thought but possibly  still a bit plain. I know, felt......I've combined crochet and felt on may occasions . I love working with this fabric , it's so user friendly. On this occasion I simply cut out some hearts and attached them with a running stitch to the sails of my little flotilla........

I did venture out in the rain this afternoon , to get important supplies like this............

Ooooooh , I've really enjoyed playing with these simple plastic beads, mixing them with ones from my stash to add even more prettiness........

 And I have now finished my decoration . I immediately got out a hammer and popped a nail in the wall for it to hang on , I couldn't wait to see what it looked like hanging up . I'm really pleased with this how this  crochet make turned out. It was such fun to design but the light isn't great for a ta- dah so I'll leave that till the tutorial is ready and I can get some better shots ....sorry about that.

Instead would you like a tour of a rather damp garden ? When the rain eased I grabbed my camera and got up close to some of the plants which look even better when wet.........

Here's one that appeared on my blog last year.....what an amazing colour..........

sweet tiny saxifrage

Another bright pink , I only bought this old favourite recently.......hope it thrives.........

Elephant's ears....Bergina

These are also tiny , I love the way the droplets are sitting in this  interesting foliage.......

Oxalis Leaves

This plant continues to thrive . I love its mixed pink and purple blooms that flower for months......


Stunning zingy green brightens a shady spot.........


So glad to see this beauty return..........

Bleeding Heart....Dicentra

Gorgeous raindrops.....

Allium Leaves
Flowers filled with water..........

Euphorbia Fireglow

Another bright green so welcome on a rainy day.........

Oops, can't think at the moment 

Lets hope all this rain helps a bit with the drought we have in most parts of the U.K. at the moment.
Hope the rest of your week goes well.
Jacquie x


  1. Seu crochê é tão lindo.
    Adorei as fotos.
    Venha conhecer meu blog e me seguir também.
    Um forte abraço.

  2. Oh my word those boats are adorable!
    Kandi x

  3. Hi Jacqui, I love your little crochet boats, and buttons as portholes - great!

    We've had lots of April Showers here in Cheshire and the garden is looking so green, and I so enjoy that beautiful green fresh feeling everytime I pop out.
    Your bleeding hearts are gorgeous, they are one of my favourites.

    Hope you have a lovely week

    (ps. thanks for your kind comments about my cardi and race - just keeping fingers crossed that it won't be April Showers for the marathon on Sunday!)

  4. Lovely post I enjoyed the garden and loved the little boats..

  5. Oh Jacquie those little boats are so cute. I'm so flattered that I managed to inspire you, a bit of a wow moment for me, thank you. I love your little heart embellishments and your sun is just glorious. If we keep on like this we shall have a whole harbour full!

  6. I LOVE THEM!!! They are so gorgeous. I need to start filling my wall space up with pretty things I have a lot of dull walls. I cannot wait for the ta dah!

  7. I *love* the sound of rain on the roof annnnnd even though I only have a little balcony I've also got a saxifrage, bleeding heart, euphorbia & that bright green one at the bottom but I've also forgotten the name!! We're like plant twins ;-)

    Your tiny boats are so cute! I'm looking forward to the tutorial, this might be the perfect thing to stick on a card for a little boy who just joined our family :D

  8. Beautiful Plant Photography. We are grateful for the rain, you could almost hear the garden sighing with relief! Your Boats are cheerful little things, very, very cute. I know how you feel about the beads too...simple pleasures. :) x

  9. Love your little boats and looking forward to seeing them in their finished glory xx

  10. I was looking forward to seeing the finished boats decoration, you're such a tease(!)
    Your garden is looking very lush. Such a great time of year with all the new growth. We don't need any more rain here thanks, you can have ours with pleasure (though not for good, we'd like it back before things start to dry out too much, though I think that would take a little while!)

  11. What camera do you use, I LOVE your pictures!! And I just love those boats, they would be so cute in a nautical themed room for a little one!!

  12. Can't wait for the ta-dah, you've always got such fun things on your blog. So happy I stumbled across it :-)

  13. Love the little boats and your garden photos are really beautiful. xx

  14. Ooohhh those boats & the sun are just gorgeous! Can't wait to see the ta-dah post & the tutorial :) The photos of your rain drenched garden are lovely, & I chuckled at your comment about "important supplies" - thank you for a great, inspiring blog!

  15. The boats are really gorgeous!!! The rain drops and fowers, too!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  16. Lovely as always Jacquie!
    They are very cute! You can even frame them together on a blue sea with the sun above them :) It will make a beautiful picture to hang!
    Waiting for the tuto :)

  17. How cool, sweet for a boy's room. Will look out for your tutorial.

  18. My little one is sitting on my knee demanding a crochet boat!

  19. What sweet little boats! I can't wait to see it finished.

  20. The boats are adorable! Love the little portholes!
    Your garden plants are gorgeous Jacquie, even in the rain they look stunning!
    It is very wet and soggy here!Hope the Sun manages to peek out, if only for a little while!
    Rachel x

  21. What lovely pictures - I think the garden afte rain is really special. Can't wait for the little boat Ta Dah - they are really cute. Lily. xxx

  22. Gorgeous post - love the boats especially. I think the bottom, bright green plant looks like a Spirea, does that sound right?

  23. those crochet boats are really special- remind me of coastal holidays!- bright buckets and spade colours. love your beautiful flowering with rain droplets- really pretty...droughts? i really believe the water companys have sprung a leak somewhere! ;0)x

  24. oooh I love the boats, they are so cute and summery :) looking forward to the tutorial :)

  25. i <3 the little boats.
    they are just too dang cute!


  26. What beautiful boats, I look forward to your tutorial as I love to make anything that reminds me of the seaside.
    Your garden and flowers look lovely too.x

  27. Oh my goodness, your sail boats are adorable!! Those buttons are perfect and really make them!

  28. How simply gorgeous Jacquie, I love to see sailing boats go by and love anything nautical, so these are just up my street! So sweet and summery and oh what i would do for that crochet sunshine to be shining here in the south east tomorrow :0) xox Beautiful flowers too, isn't mother nature a real marvel!

  29. Wow.. good job on the sail boats.. very cute!

  30. Alovely colourful post on a dull drag wet day here. Your little sailing boats are fabulous.

  31. Oh how cute! I love the way you have a thought and then translate it into collage or crochet, just like that!

  32. Hey Jacquie, I love the garden pics........particularly the Dicentra...

    Your little flotilla of boats is too cute and the sun as well. Look forward to the 'ta dah'.

    I spy with my little eye a little, red owl needle book, hehe.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire X

  33. What lovely little boats.
    Great idea to add the buttons, too.
    (I'm always eyeing up the Mister's shirts for some interesting buttons to add to my stash too!)
    Enjoy the weekend.

  34. Your damp garden looks like a wonderland to me. So many beauties, all jeweled with droplets--swoon! :)

  35. Just catching up here. Great rainy garden pics and I love the boats :D

  36. Did you ever post the boat tutorial? They are so cute!


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