Monday 2 April 2012

My Collage

Hello Lovelies,
This weekend I've been finishing my collage .Tidying away after it was all done  I loved these colourful scraps of card....the paper equivalent of yarn worms :0).....

If you didn't catch my previous post you are probably a tad confused right now........Collage ? ? If you read Lucy regularly you will probably have guessed why I've been inspired to try a different medium.

As you know I love to be creative with yarn but I'm not particularly artistic so I kept my design very simple....

I used supplies from the card making phase I was into a few years ago. That involved little more than punching out shapes and sticking on embellishments so this was similar but quite different.

Playing around trying out pretty details like patterned bunting........

Last week I had the brainwave to put our dining table in the conservatory for the summer. It's great to look at the garden whilst you eat and it also makes a lovely light work space.........

With a pretty jug of tulips on the table to inspire me .........

And a craft knife instead of a crochet hook . I had such fun planning, choosing,cutting  and sticking.

Soon bunting and tulips were attached .........

Here is my finished picture.......

ta - dah........

I can see it's not the most accomplished piece , but it makes me smile. I'm really pleased with the shape of the jug. It's totally the jug I hope to one day find on the bric a brac shelves in the charity shop. Timeless Blue and white stripes and a lovely rounded shape :0)

I wanted a gingham or polka dot paper for the tablecloth but was surprised not to be able to find any in several craft shops.

Overall it's turned out pretty well for a first attempt I think.I really enjoyed the process and  I've already started on my second collage :0)

I'll leave you with a couple of other things that made me smile this weekend . Our neighbors Magnolia tree..........

And spotting the first daisy in our lawn :0)........

Can you believe it's supposed to snow tomorrow !

Hope your week goes well, with a little creative time to relax you.
Jacquie x


  1. I love your picture Jacquie ~ it is really eye catching and all the little details are fab. I can't believe that there is snow forecast either when last week was almost like summer. But to be honest I didn't really expect the start of the school holidays to be any different! Hope it brightens up again at some point before the small people go back to school :O)xx

  2. Great fun and such a burst of colour. You could print your own patterned paper - I do a lot of digital scrapbooking and there are zillions of free papers and embellishments available to print out.

  3. I love your collage, that little Matroyshka is so sweet! I'm pretty sure I've got both gingham and polka dot paper if you want me to send you some?

  4. that made me chuckle - it's the same as the jug on my windowsill that my sister gave me for Christmas!

  5. I love your collage... have you thought about making prints from it and selling them in your Etsy shop? You could find somewhere that could make the print into greeting cards and sell them for your charity... just an idea that came to me just now. The magnolia tree is my all time favourite and I just love seeing it at this time of year. I will look out for a stripey jug... I've seen one somewhere recently x

  6. Lovely! Well done. You should be proud of your work! I love the dolly you added to the pic - it's a little bit of whimsy.

  7. The wee Matroyshka is darling! What a lovely collage. It's rather inspiring, too. Perhaps I'll give it a go as well.

    1. By the way, I nominated you for a blog award.

  8. Love the collage.
    Our table is in the conservatory, it's lovely to sit and craft and feel like you are outdoors in the springtime. Have fun!

  9. Wow! I love your collage. You have so many talents! I'd love a jug like that, too! Deb.

  10. That looks great - I especially love the Russian doll and you're right, the shape of the jug is perfect! Lucy's blog post inspired me to have my own crafty day, but I didn't have any pretty paper so had to settle for drawing. It's nice to have a change of craft once in a while isn't it? I'm glad you enjoyed doing it. Alice :)

  11. I love the collage! It's the perfect mix of colors and it makes me happy looking at it :-) And if you had fun making it too, well - that's win-win! ;-)

  12. The collage looks great - very cheerful :) Might have to try something similar but in felt.

    MrVV has been told - a magnolia tree is needed for our front garden - I love them.

  13. Lovely colourful collage! Maggie xx

  14. Hey Jacquie, so many lovely elements in your collage.........gorgeous bunting and I love the 'cloth' underneath the jug.......❤❤❤❤

    I can imagine how much fun it was choosing the papers etc. I keep an eye out for polka dot paper when out on my crafty missions and there seems to be a decided lack of it sadly..

    MeMeRose had the right idea, who wouldn't love to receive such a cheery card.......

    I love how you mentioned 'Lucy' and we all know who you are talking about......this little or not so little Blogworld is so full of creative people and inspiration.

    Claire x

  15. How cute is that, and very clever!

  16. Your collage is lovely Jacquie and like Claire, I love the bunting and tablecloth. Wouldn't it be nice to find a jug like yours, something about blue and white stripes is so cheery. Looking forward to seeing what your next collage is.
    Anne xx

  17. I love your art work. Very creative. well done. I love the bunting.

  18. What fun to do a collage and yours is so cheerful and colourful! Well done for the finished result! I like the addition of the little Russian doll, it just adds that extra note!

  19. The collage is great, it's nice to get a change of stride from crochet from time to time
    Lucys post was a great inspiration, yours turned out great, I don't have the patience (or steady hand) lol


  20. That is the happiest collage Jacquie!

  21. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'd also love to try something like this, been pondering it too. Always amazes me how we seem to run on such parallel thought waves, you and I!

  22. I love your collage--perfect for Spring!

  23. Sua colagem ficou linda! Amei! Parabéns!

  24. So sweet!
    Isn't it lovely to branch out into new things?! And spring is definitely the right season for it!

  25. Hi, em this is not really a comment but a question - here goes....I am a very new blogger and haven't a flippin clue what I am doing, my page looks v v boring in comparison to others (much jealousy), I cannot ask friends/family as this a totally private for me and my misery/whinings etc. I would like to know how to add other bloggers that I read to my page, I read many - I found you through loverly attic24 and am enjoying the prettiness and crafty ideas and tips etc. I may not be pretty myself in blogland and possibly get no readers (larf) but I need it to clear my menopausal brain from clogging up. I read somewhere I will feel better in a few years!!!!!!!!!!!! (yay). Can you point me in the direction of how to do this or find the button to do it.
    Fank you,

  26. how lovely the collage is- really bright and cheery just like your beautiful home ;0)- you have oodles of talent!...make lovely spring cards.

    Happy Easter x


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