Sunday 27 January 2013

Crochet Handwarmers

Hello Lovelies ,
thank you so much for the comments and questions about my hand warmers .

I did take a few pictures of the process , so here is a brief tutorial.....

Make four modified sunburst circles following the instructions for rounds 1 to 3 in this pattern, sew in the ends.....

To make sure the filling did not escape between the crochet stitches I then cut out four circles of fabric , slightly larger than the crochet.........

I used an old tea towel and as you can see I didn't worry too much about accuracy. I then sewed the circles together , right sides facing. Leaving a small gap to turn and stuff.  I used my machine as it was quicker , but it would be easy enough to do this by hand.........

I then turned them the right way out and placed 30 ceramic baking beans in each one. You could use dry beans instead. I then hand sewed them closed...........

Next I took two of my circles and sewed them together, right sides facing..........

And popped a bean bag inside when I was most of the way round, then finished closing.......

To heat mine up I simply keep them on top of a radiator , they get pretty hot there.If you read Kristens post, where I got the idea , she puts hers in the microwave...... but hers are just fabric so I'm not sure how these would fare.........popping then on a heating pipe  would work too........just use your own judgement  regarding safety/ fire hazards .

Then , when they are nice and toasty , pop one in each pocket or mitten and head out into the cold  with your mini heat sources .
They are so cosy , warm and soft to touch. And they look great too :0)

They will keep warm for about half an hour and are perfect for a girl like me, who usually ends up with painfully cold hands, even in thermal gloves, when out side for any length of time in the winter.
Jacquie x


  1. Such a lovely idea - simple and effective. They looks so pretty and colourful, and they keep hands warm - what more could one want??

    Gillian x

  2. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
    Gorgeous! Thankd for shraing, Jacquie!!
    I loooooove your blog... lovely all...

  3. Good grief you've done it again! I've only just bid farewell to old Squinty and now you've come up with another wonderful idea. I think these would be great for Christmas presents for next year (if I start now I might just get some finished in time) But really how on earth am I going to get the ironing done at this rate ;) x

  4. thanks for this project!
    I have my hands always cold
    good Sunday

  5. Oh, great!!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a great sunday!

    Lluisa x

  6. These are wonderful! I also made some after seeing Kristen's post, using a felted wool sweater. I didn't have ceramic beans so I used regular dried beans but they smelt a bit ifffy when they came out of the microwave!! Stay warm long enough to walk to school and back.
    If I make any more I'l try your crochet ones, they are so lovely and colourful. Great stocking filler idea! (yes like 'Plain Jane' I'm also thinking of christmas crafting in January!)


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  8. I am definitely making one (or more) ASAP! I did make an owl yesterday and it turned out so well! Will put a pic on ravelry, if you want to see it. (Note to self, try to figure out Flickr)

    By the way, I have made a crochet frog with rice inside, and I have heated it up in the microwave many times. That was with cotton yarn, though, so I don't now how acrylic would do?

  9. Ohhh, that's a super nice idea!!! I have to make at least one!! Thank you for this nice idea!

  10. That's a fantastic idea, thanks for sharing! I get really cold hands even when wearing gloves and these will be perfect for me and my little one! Thanks again :-)

  11. Thank-you Jacquie, that is a great idea. I will want those in hand when I go skating on the lake. Anne

  12. toasty, a lovely idea. I always thought it had to be the microwave, which I don't have so I like your idea of the fire! You could always make another and juggle with them!! Heather x

  13. Thanks for sharing this idea with us and also the tutorial. I think many people in cold areas will love these. I just might have to make a few myself for my kids up north.

    Happy Sunday! Erika

  14. These are so cute. If only we could make them to fit around the ankles! (My particular cold spot.) :)

  15. This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I absolute will make a couple of these, because I always have to wait a while before I can crochet again after walking with the dog; it takes so long before my hands aren't frozen anymore.

  16. They are beautiful what a great idea! X

  17. I saw this and thought I would give them a go a few weeks ago in a magazine but now I have a brill tutorial there will be no stopping me. Warm hands mmmmm.

  18. Brilliant! These are just brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing them! :) Now I have to learn to crochet better! Hee hee!

    Jerra xx

  19. Love this idea, thanks for sharing your 'recipe', x

  20. Thanks for sharing. A great idea. I always say if your hands are cold, the rest of you feels cold too.
    An additional tip for everyone : if you do put them on top of your radiator or heater, I would be inclined to use a heatproof small bowl to keep your little handwarmers in good shape and condition. My fire is built in and has a lip exending just above the door, so it won't get as hot as say a free standing slow combustion heater.

  21. So much prettier than any you can buy! Thank you for all your great tutorials xx

  22. Hi, Thank you so much for this great idea and it's so simple!!!! My little Miss Molly will love these!!!! She suffers terribly with cold hands and feet during winter. I will be starting on a set for her shortly.

  23. never heard of such, but now i see they are something I need badly as even my hands are cold all the time. what about such but for feet?;)
    nice idea!
    have a great day ahead,

  24. Great idea! :) Thanks for sharing :)
    What a lovely, colourful blog you have! I'll definitely follow you :)
    Greetings from Norway :)
    - KristiN -

  25. what a lovely, fantastic idea!!!! :-), they look great

  26. What a perfect idea for this chilly month! Your instructions are very clear, and I expect that lots of hands are going to be much warmer soon.


  27. Wow fabulous idea, real clever
    Karen x

  28. They look quick and easy. Thanks for the tutorial!

  29. Spotted these on your happies - love them! Such a lovely idea, and the crochet cover makes them even more delightful - you always choose such lovely colours :)
    Jones x

  30. Howdy from Texas! We have a cold front coming in, so we hope our house will soon look like a winter landscape, like the photos from your walk. Yesterday it was 80F :( Just stumbled upon your sweet blog. Are you familiar with Attic 24 crocheting blog? It seems that y'all have the same type of weather.

    Thank you for inspiring me craft and crochet!

  31. Such a lovely idea, so simple yet effective. Abigail x

  32. So clever! Came across your blog while browsing crochet blogs. Noticed the bunnies! I have a solid black dwarf myself! =)
    If you trade links anywhere, please let me know!


  33. very nice love them very much
    this is my blog if you like it please join and thanks

  34. I love those! Such cheerful colors. I might make a second pair now, in crochet this time, and I think I'll look for some ceramic beans--my first pair smells like soup! :D

  35. Great idea! I sometimes use those little gel ones, but they're such a pain with all the boiling to reset them - this solves that problem and they look cute!

  36. Thanks so much for sharing your idea.
    Handwarmers that don't need a microwave cooker are so rare.
    (It's the one piece of kitchen equipment I refuse to own.)
    These are so colourful,an antidote for this dull grey weather we are having.I'm making hand warmers for all of the family xx

  37. Thank you for sharing. Made this for a friend who is battling cancer. A side effect of chemo is coldness in the extremities. Filled with jasmine rice and lavender from my garden.


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