Tuesday 15 January 2013

Slow Flowers

Hello Lovelies,
in the depths of winter, when the garden is mostly dormant and not a very tempting place to be I get a lot of pleasure from watching  indoor bulbs, growing on my kitchen windowsill.

from a little shoot........

                                                               2nd Dec

the green leaves grow at a rapid rate and soon a promising flower bud appears...........

21st Dec

On Christmas day my red tulips were the star attraction , but I still loved the anticipation of the wonderful red Amaryllis flowers to come......

Soon the flower stalk was even bigger than the leaves and then the bud began to open up....

3rd January

Last week was super busy , but one simple thing that made me smile when I got home after dark each day was checking on the emerging flowers.......

Monday 7th

Getting bigger, maybe tomorrow they will be open .........

Tuesday 8th

No, but I love the progress shots anyway :0)..........

Wednesday 9th

 Oooooooh , getting closer.....

                  Thursday 10th

On Friday I had a day off so I carefully moved the wobbly,towering plant onto my mantle and got chance to enjoy the emerging flowers in the daylight........

I'ts huge

By Sunday the first flowers were fully open and they looked simply stunning with the winter sun shining through the petals...........that was worth the wait !



I love this bright red version , though they do come in other colours , last year I had a very pale version.

They are super easy to grow . In the U.K. most supermarkets sell them as a kit in a box , which includes the bulb, soil and a pot .They are generally in the shops around November time, I think mine cost about £3 .

Then all you have to do is plant the bulb,water it occasionally and enjoy watching it grow........there's no hurry :0)

Jacquie x


  1. The bulb flowers again next year too - but much later so when your bought bulb has been and gone the saved bulb comes into flower :)

  2. Thank you for sharing with us the journey of beauty...

  3. Goodness, I have never seen a red amaryllis before, I love it. Not keen on the pale washed out pink and lilac ones.

  4. Aahhh beautiful, I have a real thing for these flowers, lovely lovely red absolutely stunning, love it .
    Emma x

  5. What fun to photograph it's progress! And what thumping great blooms of beauty! :) Lovely! xx

  6. really wonderful!!!! i love red amaryllis!!! great photographs!
    have a nice week,
    love regina

  7. Beautiful.
    Just loved.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Woolie Hugs


  8. So wonderful to see how you experience this! I'm on the same path with my amaryllis, it is starting to open up now and I can't wait to see the full blossoming flower :) Mine is the pale pink and I think I like the red better as well ;) And yours is HUGE, mine is much smaller, the leaves won't grow and the flower bulb is not even half the length of yours. But I do have 3 flower bulbs coming up! Enjoy your amaryllis!

  9. Lovely - I forgot to get one this year. So cheap for the weeks of fun! Sue x

  10. I remember the anticipation of these - my mum used to get one every year for Christmas! So pretty :)
    Jones x

  11. An amazing feat of nature - love the red too. Btw your Harold in the frost pics were wonderful. Claire at Just a little less xo

  12. I don't always comment, but want you to know how much I enjoy your sunny blog. Heather

  13. The amaryllis is beautiful! Very cheering! Cx

  14. How pretty, I forced paperwhites this year. It is so nice to have fresh flowers in the dead of winter.

  15. A beautiful amaryllis! I'm still waiting for mine to flower - I bought it as a kit in November thinking it might flower for Christmas, but it is still only 5 inches tall!
    Angie x

  16. I am being patient and waiting for mine to flower ... xx

  17. Just gorgeous - a fab colour too :)

  18. Absoloutely stunning and gorgeous, I love the deep vibrant colour.

  19. don't throw the bulb when ti finishes flowering. If you leave it somewhere until the leaves die back then cut them off and store it somewhere dry, you should be able to plant it again and it will flower next year. You could perhaps feed it a bit to encourage this.

  20. I just bought on of these at Lidl. Here in Germany it cost me 5 Euros, so a little more expensive than yours. But I think it is still worth it. So mine is very very tiny now and I can't wait to see it blossom so beautifully as yours does.
    Mine came withh a glass vase shaped like a hour glas. So only the roots are reaching the water and the buld itself stays dry. The instructions says you have to replace the water every time it changes its color.
    We'll see.

  21. oh, so beautiful!!!
    I'm experimenting the same joy this winter with a hyacint! :)
    And I have pink ciclamens like you!!!

  22. Lovely. I have never tried to grow bulbs inside but I think we all need a little greenery and colour in the house at this time of year. I've been buying tete-a-tetes and narcissi and tulips like there's no tomorrow!

    Gillian x

  23. Hello! You made lovely photo-reportage of your really nice flower! :) J.

  24. I am so annoyed I wanted to get a couple bulbs this Christmas time and forgot. Love your Amaryllis though. :)

  25. It such a beautiful flower - I love just how outrageously large it is!

  26. Bravo! aren't they amazing, I will have to try one day. Heather x

  27. Gorgeous! I love amaryllis. I haven't had one in a few years but I may have to start again this coming year. Enjoy your beautiful flowers!

  28. Oh the anticipation as I scrolled down this post Jacquie! Gosh is that not just the most beautiful flower ever, how can one have the January blues when you can see such beauty. Thank you for this thrilling and beautiful post x Yay for flowers expressing the earth in song x Penelope

  29. Breathtaking! Such a cheerful thing, isn't it?! Thanks for posting.


  30. Oh what a beautiful flower!!!!

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thing :)

    Have a nice day!



  31. So beautiful flower! we have many of such in India, of different colors, orange, yellow..and my Mom started planting them also in my native country, these flowers are awesome! you are right, why to hurry, when you see how the beauty unwinds:)
    have a great flowery weekend!

  32. I love them as well.
    Greetings from Loch Ness


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