Monday, 14 January 2013

Sunshine and a little Snow

Hello lovelies,
yesterday we woke to a very light sprinkling of snow..... " like the world has been dusted with icing sugar" was how my eldest put it. It was certainly not enough to go sledging, but was enough to tempt me and the boys to go out exploring. 

 As we walked along the edge of a field  a friendly horse appeared out of the mist and approached the fence.........

I was lucky enough to grow up with horses so I'm quite happy with them ( and I know to be careful ). The boys haven't had much contact with these large animals so they were understandably cautious. But with the reassurance of a separating fence and a bit of encouragement they were happy to say hello to this handsome chap.....

  Awww, what a sweet face and such a lovely chestnut colour.......

"bye Harold" .......we don't know what his name is actually but the boys decided to call him that...Harold the horse....suits him I think :0)

In the next field we spotted some highland cattle, thankfully they did not come too close.....

It turned our to be quite a day for animal encounters as just a little further along we met a herd of sheep.......

Another sweet face to say hello to.........

As you can see it was a very cold but bright , sunny day so when we got home and defrosted a bit I was pleased to be able to take some more photos of my welsh dresser to share with you lovelies, it's changed a bit since you last saw it.

It's in a bit of a gloomy spot , but thankfully the low winter sun was shining right into my dining room ........

Can you spot my "new" plates ?

At Christmas I asked Mum if I could borrow some extra plates from her and these were among those she lent me.
I couldn't resist trying them on my dresser and she has kindly said I can leave them there........

This design "Willow Pattern" reminds me of my childhood.  Our farmhouse had picture rails around the walls of the front room , on which Mum displayed willow pattern tea plates. It also had beams with horse brasses and an inglenook fireplace.

 But back to the plates.....I love this blue and white design with so much pretty detail.......

 These plates, Mum tells me, were bought in 1953 , when she married my Dad and they first set up home together.

I remember studying this picture as a child and being told the story behind it, which I had long since forgotten.

 The wonderful resource  that is the internet supplied THIS sweet little video  to remind me.

I'm still totally in love with my dresser. It's a constant joy and I'm really chuffed that it ended up here, to display my treasures old and new......

Thank you so much for continuing to pop in and visit me , all your comments  are a joy too .
Jacquie x


  1. Harold is a lovely name for the horse, it realy suits him. I have a horse, his name is Bruce- and that really suits HIM!
    Enjoy the snow

  2. no name for the sheep???? ;oD
    lovely outside pics!!
    happy week, xxx Ale

  3. I love your new plates and the story behind it. Have a wondeful monday.
    Groetjes, Corry

  4. Hi, what lovely pics. In contrast with your weather we are melting away in 37degC in very dry, hot and windy weather. Enjoy the cold, at least you can snuggle up warmly in your cozy home!

  5. I love the beautiful pictures. My daughter was looking over my shoulder and spotting the crochet EDF energy toy on your dresser and really REALLY wants one. Is there a pattern? Nicky

  6. I enjoyed meeting Harold the horse! I too grew up with horses. Lovely "Willow"
    pattern plates. I love anything blue and white. They just fit on your dresser so well!

  7. A perfect day. I was born in1953! I enjoyed sharing your special time x

  8. Oh I love your dresser! A few years ago my mum offered me hers but I had to say no as our house is too teeny-tiny :( One day!!
    Love the willow pattern plates too, I have some blue and white patchwork blocks waiting to be started in my sewing box, imagine how excited I was when I found a peice of 'sale' fabric (to back the quilt when it is finished) with a pattern of blue and white cups and saucers on! So sweet, and like you reminds me of my childhood :)

  9. What a beautiful post!!! The lovely animal in field walk....the crisp snowy pretty..
    And your dresser....such fun...we to had the blue willow as children..I also had a dolly blue willow tea set that I still have! I'll have to post a picture is so dear and believe it or not complete! Just loved all the sweet things on the dresser...Happy Day to you!

  10. Lovely walk, think I would want to bring the horse home with me! Yes, have fun with the dresser, you've waited long enough! :) x

  11. The animal pictures are beautiful, especially the horse pictures.

  12. The top pic of Harold is fabulous. Your dresser is lovely - wanties here big time!!

  13. I love the horse pics!! so magical!!!! x

  14. We did the play of the willow plate at primary school and I have loved the plates ever since ... in fact mine are displayed in my bathroom as they are blue and white!! xxx

  15. I love my dresser just like you love your and the more you put on it the better it becomes.
    Love from Mum

  16. I love your animal adventures, such beauty surrounds you, and that includes those new plates. Have a great day,

  17. Ahhhh Harold is gorgeous!

    Lovely pics hun
    Tilly x x x

  18. Your pictures are stunning and magical, and your wonderful dresser.

  19. Blue willow is so pretty. What a lovely area you have to go walking! Your phots were beautiful.

  20. Willow pattern brings back memories for me too as my grandmother used to give me soup on willow pattern soup dishes. I often see them in the charity shop that I work in. Love your misty photos of the horse and sheep

  21. My gran had the willow pattern plates in our farmhouse kitchen too!

    All gone now though :-(

  22. Willow pattern plates were seen as very special when I was young. I had a small bowl that was used when we had our tinned fruit and evaporated milk and mum used to tell me the story if I ate it all up!

  23. Looks like a lovely walk on a gorgeous day. Your dresser looks great, so nice to have an area to display and enjoy your treasures!

  24. Harold is very handsome indeed - and looks most impressive looming up out of the mist like that. The frosty tussocky grass is wonderful, and I really like the tree silhouettes in the first sheep photo.

    What a wonderful dresser full of cheerful treasures!

  25. Lovely photos and it looks like a lovely crisp day for a winter walk, but I think you mean a Flock of Sheep hehe :)

  26. Thanks for sharing these lovely country side pics.

  27. Willow pattern is my favourite, we eat off our dinner set every day.

  28. That first photo of the horse in the low sun in really nice. I do like your dresser. Sadly we don't have room for one but I do daydream about a huge kitchen with a range cooker and a dresser like yours...

    Gillian x

  29. That first photo is beautiful, kind of atmospheric. The frosty weather and sunshine does make for lovely pics if you can get out in it. And I have a bit of dresser envy! I have always hankered after a dresser - started collecting the blue ware when I first got married but over the years various plates and dishes got broken (including a lovely Spode one I had since childhood :-( ) and its all gone a bit pearshaped in anycase in the last 18mths or so!! Oh well, one day maybe... In the meantime, yours looks lovely! x

  30. Oh my goodness, I think I'd love to go for a walk with you. What a treat, all the sweet animals coming over to the fence for a little pat. Lovely. :)


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