Saturday, 14 September 2013

♥52 Weeks of Happy♥ 37/52

Hello Lovelies, 
The weather is turning cooler here now and we have quite a bit of rain. There is still a LOT I am thankful for.Big things and little .

1. As the temperatures drop my crochet blankets come into their own once more. THIS blanket is in daily use for warming up on cool mornings ( I haven't put the heating on yet ) . Squares I started back HERE have gained another round. This blanket was supposed to be a picnic blanket but that didn't happen so now I'm thinking it would make a nice cosy winter blanket. 
I decided to add a calm colour as a border for each square as I worried all the bright colours I had used would be a little too busy.  I pondered for quite a while what colour to the end I chose stylecraft Denim..........

I'll keep you posted on it's progress.

2. Sunflowers. This year they are HUGE. We even measured them the other day...12 feet...they look gorgeous growing up the side of the shed but their height means I can't really pick a few to enjoy in the house as I usually do............

 But with gale force winds forecast for tomorrow I may go and chop a couple down today and display the flowers indoors. I'm not sure they will withstand a storm .

3. Thrifted crockery. I bought  two of the pretty plates with a sweet blossom design ages ago . I loved the creamy yellow , pink and soft green colour combination. This week I found a cute hunny pot and two more plates in similar colours. I'm hoping to gradually make a " spring" collection for my WELSH DRESSER. I love the blue , red and white colour scheme it has got at the moment, but it's always nice to have a change occasionally.........

 And I really enjoy hunting out inexpensive secondhand bits and bobs. I like the way you have to be patient , some weeks there will be nothing, but another week  the charity shop will hold lots of "Treasure" :0)

 4. The late summer landscape. This is a picture taken on my early morning journey to work. I love the golden light and the golden fields of stubble.............

And I LOVE this painting by the mega talented Haidee-Jo. It captures this special time of year perfectly.

Hope your week was a good one.
 Jacquie x

Running update. Things are going well ( touch wood ) with my half marathon training. I've run 19 miles in total this week including a 14k ( 8 and 3/4 mile ) long run............ Yay me :0)


  1. Wow Jacquie, your running is going so well (says the non runner!). Keep going and I am sure that you will do really well. I love the little honey pot(?) with the plates, so cute. Always looking forward to seeing more crochet, the colours are lovely, but I understand what you mean about wanting another colour, sometimes you need something to pull everything else together. Have a great week and keep on running - do some miles for me!

  2. I am so tempted to start another blanket Jacquie, but Alice has pulled me into line to keep going with my WIP's!! That denim blue pulls all the colours together really well. Love your honey pot too, very sweet pattern.
    Sunflowers are always a glorious surprise with how well they will grow, yours look incredible, bringing them in on a grey day is a good idea :o) xxx Penny

  3. love your honey pot and the grannies!!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  4. Kjempefint teppe og bilder. <3
    Ønsker deg en god helg.
    Klem Mette.

  5. I am your new follower from india, jacquie. Love the warm posts that you write. I learnt crochet from my mom, using your tutorials i have made a lot of crochet work. Thanks to you:)

  6. So well done on the training!!!
    I am admiring the denim blue border colour immensely and will wait patiently to see the finished article???
    bestest daisy j x

  7. The dishes are beautiful as well as the painting. I have heard that sunflowers can grow to 12 feet but I never saw them do it...til now!

  8. Hello my name is Janine and i follow your blob, love your work, tutorial`s and the vintage images, you bring me nostalgic moments and i always learn something new :)
    If you like to make me a visit just enter in my blog, it will be nice to receive your visit or comment.
    Wish you all the best
    Nina ***

  9. What a great coke room if happys ... I love the blue around the blanket and I think it's going to turn out as a great blanket ... Perfect to crochet in the fall and have it draping in your lap as you watch it grow... Have a grata weekend :)

  10. Yay Jacquie,Well done!!!Those are really monster sunflowers!!!But they are going to be beautiful inside!!!The blue on your grannies is really a lovely anchor color!!!Can't wait to see more!!!Have a great weekend!!!

  11. Your sunflowers look huge! Those are wonderful colours you have captured on your way to work. Each season has it's beauty.
    Sarah x

  12. Lovely granny squares and wow those sunflowers are amazing, so tall, I hope they survive the winds.
    Clare x

  13. I love all the bright colors you used in these squares. And the denim blue that you are using to unify them. I have to let you know how much I love your blog. I'm still quite new at crocheting, and I visit here for inspiration all the time.

  14. Congrats on your running success! I trained with friends for the 5 km colour run (with the colour powder thrown on you when you reach every km like the Indian Holi festival). Unfortunately I got terribly sick on the day itself. After that I never really kept up with the running so I'm afraid I have to start all over again.

    Stylecraft Denim seems like a good choice. I am seriously in love with all the different shades of blue Stylecraft provides. If only they had the same choice in greenshades I would never-ever use anything else ;)

  15. Those plates are pretty ,I look forward to seeing the Spring collection on your dresser...eventually ( suppose we must get winter out of the way first !).Haidee-Jo captures the light on top of those bales perfectly in her painting...talented lady.
    Love your grannys....Stylecraft Denim is a fab shade ,I've used in a lot of projects.It looks good edging your squares.
    You must pick some of your sunflowers before the storm.I have a jugful on my table....though the rest of mine are probably ruined in the deluge of rain we had throughout yesterday evening. At least I got a run done in the morning and a lovely long walk with my neighbours dog late afternoon ,before it all started.
    Well done on your fabulous running total this week, Jacquie !
    Enjoy hunkering down with your cosy crochet today with all the stormy weather raging outside. Stay safe x

  16. I've just been over to Haidee-Jo and this painting is so familiar to me as I also live in Lincolnshire and the fields are full of these bales. We are also preparing for the storm that is on its way, at the moment the washing is blowing on the line but I have been busy pruning to make sure that no unnecessary damage happens to the plants. Time to batten down the hatches and enjoy hooky time once more! Take care. xx

  17. H jacqui your squares are looking lovely and the blue around it compliments it beautifully. I think it will make a wonderful blanket for the coming winter months. Your sunflowers are massive and so beautiful and yes bring them in before they are damaged by the wind. I too love thrifting for lovely bits like those gorgeous plates and yes one has to be patient. Some really pretty finds that will look great in your Welsh dresser. I absolutely love the painting if the haybales, it's amazing. Well done with your running progress, you are doing really well. Wishing you a very happy week xoxo

  18. Excellent choice on the denim round, it brings the other colours together beautifully. Your crochet is always very pretty, Jacquie!

    Well done on the running, and on your monster sunflowers! Ours got to about 3ft tall, nowhere near the dizzy heights of yours!

    Have a lovely week,
    Jones x

    PS. Only 2 weeks until Yarndale! Do you know if you can make it yet? Really hope to see you there!

  19. Loving the crochet colours and the 'calming blue' can see it being a delight to have on the sofa on a cold, dull, winters afternoon. Also well done on your half marathon training...Julia x

  20. Your sunflowers are amazing, it's a shame the weather's changing. Good luck with your marathon training. xx

  21. Hi Jacquie
    The denim is an inspired choice for your grannies. It will be a lovely blanket.
    I love your sunflowers. Are you sure they aren't some sort of mutant triffid? They are such a happy flower. We don't get many of them around these parts. We saw acres of them once on a trip through central New South Wales several years ago. It was just lovely.
    Good luck with the running. Your training plan seems to be working.

  22. There are some lovely things to be thankful for in your list.

    I love the colour combination in your picnic/ winter blanket. I have so many granny squares that begin life as a picnic blanket and end up as winter blankets because of the time it takes me to get around to completeing them!
    I love the denim stylecraft its such a lovely shade of blue.

    I am pleased to have found another person who loves thrifty items. I have several teacups in my cupboard that I have thrifted over the years. My husband sighs everytime I buy more :)


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