Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Season of Mists and.....Dahlias

Hello Lovelies,
right on cue the weather has changed. It's still very mild here, but we have had a lot of misty days ........

This little  trees branches are weighed down with gorgeous red berries.....

And the old bricks of the barn look redder then ever in the damp air.........

Suddenly , now that  the days are shorter than the nights, the leaves are beginning to change colour.........

And the world seems to have shrunk, as the distant views disappear into the mist.............

There is not a breath of wind, the countryside smells earthy and damp..........

And the silence of this quiet country lane is only broken by birdsong..........

Fields that were blue in the spring are now rusty brown...........

Here's what the Linseed crop looks like up close, so pretty.............

Along the hedgrows autumnal coloured pheasants  dart for cover ..........

The sun may not be shining, and the sky has no colour but there is a quiet, calm beauty in this sort of weather... and a freshly ploughed field , waiting for it's next crop..........

I do love a misty Autumn day and I just adore these pretty flowers which are at their most stunning at the moment............

Their super bright faces really grabbed my attention on this hazy day...........

They belong to a house up the road which always has a beautiful display............

I've shared them here in previous years..........

Aren't they lovely...........

It's hard to choose a favourite, but I think mine has to be this one........WOW.......

I'm feeling happy about the changing seasons now summer is over. It's not that I'm looking forward to the cold weather and dark days, but I'm welcoming all the good things about Autumn. I do appreciate living in a part of the world that has distinct seasons, there is always something different to see and a reassuring rhythm in mother natures cycle .
Jacquie x


  1. The dahlias are beautiful! My favourite flower. I love the Autumn!

  2. I love walking down the lanes in this weather. Sometimes I feel so alone (which is rare) and I love the quietness and stillness. A beautiful time of year x

  3. What a lovely earthy post Jacquie. Those dahlias are overwhelmingly beautiful. Yes, I am looking forward to jumpers and scarves and layers again xox Penny

  4. Those are lovely pictures capturing Autumn. The second picture of the road disappearing in the distance really appeals to me. The dahlias are so colourful and cheerful . I love the change of seasons too, it is never boring.
    Sarah x

  5. A gorgeous Autumn post.
    I think, this year it has been such a shock to us, one day summer the next it was most definitely Autumn, but I have to say i LOVE it.
    I love the pretty dahlias too they are so happy.
    love jooles xxx

  6. So pretty.I love that each season has its own beauty. We are heeding into our Spring now. Funny that. Love the Dahlias, so vibrant.

  7. I enjoyed your photo's, especially the Dahlia's. One of my favourite flowers.
    Overhere in the Netherlands we had some foggy days too, but temperature is rising again. Very nice weather for a long walk or bike ride.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  8. It's been misty here too, and even though it's mild there is a smell and feeling in the air that tells us it's definitely autumn now. I love the changing of the seasons too, it helps me feel grounded. x

  9. Those flowers are stunning. It's definitely feeling like fall where I live, still mostly dry and sunny but not nearly as hot anymore. I'm particularly fascinated by the photo of the pheasants; I don't think I've ever seen one before. They don't look like I thought, but then I think I've only seen photos or drawings of them in flight before now. :)

  10. Your photos are glorious. The photo of the berries and ploughed earth is gorgeous and as I've never seen how linseed is grown, that photo is in particular most interesting. The pheasants are stunning. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Anne xx

  11. Jacquie, your early autumn photos and comments really do capture that certain change in the air and and the daylight hours that signal Change.

    Those dahlias are so dramatic. They are certainly the equal of the annual fireworks that explode over the edge of New York City on each July 4 celebration.

    Truly lovely.


  12. What a beautiful post. Those dahlias are knockouts, and the last one is like a firework exploding. :)

    We had a foggy morning today and I too was thinking of Keats.

    P.S. Amazing shot of the pheasants!

  13. Living somewhere where the seasons are well marked is a blessing. It also helps one's body to acclimatize. Here in Australia it is spring. Where I live we have experienced the odd warmer day and then we will be reminded that winter was only a few weeks ago.
    However in other parts of the country, spring has bypassed them and moved straight into summer with all the scary and attendant danger that means in our hemisphere.
    Love your neighbour's flowers! I wish I could garden. I seem to have the happy knack of murdering everything!

  14. EXQUISITE post, you make me feel as if I am there with you. My heart longs to go to Britian (my roots) , never been there - but I live it thru blogs like yours. I am South African.

  15. Ah, lovely post! I DO love autumn! Especially at the moment - perfect days of crisp misty mornings and bright, sunny and warm afternoons. Love it! Jen

  16. I loved reading that so traquil, been so misty here at home and was the same in The New Forrest last weekend.
    Clare x

  17. Beautiful Images here, those dahlias are amazing! :) x

  18. Hey Jacquie, a lovely post, I can feel the trqnquility coming through your pictures and words.
    The Dahlias are stunning, i think my favourite is the 3rd pic, understated in colour, but stunning in it's markings.
    I too love all the different seasons and appreciate each for it's distinct beauty......

    Claire x

  19. I love walks like these! When it comes to this time of year I always try to spot little signs of Autumn arriving. I think a walk like this is needed this weekend : )

    Gemma x

  20. Beautiful photos depicting the change of season. I'm rushing around at the moment, and don't seem to be able to find time to fit in taking photos- so it's good to see someone else's echoing what I'm seeing too. Oh and lots of mushrooms / funghi here too!

  21. You really do live in a beautiful corner of the world. Peaceful. The pink Dahlia is my favorite.

  22. Your photos are lovely - they really depict the seasons warmth and atmosphere. I love Autumn. xxx

  23. I love your pictures and the beautiful countryside. I hope Autumn gets here soon and is as beautiful.

  24. Beautiful pictures Jacquie, really shows the lovely place you live ☺

  25. WOW! Those dahlias look as big as dinner plates! gorgeous colours - both in the flowers and the fields. I love this time of year :)
    Jones x

  26. Hi Jacqui I just love this part of the year when the colours are all changing and you can feel a little nip in the air - the excitement of changing seasons - sad to see summer go as it has been so lovely but nice to welcome a new phase of the year. Love your pictures Jacqui they are beautiful as always. A fabulous post Jacqui, have a wonderful weekend
    Lots of love as always

  27. Your blog is so wonderful! I grew up in England & left at 21. Your blog reminds of all the wonderful English things! A rotten upbringing clouds out many years and your posts have brought back some beautiful memories and I thank you for that~

  28. So beautiful and very autumny, reminds me of a passage or two in one of my favourite books from many moons ago. Never knew that was what linseeds looked like! Keep on running.....


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