Sunday 29 September 2013

Yarndale 2013:: part 1

Hello Lovelies,
I don't really know how to begin this post. I'm not sure I can find the words to describe how amazing my day at Yarndale was.
I guess I'll just do my best and hope you lovelies get a flavour of the Yarndale magic.
I know I was lucky to be able to get to this fabulous event and I want to share everything I saw with those of your who were not so fortunate.
I promised lots of photos and I didn't forget....I was madly snapping away all day:0)
 There are so many that I think I had better do two separate posts.

Today it's the Studio and the yarn walk.

On Saturday morning we awoke to thick fog. Thankfully the visibility was not too bad on the motorway. As Mum and I  travelled the smaller , increasingly hilly roads that lead to Skipton we willed it to clear so we could see the lovely hills that surround this special town. 
Despite originally being from this part of the world I'm not that familiar with Skipton it's self so I originally planned to head straight to the Auction mart where Yarndale was being held......but the traffic was at a complete standstill.....was the event so popular?!
Instead we went into town , looking for the train station as I thought there would be directions from there. 
But happily before we even got to the station I spotted Coopers cafe where Lucy and Tracy's studio is.
I said bye to Mum as she was going to spend the day with an old friend.

I took this photo later in the day as I was a bit nervous when I first got out of the car.

The ladies in Coopers directed me towards the stairs when I enquired about the studio..... up a little narrow staircase and  I was there !!

It was relatively  quiet when I arrived and Tracy was very welcoming. We chatted and a steady stream of visitors arrived to "oooooh" and "aaaahh" at the wonderful creative space created by two very talented ladies.

I'm sure these images will be so familiar to many of you and we commented how surreal it felt to be in a room that we knew so well , but had never actually set foot in before.........

Lucy's corner was delightful , my photos are rubbish, I think it was the excitement......

I love the view across the stone roofs and was pleased to finally  see some blue sky.

Happily, within minutes of entering the studio, I had got chatting to another lovely blogger thanks to my daffodill  brooch :0)
Sara and her friend Clare were kind enough to let me join them for a while, we headed back down the cute stairs into the cafe where and we all enjoyed a yummy drink and a ginormous piece of buttery, sticky flapjack while we chatted.......

Energized by caffeine and sugar we set off to seek out the yarn bombed walk through the park .

I had only taken a few steps before I had to stop and capture the buildings and chimneys we passed......

I just love the gorgeous stone architecture of these old mill buildings..........

Soon we were at the station and turned right up a narrow road towards the canal.
There were lots of people gathered near a little bridge and as we got closer we could see what they were looking at.........eek!
We all knew who's handy work this was ....this photo doesn't do it justice, but I love that you can see our three shadows all taking a photo ..........

Here's a better close up .........too cute !!!

It was so nice that many visitors and locals were enjoying coming across this fun display....who could not smile at these sweet little duckies :0)

once across the bridge we were into the park and smiling at more yarny goodness.........

The park was looking gorgeous , with just the start of Autumn colour...........

It was so pleasant to wander along chatting with new friends and following the wooly markers of the route to Yarnadle........

It was such a tranquil space and again so familiar thanks to Lucy and Heather's blog posts .......

All the lamp posts had these yarny " leg Warmers" ( as Lucy later told me the children had called them )

Once out of the park we were a little uncertain of the route but then we spotted it....Bunting!!........

We wondered if we would be able to spot our own donations......ummmm, not these lovely triangles......

Then we got our first glimpse of Yarndale's home through the trees...........

All the while we were admiring the bunting that lined the route and I was saying ( hopefully not screeching ) "Oooh Look !" by the time I spotted bunting with YARNDALE written on it......

Then there was more........

And more..... why didn't I think of this ? So many imaginative , clever and kind crafty people.

This one , displayed on a gorgeous dry stone wall, was so effective.......

By now we were nearly there and I was a little sad to have got to the end of the stunning yarn walk. 

There was just time to admire the prettily decorated trees before it was time to go inside.....

But more on that next time :0)

Back soon with  Yarndale part two.
Jacquie x


  1. how wonderful xx loved the yarndale tour xx

  2. What amazing pictures Jacquie, thank you so much for sharing them.

  3. Thanks Jacqui, this is making feel like i was almost there, so pleased the sun came out too xxx

  4. can't wait to see inside!! Heather x

  5. Thanks for sharing all your photos, I decided not to venture to Yarndale in the end but maybe next year :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your adventure with those of us who aren't able to attend. I can't wait to hear more!

  7. Great photos,thanks for sharing...did not get to see this part of yarndale...did see the bunting in side though..worth going just to see that.

  8. so exciting! I had been hoping to get there and now I'm even more sad that I've missed out but your photos are great and give a real sense of the place

  9. Thanks so much for taking these photos. I would have loved to have gone but your trip has made me feel as though I was with you. Can't wait to see more. xx

  10. I can't tell you how envious I am that I wasn't able to make it to Yarndale-both my sisters were there and have promised me all the details! Your photos look gorgeous-can't wait for part 2!

  11. Gosh Jacquie! We have crafty events here in Australia, but not at venues as gorgeous as that. Love your photos. Thank you for sharing the experience with us!
    The oldest building that I know of that has hosted an advent like that is the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It was built for a major event in 1880 and is spectacular, but I just adore the gorgeous old Yorkshire stone building!
    Can't wait for the next instalment.

  12. Wow!!!!! So gorgeous! Everything from the crochet to the day to the scenery!
    Can't wait for part 2!
    Have a great Sunday!
    Tammy x

  13. Thanks for the tour, wish I could have been there too. :)

  14. I'm jealous, yes very jealous...
    ... Nope, still jealous.


    Just e-mailed my friend in the UK telling her: We are GOING next yeat ;-)

  15. Thank you for sharing....looking forward to Part 2! :) What lovely weather too, yay! xxx

  16. What a fantastic tour round. I think it all looks wonderful and how thrilled the visitors and villagers alike must be to see it all.

  17. I've only just got back from Yarndale so it was a very pleasant deja vue seeing all these photos. It was mad busy today but I'm told it was even busier yesterday. I wish I'd made it to the studio but annoyingly couldn't remember where it was. x

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this, it was really lovely to see it all, would have loved to be there.
    Clare x

  19. As I couldn't get there from the USA, I was dying to see your post and I'm so excited - thanks for your detail and your step by step walk through it all - how surreal, how awesome. Can't wait to see more!

  20. Great photos , I went both days ( didn't see you there sorry) we drove in and as you say the traffic was pretty horrendous , so I sadly missed all the yarn bombing , thanks for showing on here

  21. Wow! What a fabulous day you must have had! I love your photos! Cx

  22. Wow, looks like you had a great time!! Just watching QI from Friday and yarnbombing was mentioned and pictures shown!! Can't wait to see and read more. Glad that you enjoyed it. Your photos are great by the way!

  23. Thanks so much for getting this post up so quickly! I've been following Lucy's blog (would LOVE to visit The Studio), and knew she would be much too busy to post this early. I'm fascinated with the yarn bombing concept; can only imagine what it's like 'up close and personal!' Am curious whether it stays out year-round and, if so, how does it hold up under the elements?? Also, I'm imagining one of your drawings/paintings inspired by your visit :-)

    Sharon in Alabama (USA)

  24. I wish I would have lived across the Atlantic Ocean just to be there at Yarndale. Lucy and Tracy's Studio is simply beautiful and inspiring. I love your photos. I think the old mills would look really good in your drawings.

    Sapna from Connecticut, USA

  25. Looks lovely, I've been wondering how it went. So glad that the sun shone.

  26. I was there too and had a brilliant time.So much craft and creativity.My daughter and I were oooing and aaaing all day.I spent way too much money but have loads of projects to do over the winter.can't wait for yarndale 2014.Just hope there is one.I managed to have a quick chat with Lucy too!

  27. Hi Jacquie,
    Many thanks for letting me know about QI. Hope your running is going well. Susie x

  28. Hi Jacquie , It was wonderful to meet you and thank you for coming to The Studio , it is a little strange to see my handmade items on someone else's blog , but I think you've captured The Studio beautifully . What a fabulous weekend we've all had !!
    With Kind regards Tracy .

  29. I was at Yarndale too, but today (Sunday) when it was much quieter. It was such a brilliant festival and I love the photos you've taken - looking forward to your next instalment! x

  30. Wow what an amazing day. It all looks so wonderful. It must have been awesome being in the studio, what an experience!! Looking forward to the next instalment. xo

  31. I am amazed I bumped into you among the melee of yarn lovers yesterday! Your daff looked even lovelier in real life, wasn't Yarndale amazing x

  32. Wow that looks amazing, it feels strange seeing familiar sights on a different blog! It must have been an incredible experience being there. I loved the yarn walk and those ducks made me smile! Thank you so much for taking us along.
    Sarah x

  33. Hi Jacqui thank you so much for this lovely post, as you know I was going myself but couldn't and was so upset this weekend about it. You have brought it to us all and I want to say a huge thank you for doing this in such an entertaining and colourful way. Hopefully next year I will be there and who knows we may even get the chance to meet up for a coffee. Have a fab evening Jacqui and thanks so much once again.

  34. Great stuff! I was only thinking of how you must have felt walking into the studio when we all read about it online, and then you said (above) how it felt. 'Surreal' but very cool I bet :D

  35. I looked and LOOKED at every lady in a red cardigan, willing to see a giant daffodil but alas I think our time at Yarndale didn't overlap or I just didn't see you amongst the crowds. It was fantastic wasn't it? Great photos of an amazing event - we didn't make it all the way along the yarn walk today, so these photos are just brill!
    Jones x

  36. It all looks fascinating and so clever, thank you for sharing your special trip
    Thea x

  37. Wow! Thank you for sharing and allowing us to experience a small part of it all! x

  38. oh looks like it was really lovely, especially with such fab weather for the weekend. Glad you enjoyed it :-)

  39. Your narrative and photos help me feel like I am right there with you, Jacquie! Thanks so much for taking me along to Yarndale! I look forward to the second part of the journey :)
    Gracie xx

  40. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Couldn't be there but I did send bunting and it is so cool to know that it' there doing it job of making people smile.

  41. Loved all the photos. The weather looks divine :-)

  42. Loved to have been there - looking forward to the next part x

  43. thank you for sharing all this!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxxxxx Ale

  44. Hi Jacqui, it was so nice to meet you and to share a coffee with you in Coopers! funny to see that I have popped up in a couple of your photos in this post! I loved our weekend at Yarndale, Sara and I had a fantastic time. So glad you enjoyed it! love, Claire x

  45. Wow, looks like a super day was had! xxx

  46. Thank you for sharing this. I was inside for the whole event with a stall, so I didn't get chance to nip out to see the yarn walk - it looks amazing!

  47. So gutted we didn't find you Jacquie, we did try.

    Wasn't the whole weekend amazing? My mind is still buzzing.

    Heather x

  48. Thank you for the beautiful reportage, surely it was a day that you will remember forever!

  49. Yarndale looks amazing and the sun was shining!! I wasn't able to go but would have loved to so thank you for sharing your lovely photos xx

  50. What a wonderful walk! I can't wait to read the next part!

  51. Hi there, time is short but I have enjoyed part one, beautifully put together, thanks for the walk through Skipton and the yarny goodies along the way. I am off to bed now and will peek at part 2 tomorrow. Thanks so much for sharing, fabulous x

  52. Wonderful, thanks for sharing Yarndale :0) It all looks fabulous,XXXlove julieXXX

  53. Thanks for your lovely report about this mag-ni-fi-cent event, I'd love to be part of ... But unfortunatly it's far far away from home...
    Also many thnak for your lovely "Bunny Tutorial "


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